Coronavirus Updates and Trip Post Covid-19

There are hundreds of questions in mind of people who are planning to travel in Nepal Post Coronavirus. In this blog, we are giving you an update about recent changes and to address your queries regarding your travel plans and trekking in Nepal.

After more than 80 days of Lockdown, our government has officially lifted the ongoing lockdown. Many government offices have started to function and people have started to follow their usual routines as well. People will be gone back to their usual routines but will have to follow the precautions, and instructions given by the WHO and our government. Likewise, from 15 June 2020, VISA services have also resumed.

You must be concerned about flights too. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation on Sunday informed that, until 5 July 2020, all flights- domestic and international are suspended. The notice about their operation will be informed by them in the coming days. And about this matter, we will update you when the official decides on a concrete plan.

We know you have so many unanswered questions about traveling to Nepal post Coronavirus. There are things you want to know about your future trek. And no worries, we shall address all your queries in this blog.

How is the current condition in Nepal about Coronavirus?

One of the frequently asked questions currently is about the current situation of Nepal. To say the least, we are over the fear of virus in some ways and have started doing the normal activities too, but with a rise in the confirmed cases, we are slightly thrown back too. Because we were thinking, Nepal will not be affected like the rest of the world. But it turns our false. Nowadays, hundreds of cases are being confirmed in Nepal. Sadly now we have 23 death records due to Coronavirus. We have a total of 9026 confirmed cases till now and fortunately 1772 record of recovered cases. We ebbed later than the rest of the world, but the people who are working on the front liners are doing their best to fight the virus.

What happens if we want to postpone the trek due to Coronavirus?

You may postpone the trek to any dates you want if you are unable to postpone the trek. We are offering our clients lifetime flexibility to choose a date for their next with us. You may update us whenever you have a confirmed date, and we shall make arrangements accordingly. There is a date limitation if you want to postpone the trek. Hence, you can travel whenever you want and conveniences you. We will organize your trek accordingly.

Check our booking policy in regards free trip postpone.

Will trek for remaining of this year open?

Yes, treks will open for remaining of this year. As soon as, some clarification regarding this matter is published we shall inform you.

Should you start making plans for the treks?

Indeed, you should start making plans for treks. Our clients have started to make travel plans for the coming travel seasons –autumn season and onward.

How will treks be in the future?

With the recent Coronavirus pandemic, people have become concise about being in a large group. Avoiding a large number of people in a crowd being the main agenda of COVID-19, you must be wondering how treks in Nepal will unfold in the future. Trekking is a super interactive activity. You can go trekking in Nepal alone but cannot avoid being alone in a tea house or a tent. You will at some points meet people and will have to share the space as well. On the same note, taking the COVID-19 test for every time you travel is not a proper solution as well. Because taking COVID-19 is a cumbersome process, time consuming and expensive too. Therefore, in this situation what we can focus on is sanitizing ourselves.

There are few main concerns which you should remember while trekking in Nepal post Coronavirus. And we shall highlight all the important aspects to keep in mind post Coronavirus.

  • Bring your own gears. Some trekkers tend to rent trekking gears hear in Nepal. Renting or hiring a gear here in Kathmandu has been a good solution for trekkers who do not wish to go through the hassle of buying and bringing their trekking gear. Post COVID-19 also hiring a gear won’t be a huge problem because gear shop owner will clean and sanitize every stuff, however, in this situation having your own is best and reliable option.
  • If you have your sleeping bags then you can bring your own. The sleeping bags we offer are always clean and in good state but bringing your own will give relief then you encourage you to bring your own.
  • The trails you will be trekking are not much affected by the virus. Thus, the chance of virus contamination is less in the mountains.
  • You must bring your medical certificates from your doctors before coming to Nepal.
  • Trekkers with a common cold, fever or influenza or any type of communicable disease and people with respiratory health conditions are discouraged to travel and trek in the current situation.

Below we have highlighted some safety measures Nepal Hiking Team is applying for all the trekking program running post Coronavirus.

  • Face masks required for travelers in public areas
  • Face masks required for guides in public areas
  • Face masks and sanitizer required for drivers
  • Face masks provided for travelers
  • Hand sanitizer available to travelers and staff
  • Gear/equipment sanitized between use
  • Transportation vehicles regularly sanitized
  • Trekking staffs as well as travelers are required to regularly wash hands

These are some aspects you should know at the moment. There will be few other developments in the future from our side and through governmental measures as well. We shall keep you updated.

Besides the above-mentioned aspects, the foremost important is to sanitize yourself and keep wash hands and main social distancing as much as possible.

We understand social distancing is not possible while trekking but it is possible while you are in a place where there are large crowds.

Coronavirus pandemic is going to last for a long time mounting fear and chaos in our minds. Thus, someday in the future, we had to start to live amidst the pandemic keeping our health and safety as the foremost priority. It will indeed take some time for everything to be normal in all aspects. Thus, we shall go back into normalcy at a gradual speed.

Despite what might be expected, we are seeing a worldwide pattern that adapting a new normal amidst pandemic. Numerous nations have begun to gradually turn the corner. The world is slowing going back to normalcy and Nepal is following suit as well.

We hope the above-mentioned information is helpful. You may reach our support team if you have further queries. It is our pleasure to assist you. Lastly, we hope to see you in the mountains soon. Take care and stay safe!

About Author

Balaram Thapa, an executive director at Nepal Hiking Team had a long journey before making NHT one of the revolutionary tour operators in this competitive field of Tourism. He finished his Bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism from Tribhuwan University in the year 2000.

He started his career as a trekking support staff in 1998 and gradually earned a status of trekking leader. He has trekked several trekking routes such as Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang, Everest, Kanchenjunga, Mustang, Makalu, etc. Thus has immense knowledge about the trekking routes of Nepal. Alongside this, he has also organized several tours to Bhutan and Tibet as a tour guide. He has traveled to Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland, Italy promoting Nepal’s tourism.

After earning lots of experience in this field, he wanted to explore his own business ideology. He along with his brother- Ganga Raj Thapa start their own company, Nepal Hiking Team in 2009. He is friendly and works side by side with the staff inspiring and motivating them. He is an expert travel consultant and handles all the concerns of travelers regarding their trip. He inspires people to travel new and unique destinations and implement the same ideology on himself as well.

He started his journey 22 years ago and has immense experience in this field. His passion for traveling has made his 22 years of working journey, a precious phase of his life. And he plans to continue doing this and add more years in it.

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