Dashain Festival in 2021

Dashain Festival in 2021

One of the most observed Hindu celebrations: Dashain festival, Hindu from all across the country celebrate this festival superbly. The festival falls in autumn (September or October) and goes on for ten days. And every single day signifies a particular religious purpose. This year, the Dashain festival starts from 7 October to 15 October 2021 as per the English calendar.

And according to the Nepali calendar, the festival falls from 21 Ashwin to 29 Ashwin 2078 BS. Hindu’s most prominent celebration, Dashain, respects the divine beings’ incredible triumph over the shrewd evil spirits. In the Nepalese household, the whole family gathers together and celebrates this festival. Extended families gather together and celebrate the gathering with the feast prepared at the House. Overall, it is a perfect time for families who have not met each other for months to reconnect once again.

Why is the Dashain festival celebrated?

According to Hindu mythology, the Dashain festival is a way of acknowledging triumph over an evil spirit. The festival came to light when goddess Durga won a fight against an evil-spirited demon named “Mahisasur” who spread horror and terror. The Goddess Durga killed this demon in a war that lasted for multiple days. Her win over the devil also signifies that evil cannot win, and it always comes to cease.

The initial nine days show the constant battle between evil and temperance. And after the continuous battle between vice and virtue for nine days, goddess Durga finally won the demon and evil spirits. Besides that grand triumph of Goddess Durga, the festival also acknowledges God Ram’s victory over the devil Ravan with Goddess Durga’s blessing.

Therefore, due to its significant meaning, Hindus from all over the world celebrate this festival grandly. Also, it is a celebration of truth, always getting victory over sin and deceits.

How do people celebrate Dashain for ten days?

As mentioned earlier, the Dashain festival takes place for ten days. The first day of Dashain falls on 7 October 2021 and is Ghatasthapana. On this day, every household plant Jamara, an essential element for the tika ceremony, occurs on the 10th day of the festival. Jamara is grown by sowing maize and grain seeds in a small mud pot.

Furthermore, until Saptami, which translates as the seventh day in Sanskrit, is Phulpati, individuals travel to their hometowns. By Phulpati, pretty much every individual from the family will accumulate at their home. Followed by Saptami is Maha Ashtami. It is eight-day, and people perform various rituals. As an offering to Goddess Kali, people perform rites and rituals using Ash Gourd. It is a vegetable grown in the garden and is called Kubhindo in Nepali.

Following Asthami is Maha Navami, which is the ninth day. On Navami, people worship their iron equipment and tools as well as automobiles by doing pujas. And last day, the 10th day is called Vijaya Dashami, from which the name Dashain originated. The family gathers and takes blessing and Tika (a mixture of rice, yogurt, and red color powder) and the jamara (planted on the 1st day) from the family’s senior members.

Why is Dashain such a grand festival to Nepalese?

Dashain is a grand and favorite festival for all age groups of people. This celebration makes an opportunity to meet their separated family and family members they had not seen or met for quite a while.

People working away from their home or nation travel to their hometowns to celebrate their families and companions’ festivities. Additionally, families buy new clothes for their children. And Children particularly love this festival since they get close to 30 days of vacation, eat delicious food, meet their cousins, and wear new garments. The majority of all, they get cash, a type of gift and blessing and known as Dakshina, from the family’s senior members. Families assemble and set up a fantastic gala, and some take part in playing games. Also, huge bamboo swings are made in the communities to play. People fly kites making the sky full of kites and colorful.

When is Dashain Festival in 2021?

This year, the primary day of Dashain Festival – Ghatasthapana falls on 7 October, the seventh-day Pulpati will on 12 October. Asthami is on 13 October and Nawami on 14 October, and Dashami on 15 October, respectively. Furthermore, for five additional days till 20 October, Kojagrat Purnima, this festival is celebrated. Till Kojagrat Purnima, relatives and extended family members visit each other’s houses to put Tika and receive blessing from their relatives.

Considering sharing on the celebration, Nepal Hiking Team couldn’t want anything more than to invite you during this happy season. You will get the chance to appreciate the boulevards of Kathmandu and see sparkle according to local people under the foundation of dazzling cultural etiquettes of Nepal.

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