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    The beauty of Milke Danda

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 1st 2023  |  Travel Guide

    Milke Danda is Nepal's most popular trekking destination, which takes you to the high wood edges in the eastern part of Nepal. It separates two significantly beautiful valleys of Nepal, the Arun and Tamur valleys. Watching the high snow-capped mountains extending into a vast mass of woodland is incredibly beautiful.

    Milke Danda, also considered one of the most exceptional Rhododendron trekking trails, has a stunning blossom landscape that it offers in the month of Spring. The gorgeous floral blossom of red and pink noticeable throughout the trekking trail will enchant nature lovers with its beauty. Popularly known to be the finest trekking destination of eastern Nepal, which offers immaculate natural beauty and fantastic topography filled with the richness of local culture, flora, and fauna, the place is worth visiting once in your lifetime.

    Milke Danda, the place is admired by most tourists as you get to see the splendid views of prominent mountains of Nepal- Mt.Everest, Mt.Kanchanjunga, Mt.Kumbhakarna, and Mt. Makalu. The region is densely vegetated with rare alpine flora and fauna. The place is a heavenly paradise for naturalists and botanists during Spring. The trekking destination, quite popularly known as Lali Gurash Trekking, is one of the finest trails that pass through the Makalu region of Nepal. With 29 varieties out of 32 species of Rhododendron and over 250 species of birds, Milke Danda is one such tourist spot in Nepal that is inescapable.

    The Milke Danda Rhododendron Trek Route section straddles the dense rhododendron forest, grassy pasture, and villages and offers glorious sunrise and sunset on the Kanchenjunga range and Makalu. The trekking trail of Milke Danda lies above two main glacial rivers of Tamor in the east and Arun in the west. The trekking destination highlights the distinct varieties of Rhododendrons. The trekking trail leads through pleasant lowland valleys up to the most remote, uninhabited ridge with spectacular mountain views of the world’s five highest mountain peaks.

    Nevertheless, regardless of its popularity among trekkers, the trekking trail is generally less- crowded and leads up to 25 km along the forest covered with Rhododendrons and, amazingly, Arun and Tamor valleys. To tell you more about the place, the warm, hospitable nature of ethnic groups of Nepal, the Limbus and the Kirants will be a delightful journey to experience. The rich culture of Limbus and the Kirants will add to your less-trodden trekking trail.

    It is an absolute trekking through nature's wilderness with significant ecological variation from the subtropical forest to alpine vegetation. Although Milke Danda looks stunningly beautiful in Spring, trekking in this area is favorable throughout the year. The only difference is the view that the place offers in different seasons. Spring season has the most favorable temperature for trekking; hence the climatic factors make the Milke Danda trek astounding. And also, the forest is in full blossom with Rhododendron along the trekking trail, which lights up the path with its red and pink hues, thus making the journey most beautiful. However, Autumn is another good season to trek in this region because of acceptable weather conditions, although you may not be able to catch the beautiful view of red Rhododendron blossom during Autumn.

    However, the mountain views in both Spring and Autumn seasons are undeniably beautiful.

    Also considered to be the most remote trekking destination in the far eastern region of Nepal, the trekking trail is suitable for all kinds of fitness levels. The trekking trail of Milke Danda is moderately complex as you will be trekking towards the mi-altitude of Kumbhakarna region. However, the acclimatization days will balance your trekking journey, making it comfortable and easy.

    Milke Danda takes place at a relatively lower altitude so you may come across very isolated trekking trails. We suggest you take this trekking journey with a local guide, and also, prior preparation to boost your fitness level may be more helpful to make the trekking even more enjoyable.

    It’s time to steal those priceless moments of your life with stunning views at Milke Danda, Nepal’s most incredible trekking journey. Let us know your thoughts about taking this trekking package and Nepal Hiking Team is at your service.