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    Nepal for a solo female travelers

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 1st 2023  |  Travel Tips

    Nepal is a safe country to visit for everybody. People here are friendly and kind so you will see smiley faces most of your journey. Nonetheless, people are shy here around so many of them may not speak to you at all because of their shyness. All in all, it is a beautiful Himalayan country to be around to explore on your own too. However, the questions linger among the interested female travelers if Nepal is safe to visit or not. So, for those travelers wondering how safe Nepal is for Solo female travelers, we are here to share some information on this topic.


    • If possible do not travel anywhere alone in the dark if the city is not crowded. Ask somebody to guide you to your destinations. But you must be careful with whom you ask for help.
    • Dressing modestly is very important. Nepalese society frowns upon the clothes that show much skin.
    • While taking a taxi, make sure to note down the number before you hop on the vehicle.
    • Even if the trail is easy, please go with a professional trekking guide.
    • Take photos of things you are suspicious of and put a record of dates, places and if possible, you meet.
    • Some men in Nepal fetishize western women or see them as a ticket to escape poverty. Romancing is the cheapest way for their way out of the country so be careful whenever some show emotions on a personal level.
    • Do not stay at the low-grade hotel as it is not safe. There are many reputed hotels and accommodations facilities in Nepal that are available at a reasonable price and completely safe for women.

    In any case, one ought not to breathe a sigh of relief with the above-mentioned points. Do read the next segments which focus women in Nepal and solo female travelers in Nepal.


    In this age and day, no one should be telling women how to dress. But Nepal is a pretty conservative country, and dressing modestly is very important. They will not judge you based on your clothes because they have a preconception that people in the western world wear clothes that are skin showing. However, it would be nice if you wear clothes that cover your skin while visiting different places. Pants, dresses, shorts, skirts are some of the western clothes which are pretty common in Nepal also. So, you can dress accordingly.


    Tourists normally don’t get harassed in Nepal. Sexual harassment in Nepal is present is but, not an extreme level. You will get stared at while you are in local areas that are not tourist areas. But staring is common in Nepal. We stare at everybody. However, while you are in a crowded place, it is very important to be self-aware. You never know, people in your vicinity are good or not. Therefore, women should still be cautious.


    Nepal is a friendly country but it is safe to say that Nepal does not see much of African or African American tourists. And it is a safe country to travel as well. However, please be mindful that as we are not that familiar with African or African American, people will stare at you.

    Although, the stare would contain only curiosity, nothing else. We know even stares are going to make certain people uncomfortable but, Nepalese stare everybody. Be it Chinese, Korean, or even a white tourist. Nonetheless, staring in the case of African or African Americans may be a little more intensifying. Overall, it is a pretty safe country to travel alone even if you are African or African American.

    P.S. Nepalese are not familiar with the History of Black people so they are ignorant and can do or say something unknowingly that might hurt the sentiment and feeling.


    For a solo women traveler, it is very important to stay at a place where she feels safe and secure. Before booking the accommodation, make sure to read the review of the establishment. And only if you feel right to stay there, book the reservation.

    Do not ever stay at the hotel which charges low cost. Most of the time these types of places are not safe and reliable. You can get varieties of hotels or hostels around Thamel and in central Thamel at an affordable cost. So, choose your accommodation wisely.


    Trekking trails like Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp, Ghorepani Poon Hill trek is completely safe for solo women trekking. These trails continue to be filled with trekkers every month of the year except June to August as it is monsoon season. Now and then, you will keep meeting trekkers en route. But we would still recommend going with a trekking guide.

    There is a prejudged concept about the Nepali trekking guide being Casanova. But one person cannot taint the whole community. There are many genuine trekking guides with years of professional experience. You can always go through a travel agent who is much more trustworthy. The trekking trails of Nepal are winding, confusing and the chance of getting lost is high. So, it is always suggested to go with a trekking guide rather than doing the trek alone. There are many female guides whom you can hire for the trek as well.


    For women in Nepal, there is no sunshine and rainbows. Female death rates are higher than men's, proficiency rates are lower and ladies by and large work harder and longer than men, for less money. Ladies possibly really gain status in customary society when they bear their significant other as a child. Bearing kids is critical to such an extent that a man can legitimately take a subsequent spouse if the first has not had a child following 10 years of marriage. And it is the harsh truth for some ladies in Nepal.

    Nepal has an unequivocally man-centric culture, however, it is not the same in the Himalayan people group, for example, Sherpa, where ladies regularly maintain the family unit and business together. On the off chance that you look profound into the Nepalese society, you will be stunned to become familiar with the diverse preconceived notions about ladies in different ethnic communities. Some meetings and stories of women you meet while in Nepal may be an inspiration to you as they were raised to be strong despite the challenging circumstances.


    Nepali women are born into a misogynistic and patriarchal society. In all cases, ladies' privileges are subordinate to those of men. Married off at an early age, prevented from education, confabulated in the taboo notions, are some of the misfits that Nepalese women are bestowed with. But as the time is changing, the perceptions about how and what women should be like is changing.

    Similarly, with the introduction of education and technology, women are getting to see what world on the other side looks like. Women's empowerment is fundamental to strengthening and thriving the family. Many organizations are working to empower women. Today, women of remote or developed cities earn for themselves, rising from their total dependency status. The change is coming. It is not gradual but it sure is showing some positive changes.


    On the whole, traveling alone as a solo female travelers in Nepal is entirely conceivable! Nepal is commonly viewed as a safe country for solo female explorers. Nepal’s society indeed is old and traditional and may have conservative perspectives. Nonetheless, Nepalese society is open to western culture as well which makes Nepalese an even more friendly and safe country to travel on your own.

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