Holi Festival Celebration in 2022: The festival of colors

Holi Festival Celebration in 2022: The festival of colors

A celebration of colors widely observed worldwide during the early spring is the joyous Holi festival. Holi festival goes on for two days in two different geographical regions of Nepal. The beginning of spring for Nepalese is not only about fresh sprouts blossoming and experiencing a new season. As much as they are happy to say bye to chilling winter, they look forward to welcoming spring with festivals of colors, i.e., the Holi festival. The festival brings the joy of happiness and delights. It also realizes that it is about time to say farewell to winter until next year. Hence, this festival plays a significant role that indicates a change in time or weather for Nepalese.

A brief introduction about the festival

“Phagu Purnima” is the Nepali household name for the festival. We celebrate this auspicious festival of color – the Holi festival when we approach late March and early April. Sometimes the festival falls in late February, but it falls in March at the end of lunar month on full moon day. Many South Asian Nations celebrate this festival too. As much as the festival is about colors, it is also a way of marking god’s blessing for upcoming harvests and land fertility, and people lavishly celebrate this festival.

How did the people start practicing celebrating the Holi festival?

It came into practice as the celebration of the good’s victory over evil. As per the myth, there was a devil king, Hiranyakashyap, who forced everybody in his kingdom to worship him in ancient days. But his son Prahlad, a true devotee of Lord Vishnu, did not pray for his father, although he threatens him to stop praying to Lord Vishnu. He did not listen to his father and continued praying for Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap became furious and thought of killing his son. He weaved a plot with his sister Holika to enter the burning fire with Prahlad in her lap. Holika had the power to resist the burn of fire. However, Prahlad’s passionate commitment to lord Vishnu saved him while Holika was burnt to ashes regardless of her holy boon. She was not alert that if she sat on fire alone, she would not get burnt.

Inauguration of Holi festival in Nepal with grand ceremonial rituals

The Holi formally starts in Nepal after people place “Chir” in Basantapur. A Chir is a long bamboo stick that is wrapped in clothes of different colors. A day before the Holi, the chir is brought down and burn, and the ceremony officially welcomes the Holi festival. All over Nepal, people celebrate the festival by splashing different colors over each other, throwing water, gathering in masses, having feasts, wishing each other a “Happy Holi,” and dancing to the songs. Those who hate huge groups celebrate it within their family, community, or close circle inside their home, mainly on the rooftop. But if you are a foreigner, you can ask your hotel if they have any Holi plans. Most hotels usually celebrate this festival with their staff and guest but don’t be surprised if they don’t.

How is the Holi festival celebrated in Nepal?

Usually, it starts a week before the primary celebration day. Kids start playing among friends with just water. But the central hub for the celebration in Kathmandu is at Basantapur Durbar Square and New Road, both nearby to Thamel. If you stay here on this day, you should be a part of this celebration. But if you hate playing with colors and water, we advise you not to participate. Because, during the festival, people tend to be in celebratory mode. They will throw a bucket full of water from the terrace, and you will be splashed with color powders and get hit by colored water bags too. Holi in Nepal is wild, and it gives you a crazy experience also. All covered in colors; the energetic crowd celebrates the festival by applying colors even to those they have never met before. The activity of throwing colors and water will have people running from one another. In a way, the scene looks like a sight of a war zone.

Ultimately, please remember that if you are down to play Holi, if it’s not too much trouble, put on white clothes because the shades of different colors look more vibrant than other shade clothing types. You can discover simple T-shirts effectively around Thamel or New Road market created particularly for this festival. But if you don’t have or find one, put on old clothe and enjoy the festival.

This festival of color also signifies love and friendship. During this festival, people forget the barriers between the highs and the lows. People enjoy not minding the facts, with which person they have had a cold relation at some point in life. Like spring brings new life to nature, this is an opportunity to make new beginnings in life. It is an opportunity to make new friends, and may it be overcoming the awkwardness of dancing in public. So spare a day in Kathmandu for Holi, fool around with colors and have a crazy and wild Holi experience in Nepal.

Is the Holi festival celebrated all across the country?

Holi festival is one of the main celebrations for the people of Terai. Nepal is home to diverse ethnic groups, and among many groups, every ethnic community shares almost the same cultural dimension. So most ethnic groups celebrate the festival. People of the Hilly and Terai region mostly celebrate this festival. People of Nepal’s mountain region do not celebrate this as much as the other two areas. Nevertheless, people of hilly and Terai celebrate the festival even if they are from a diverse religious background.

As much as the festival signifies victory over evil, it is also about harmony. Hence, people celebrate the festival in groups. Amongst family members, people celebrate the festival by preparing a feast to share.

Concerns about the Holi Festival

Individuals generally really like to celebrate this promising festival in a group; consequently, there may be an event for unwanted experiences. Also, foreigners stand out enough to be noticed, so keep your assets secured. Remaining close with the group you accompanied is vital because recognizing faces gets troublesome because of colors. Additionally, know that during Holi, individuals will put paint all over without asking. Indeed, some will do the custom of asking. Nonetheless, most don’t. On the off chance that you experience individuals like those, let them realize you are not happy with that sort of activity.

Alongside that, the unpredicted sprinkling of water is likewise standard during the Holi celebration. So, prepare to get wet also. It is generally a pleasant festivity that most appreciate.

What are the dates for the Holi festival in 2022?

If you hope to participate in the Holi celebration this year, it is better to have matching travel dates with the celebration. The dates of the Holi festival for 2022 are 17 and 18 March. It coincides with 3 and 4 Chaitra 2078 as per the Nepali calendar. In the hilly region, including Kathmandu, people celebrate the festival on 17 March, i.e., 3 Chaitra. Meanwhile, the Terai region celebrates this festival on 18 March, i.e., 4 Chaitra.

Furthermore, if you need help managing plans for this celebration, kindly keep in touch with our Nepal Hiking Team support team.

Going to the Holi celebration will give you a memory that will last for a lifetime. So try to remember this unforgettable celebration for your next experience in Nepal.

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