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    Guide to the Dakshinkali Temple

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 1st 2023  |  Travel Guide

    Only one kilometer separates the town of Pharping and the Dakshinkali Temple, which is located 22 kilometers outside of Kathmandu. One of the most well-known temples in Nepal, this one is devoted to the dreadful and terrifying Goddess Kali. This temple is well-known for the rituals and traditions that are practiced there. At this sacred location, animals are slaughtered on a twice-weekly basis, with male goats and cockers, in particular, being used as an offering to appease the wrathful consort of Lord Shiva. In the year 1855, a devotee of Kali named Rani Rashmoni constructed the shrine.

    The words "Dakshin," which translates to "south," and the word "Kali," which is the name of the god that is worshipped at the Dakshinkali Temple, were combined to create the name of the temple. The idol of the Goddess is typically depicted as standing atop a body, which is meant to represent the triumph of light over darkness. The statue with the four arms gives the impression of a powerful deity who has come to an end to the conflict and grant victory. It is holding a sword in one hand, a skull cap in the other, and a severed head in the fourth hand of this gruesome creature.

    Dakshinkali Temple's Mythology

    An intriguing incarnation of Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva, the Goddess Mahakali is also known by the name Pashupatinath and goes by the name Mahakali. The enigmatic Dakshinkali Temple is a historic building that has a fascinating tale to tell about its origins. It is said that the Malla king who ruled Nepal in the 14th century had a dream in which the goddess Kali appeared to him. According to the myth, the goddess gave the king the order to construct a shrine that would be dedicated to her. The king immediately began carrying out her instructions, and once the construction of the temple was completed, a stone image of the deity was installed in the shrine.

    Dakshinkali Temple's Animal Sacrifice

    The worshipers of the goddess Kali are convinced that the best way to make her happy and get what they want from her is to take the lives of innocent animals. In front of the religious building, there are a number of stands that have been set up. They offer birds and goats for sale to people who intend to sacrifice them on the grounds of the temple.

    This custom is carried out twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, respectively. After the morning sacrifice, the gates of the temple are closed for a brief period of time so that the temple can be cleaned in preparation for the afternoon sacrifices. The ritual of sacrificing each animal only takes a few seconds, after which their lifeless bodies are processed by seasoned priests inside the complex of the temple where the ceremony took place. After that, the owners cook the meat in their homes using their own personal recipes.

    People and a significant number of goddess worshipers have voiced their opposition to this ritual, arguing that the Goddess Kali cannot be appeased by the shedding of innocent blood and the tormenting of helpless animals. In contrast to this line of reasoning, many adherents believe that by killing an animal and offering it as a sacrifice to the Supreme Being, one can spare the animal the anguish of suffering and improve its chances of being reincarnated as a human. The adherents of both of these theories act in accordance with their beliefs rather than either of them being supported by evidence from the real world.

    How do you get to Dakshinkali?

    The trip to Dakshinkali Temple is located about 45 minutes outside of Kathmandu. To avoid potential congestion on public transportation, it is recommended to take a taxi instead. There is a bus stop at each of the following locations: Ratna Park, Old Bus Park, and Martyr's Road. The path to the Dakshinkaali Temple is steep and winding, and it offers stunning vistas along the way. Motorcycles are also common among people who want to experience a rush of adrenaline.

    In Conclusion

    There are many fascinating, unique, and ancient temples around the world that are well worth the time to visit. Kali is the most terrifying and dreadful goddess there is, but her temple is so beautiful that it blows the mind. We hope you go to this incredible place and share our love for this location with other people who might love it just as much as we do. Please let us know your thoughts on this blog post.

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