Nepal is a great travel destination offering scenic view of spectacular mountains and spell binding landscapes. With the moderate climatic condition, Nepal attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. Also famous for Everest climbing and trekking, Nepal is now gaining reputation for death-thrilling adventures. This small Himalayan nation, sandwiched between giant neighboring countries like China and India, has been blessed by mother nature with unique natural beauty, diversified flora and fauna and diversified group of people offering their unique culture.

With these unique features, Nepal turns out to be one of the best travel destinations in the world with cheaper price but warm and welcoming people who regard their guests as their god. The visitors visiting Nepal will know that their travel was worth their money and time.

Activities in Nepal

  • Nepal trekking

    Nepal Trekking

    Nepal is a country of natural beauty and diversity. Owning to its richness in natural splendor, it is a country that possesses the highest peak…
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  • Everest Region

    Peak Climbing

    Do you feel like walking along the long and difficult trails is not just enough to cater your hunger for thrill and adventure? Do you…
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  • nepal tours

    Nepal Tours

    The majesty of sky dominating mountains in Nepal is renowned all over the world. However, travelling to Nepal is not just about mountains! There is…
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  • Adventures

    Nepal can be a perfect holiday destination for adventure lovers. Be it adrenalin pumping bungee jumping, thrilling paragliding, parahawking - a memorable flying experience with…
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  • Day tours

    Day Tours

    Travel is a way of learning! It’s a process of enlightening yourself with the practices around the world and widening your scope of knowledge and…
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  • Get Extra Fun

    Get Extra Fun

    Get set to add the spice of adventure and fun in your hectic and boring life. There are various outdoor recreational activities that can fill…
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  • Everest Helicopter Tours

    Helicopter Tours

    Experience one of the most amazing trips in the world - Helicopter tours in Nepal. The incredible splendor of the Himalayas from a helicopter soaring…
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  • Short Hiking Tours

    Short Hiking Tours

    Stretch your muscles and endeavour the beauty that lies in the pristine nature of Nepal. Packages designed by Nepal Hiking Tour under short hiking tours…
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  • White Water Rafting

    White Water Rafting

    Adventure activities adds fun to your normal and routinely life. Nepal being the second richest country in the world for water resource, water can be…
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  • Wildlife Tours

    Wildlife Tours

    Life of animals other than so called social animals, isn’t it fascinating? Have you ever thought of animal’s daily life? Have you ever wondered how…
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    World Heritage Sites

    Another major attraction in Nepal is World Heritages Sites listed by UNESCO. These ancient precious heritages crafted and beautifully designed by\ our ancestors can leave…
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