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    15 Best Tips for Nepal Travelers

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 1st 2023  |  Travel Tips

    Traveling is a fun activity and it gives great happiness too. But choosing one destination among many beautiful destinations in the world is a tough decision.  And even if you have chosen the destination, there are always few things you are not sure about. There are always lingering questions about the place you are about to visit. Well, we cannot say about other destinations, but we can surely give a heads up about Nepal. Because of the huge mountain ranges, trekking in Nepal is quite popular. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Nepal, then what you are going to read in this blog will be very useful to you. Here we are highlighting the top 15 best tips for Nepal travelers. And together with that, you can find information about things to know before traveling Nepal.

    Nepal has a provision of On Arrival Visa

    Yes, even if you decide to pack your bags and leave for Nepal, you just need plane tickets and money. You will get a visa with no hesitation upon arriving in Nepal. However, if you are a citizen of the following countries then you will need to get a prior visa. These countries are: Nigeria, Ghana, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Swaziland, Liberia, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Cameroon and refugees with travel documents. Besides these countries, people can easily obtain tourist visas. Also, visitors coming from India can obtain VISA at the Nepal – India border.

    Expect to see pollution so don’t forget mask and hand sanitizers

    If you are visiting Nepal in the hopes of seeing picturesque mountain views upon you arrival then we are sorry to inform you that the glorious mountain views come only after a hard time. And it is quite far from the pollution infested city of Kathmandu. Nepal indeed is a beautiful place but the capital city Kathmandu which is gateway to other heavenly beautiful places of Nepal is quite polluted. The polluted rivers and dust filled air are unfortunately part of the city. So, before coming to a pristine country rich in natural resources, make sure to bring a mask and a hand sanitizer.

    Do not drink tap water

    It is unlikely you will see any tap that has running water in Kathmandu but if you are planning for trekking or hiking in Nepal, then water taps are a common scene. Although it provides drinkable and pure water, it is best not to consume directly. Please only drink boiled and filtered or bottled water. Drinking directly from the tap can be quite hazardous for foreigners and you would not want to fall sick in a foreign country.

    Make sure to purchase a reliable travel insurance

    Well travel insurance is important to have wherever you go. And if you are traveling Nepal for trekking activities, without travel insurance you cannot start your journey. Travel insurance is an essential document. You do not need to show the papers everywhere you travel but having one would be useful.

    Nepalese are not overtly friendly so if they do not reply to you, please do not be offended

    While traveling to Nepal, you will surely meet a lot of people. Depending upon the location, you will get different responses from them. For instance, like in every country, city people are friendly and do not shy away from talking, it is the same situation in Nepal too. However, there are a majority of people who will not respond to you. Likewise, try to stay away from those that talk too much if you are in the commercial areas like Thamel, Pokhara are any touristic locations. On the whole, Nepal is a pretty friendly country, full of smiling and welcoming faces.

    It will be easy if you carry local currency

    Dollars and Indian rupees are widely accepted in Nepal however, we would rather suggest you to exchange your foreign currencies to local currency in Nepal. It is best to deal with every expense while in Nepal with the local currency rather than foreign currency. It will save your time and a small amount of money too. But before leaving Nepal, make sure to exchange the remaining Nepalese currency back to your local currency. Because, carrying Nepalese currency outside of Nepal is regarded as an illegal activity.

    Trekking permits and Entry permits fee

    Certain entry fees are set for major attractions of Nepal. Before entering any historical or cultural heritage sites, make sure to obtain an enter fee. Likewise, if you are here for trekking, you are required to obtain trekking permits. Without trekking permits, you cannot enter the trekking area. Also, there are different trekking permits depending upon the trekking areas.

    There are certain places in Nepal which require a special permit to enter the trekking zone which is different from normal trekking permits (TIMS) and quite expensive too. Similarly, these places do not allow independent solo trekkers. Upper Mustang is one the places where a special trekking permit is required (Link). And there are many places where special trekking permits are required. Therefore, make sure where you are going and what type of entry fee or permits are required to enter these places. So that you can be prepared prior to coming to Nepal.

    Nepal is a pretty hot country

    If you are planning to travel Nepal anywhere from March to September, you will experience quite warm weather. So prepare your clothing only after checking in the temperature. Nepal is divided into three regions i.e. mountain, Hilly and Terai (plains) region. Mountain is a cold region most of the year even during summer whereas the Hilly region is quite warm and hot. And there is the Terai region which is the hottest part of Nepal. Therefore, packing sensibly depending upon the location of your itinerary and time of the year is suggested. So before packing make sure to check the temperature at the location you will be traveling.


    Most preferred transportation in Nepal is local buses and taxis. With recent development in modern technology, few ride sharing apps like Uber have been introduced which is making the daily life of people easy and comfortable. Besides, riding in local buses are quite uncomfortable and they are slow too. Compared to local buses tourist buses are comfortable and efficient so if you are traveling long distance prefer riding in a tourist bus compared to local buses. Also there are flying options also which is even more efficient and comfortable. It is best to avoid local buses even though they are cheap and money saving. Tourist bus charges slightly more than the local buses and paying a little bit more will be worthy. Meanwhile, flying is a good option but they are quite costly and there is always a chance of flight delays and cancellation if weather is not favorable.

