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    The Nepalese Trio Summiting The Peaks 

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 1st 2023  |  News

    Three Nepali Sisters sets a record at the Guinness World Record.

    The Nepalese have paved their way again and set a new record at the Guinness World Record.

    The Guiness World Record has officially given the title of “ Most Sisters to Climb Mount Everest” on 12 May 2021 to three nepali sisters. This is a proud moment for all the Nepalese and an inspiration to all future summitters.

    Their names are Nima Jangmu, Tshering Namgya and Dawa Futi Sherpa. They were born in Rolwaling valley, located in the central eastern region of Nepal.  They have started a campaign known as “ Three Sisters on Seven summit” with the vision to summit all the highest peaks in seven different continents of the world.  When asked about their motivation and idea behind this campaign they shared,  “ We three sisters made a plan to climb Mount Everest together and we told our plan to our brother, who supported us and made our dreams come true," .

    When they were summiting Mount Everest, they faced many hurdles on the way. Although, there were no traffics on the summit day, the weather was quite fvorale as they summited to other camps. "After, we had a plan to descend to Camp 2 but just after we reached Camp 4 the weather suddenly changed. It was too windy, so we decided to spend a night in Camp 4." the brave sisters described. However, despite these challenges the sisters successfully climbed the peak and set a record.

    The three sisters’ next summit is on Mount Elbrus . Mount Elbrus is the highest peaks in Russia and Europe. The dates are not out yet but the trio is motivated for their next summit. However, the campaign still exists with the same vision to conquer the peaks together.

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