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    COVID-19 present situation of Nepal

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 1st 2023  |  News

    As the spread of COVID-19 across the world is colossal and every nation is trying to find the cure of the disease, this unprecedented circumstance has been tough on everybody. Information regarding travel plans is constantly changing, giving no palace to make a surer plan. If one country is doing fine right now, then we do not know what its future situation might look like. These kinds of situations are making it difficult for travelers looking to travel to their anticipated destinations. Similarly, we are continually sharing the updates regarding the situation here in Nepal with our travelers via different mediums too.

    COVID-19 situation in Nepal

    Over 31,935 people have tested positive to the virus and almost 149 have died in Nepal, which has a population of almost 30 million. As of now, the number of recovered cases is 18631 and active cases are 13155. Kathmandu, Rautahat, Parsa, Kailali, Sarlahi are amongst the most affected districts of the nation.

    The country went into lockdown when there was not even one active case. And for some time, the country managed to keep the nation's coronavirus free too. However, with welcoming migrant workers and students from different parts of the world, the country was not able to stay clear of the virus for a longer period. The country went into lockdown on 24 March and about 2 weeks later, the country confirmed its second case. After that, the number deliberately continued to increase until mid-June.

    After June, the number of new cases starts declining whereas the number of recovered cases was steadily increasing. Therefore, as the country was confirming fewer cases, lockdown consecutively was uplifted. Even after the lockdown was lifted, the condition was normal with no rise in the cases. However, the past 2 weeks have shown a dramatic change in the demographic. On Tuesday (18 August 2020), the country confirmed the highest number of cases and death tolls in a day ever since the pandemic hit the country.

    On August 10 the Government of Nepal reported the decision to permit region and sub-area level authorities to implement limited lockdowns until 31 August. The operation of a long-distance vehicle has been delayed by about fourteen days from August 17 to August 31.

    When is Nepal planning to open again?

    The Nepal government made a grand announcement on 20 July stating Nepal will open doors to foreign travelers from 17 August. However, after weeks of making the announcement, the number of cases increased, and then again resumption of flights for international travelers was again shifted. The country is planning to open again from 1 September 2020.

    Will activities like trekking take place?

    Yes, the activities like trekking, hiking, adventure sports, cultural tours all will take place. Every activity will be conducted following health and safety protocols.

    What befalls on the off chance that we need to postpone the trip due to Coronavirus?

    The travel restrictions and travel advisories introduced due to COVID-19 have kept travelers in a difficult situation thus they are hesitant to make a firm decision. And keeping their dilemma in mind, we are encouraging our travelers to postpone the trip rather than canceling it if the condition does not subside in the coming months. We are offering them free trip postponement and flexibility of lifetime to choose new trip dates. Therefore, we encourage everybody to postpone their trip as well. Canceling the trip would incur a cancellation fee. You do not have to decide the dates right now. The deposit of the current trip shall be considered as a lifetime deposit and will be transferred for the next trip with us. Hence, they can choose any dates that are suitable, safe, and convenient for them.

    Also, please feel free to check our booking policy concerning the Free Trip Postponement.

    Besides, please go through the given link to learn what trekking would like to post COVID-19 in the future.

    The coronavirus pandemic is going to keep going for quite a while mounting apprehension and mayhem in our subconscious. Nonetheless, at some point in our life, we need to begin to live amid the pandemic, keeping our wellbeing and security as the principal need. It will undoubtedly require some investment for everything to be normal in all perspectives. We are sure we will return to regularity eventually.

    Despite what may be normal, we are seeing an overall example that adjusting to a new normal is one of the convenient solutions. Various countries have started to steadily turn the corner. The world is easing back returning to regularity and Nepal will follow the same pattern too.

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