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    Current Situation of Coronavirus in Nepal

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 1st 2023  |  NewsTrekking/Hiking

    As the country has imposed lockdown, many service sectors of Nepal has been suspended for temporary period of time. Before conforming its 2nd case, there were more than 600 people who went for the coronavirus test in Nepal. 19 year old Nepali student returning from France to Nepal had tested positive of the virus.

    On 25 March 2020 3rd case of Coronavirus was also confirmed. The history of the 3rd case has not been disclosed as of now.

    Since the cases are increasing everyday across the world and with two new confirmed cases, Nepal has suspended a lot of services. Before imposing lockdown, state government advised its citizens to stay at home and to avoid places which attracts large masses. Furthermore, airlines and all the transportation offices have been totally closed down aside from the transportation of medicines, foods and fundamental goods. Aside from approved personals and vehicles, all the private vehicles are to be ended for up to seven days until further notification.

    As we are on the global pandemic crisis, many countries has imposed travel restrictions as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus virus.

    #Preventive measures for Coronavirus

    We have jutted down some of the precaution as suggested by WHO in the points given below:

    • Self-Quarantine: Self-isolate in claim house is best approach to counter the flare-up of this infection. Disengaging oneself in the shut and very much ventilated room until the pandemic settles down can be simply the most solid approach to be careful and sound.
    • Sterilize your hands as much as you can: From time to time washing hands with cleanser and applying sanitizer can make hands liberated from irresistible infection. Thus, shaking hands should also be avoided to prevent Corona.
    • While Coughing and sneezing cover your mouth by elbow rather than palm: Corona Virus spreads through moisture and salivation of contaminated individual. In this way, hacking and sniffling ought to be finished by covering one's mouth by elbow or hanky.
    • Maintain a social distance and avoid close contacts: Socializing in groups and close contacts ought to be stayed away from as infection can spread through others quickly.
    • Side effects of cold and fever ought to be talked with experts: in the event of comparable side effects with Corona disease, we ought to go to medical clinics and close by wellbeing posts for an exam. As manifestations are ordinary basic cold and fever, these indications ought not to be dismissed.
    • Avoid touching your face: Infected hands can move the infection from encompassing to within our body through nose and mouth. In this way, contacting face ought to be kept away from until we clean our hands with cleanser and sanitizers.

    In the current situation around COVID-19, we realize that the best activity is stay away from any kind of movement now. As traveling is one of the easiest way to be infected by the virus, so we shall ask all our valued clients to stay inside and confined.

    Frequently Asked Questions regarding your booked trip

    Do I get refund if I choose to cancel my trip?

    Our Lifetime Deposit ensures that you don't lose your deposit if you need to cancel your trip due to unexpected crisis. While there will be no refund, we will keep your deposit safe till you are able to take a trip with us. We will hold your trip deposit to re-book your trip sometime in the future. Lifetime Deposit permits you to utilize the deposit of your trip for another travel dates which is convenient time.

    Can I postpone my trip? If I can, then do I have time limit?

    Definitely, you can postpone your trip. You do not need to decide the travel dates right at that moment. Because we are offering the flexibility of a lifetime to choose travel dates for our clients. Until you have convenient travel dates, your deposit shall remain as lifetime deposit and we shall apply it to later trekking dates. So whenever you have suitable travel dates, you can inform us and we shall make the plans accordingly.

    If I postpone my trip, will I have to pay any additional charges?

    Normally, we apply trip postpone charges to our clients under normal circumstances. But in the light of global pandemic coronavirus, we are not applying trip postpone charge to our clients. Hence, we are offering free trip postponement.

    Will I be informed if my trip is canceled?

    Your trip will be canceled only if the travel restriction imposed by the Nepal Government extends. Or travel restrictions is imposed by the state government of your home country. So, if there shall be any new news regarding the current situation and if your trip date will get affected by it then we will definitely inform you.

    From when is it advisable to plan for treks?

    As soon as the COVID-19 outbreak subsides, we advise you to continue planning your trip. Although, we think till upcoming May the virus outbreak will not subsides and it will also take time for everything to be normal. However, we should stay optimistic and pray for the prosperous future.

    Nonetheless, it is not wrong to preplan the trek as we all know one day this will also be resolved.

    How can I get in touch with you?

    If you have registered for a trek, the best way to get in touch is by reaching us via an email to us [email protected].

    Hope it must have given you some much needed information on the current situation of coronavirus in context of Nepal. If there is any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to assist you.

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