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    Latest announcement on travel requirements for international travelers 

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 1st 2023  |  Uncategorized

    The government of Nepal recently announced the travel requirements for international travelers planning to Visit Nepal.

    Please go the list of guidelines that travelers need to follow to travel to Nepal. And the requirements are as follows:

    • Travelers intending to visit Nepal should apply for the tourist visa to Nepal from the Nepal Embassy or any consulate offices of Nepal based in their home country.

    Due to any reason, if travelers are unable to receive tourist from their home country, then trekking agencies who organized their vacation shall provide NO Objection letter to travel to Nepal approved from the Nepal Tourism Board. Travelers shall visit Nepal with the objection letter and apply for the tourist visa upon their arrival in Kathmandu airport.

    • A system to provide tourist visa to visitors traveling with No Objection Travel letter will be organized at the airport.
    • To enter Nepal, travelers should compulsorily bring following documents:

    A travel visa or no objection letter provided by Trekking Company

    A no objection letter to enter Nepal if you do not have tourist visa

    A paper stating they have a 7 day reservation for quarantine

    An insurance paper with a scheme of USD 5000 COVID-19 medical coverage

    • Travelers are compulsorily required to stay quarantine for 7 days in a hotel upon arrival in Nepal.
    • On the fifth day of the quarantine, travelers are supposed to get a COVID-19 test in near testing center in their own expense.
    • If PCR test report shows COVID-19 positive, then travelers will have to stay quarantined until the test report is negative.
    • Trekking staff who are guiding travelers in the journey should have a COVID-19 health insurance worth 1 lakh.
    • Travelers should follow the safety guidelines and protocols provided by the Department of Health and Population.
    • Other conditions and arrangements to be followed by the tourists will be as prescribed by the Department of Tourism by publishing the information from time to time. Before trekking or mountaineering, the concerned Agency should inform the tourist about these things.

    This is the newly announced travel requirements a traveler wanting to visit Nepal shall follow. If there is any questions, you may reach out to our support team. They shall assist you with any queries of yours.

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