    Food and drinks

    There are several places where you can find delicious international and local dishes. From top notch restaurants to local street vendors, you will find them everywhere. Also, if you are keen on trying local dishes, please be informed that, Nepalese love spices so be ready to eat spicy and food full of flavors. If you would prefer restaurants, please know that restaurants apply service charge and vat. Whereas some only apply service charge or vat. Street vendors are cheap but eating these foods three times of the day would surely give you a digestion problem. And in case of drinks, there are many stores where you can purchase drinks likewise, you can find many pubs and bars to drink around Kathmandu and Pokhara near your residential area. All in all, you will have no problem finding the best places to eat while you are in Nepal.

    Don’t forget to choose the best time to travel Nepal

    Being in the right place at the right time explains how important it is to choose a time to do certain things. Hence, choosing the best time to travel in Nepal is also equally important. Nepal experiences four-season sequentially. And every season brings different pictures for the visitors. March to May is the spring season in Nepal which brings warm climate and marvelous springtime rhododendron sprouts.

    Likewise, June to August is the summer/monsoon season in Nepal where you can experience the monsoon ambiance of Nepal.

    After the spring season, another season that invites a large number of travelers is the autumn season. Autumn season tumbles from September to November. Autumn brings clear skies with warm days and offers the best view of the mountain ranges.

    And lastly, there comes the winter season. People get reluctant to visit Nepal during winter due to the cold. However, it cold does not mind you then it is one of the best times to visit and explore the towns on the laps of the Himalayas covered in a blanket of snow. The view is just mesmerizing. Hence, choosing the best time to travel Nepal is one of the important aspects you should not miss. Do choose your best time and explore the magnificence of Nepal.

    Don’t travel alone, hire a guide

    Traveling in Nepal is one of the easiest things to do for independent and solo trekkers. However, we would not advise you to travel alone or go for a hike alone in a foreign country. Traveling in Nepal is much more than just following an itinerary that leads you to your destinations. We know there are a lot of guidebooks covering different aspects of trekking in Nepal. And there are successful independent travel stories about Nepal also. It is someone’s experience with a completely different personality than yours. Your and their experience will differ in some way. It is good to do some research regarding your plans but depending on them is not a good idea.

    Nepal is one of the safest countries to travel among. But traveling is not only about the place and following a detailed itinerary. There are different aspects which you need to follow and to organize for. For instance, accommodation, food, transportation, and many more instances. These prospects sometimes lead you to a problem that can be difficult to handle yourself. So one of the important tips while traveling or trekking in Nepal is to hire a guide. Go with a guide and save yourself from going through troubles.

    Bring Universal travel Adapter

    Universal Travel Adapter is the most important thing to bring if you are traveling to Nepal. Nepal does not flat prongs. Electric plugs here are two or three round points. You can find Type C with two round points, type D with three round pins in a triangular pattern and plug type M has three round pins. And the power voltage is 230V / 250 HZ. Hence, you need to bring a universal travel adapter to charge your electrical devices.

     Get vaccinated before coming to Nepal

    You do not officially need to get vaccinated before coming to Nepal.  But if you have traveled from an area where yellow fever is present in which case you must show proof of immunization. We advise you to seek medical consultants at least six months before traveling to Nepal. Also, please keep in mind that if you are pregnant and traveling to Nepal, you should not get a vaccine. Also, people with allergies are not advised to get vaccinated. Some of the things you might consider are Diphtheria, Japanese encephalitis, Polio, Influenza, Yellow fever, Typhoid, tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, meningitis, and rabies. Generally, you are not required to get immunization if you are in Nepal for trekking. But if you are planning to visit the subtropical parts then you suggest you get a vaccination in consultation with your doctor.

    Always go with the right travel agency

    It is nice to organize everything and travel alone. But sometimes it gets hectic when you have to arrange everything on your own. So if you want to travel stress-free and without worry, we suggest you to always go with a travel agency. Indeed, taking a service from a travel agency sure does cost money, but with the money you are paying, you get to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. They not only organize you a perfect trip but work very hard to make sure you are having the best time while you are under their care.

    There are hundreds of travel agencies in Nepal and to choose one reliable among them is a tough job. At the same time, it is equally necessary to know how reliable these companies are. With many in the sea, Nepal Hiking Team is one of the biggest trekking operators based in Kathmandu. The company is known for offering a wide range of tours, trekking, and adventure activities at a reasonable price. Additionally, from easy to difficult, all sorts of travel packages are available for visitors to choose from. Similarly, if you prefer to travel lavishly and comfortably, NHT offers various luxurious travel packages keeping your comfort in mind. From short to long, all sorts of scheduled travel packages are offered by Nepal Hiking Team. On the whole, the company excellently introduces the radiant as well as the desolate side of Nepal in a remarkable way.


    Besides above given information, collect all the information about the place you will be visiting. And depending upon the purpose of your visit, it is best pack your bag accordingly too. Similarly, if you are planning to travel Nepal for trekking, you may need few trekking essentials like torch light, power bank, universal travel adapter of voltage 200 volt, first aid kit, along with some other essentials. You can find information about trekking equipment here. On the whole, it is best to be prepared than to be sorry later. We hope these travel tips are useful for your travel plan to Nepal. If you have any questions, leave a comment bellow.

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