Best time to Visit Nepal

Vacation to any place in earth is a memory and you want to make your holiday special be it anywhere in the world. You want to capture every beauty of that place with yourself. It is not possible to hold the essence of a country in a whole if you are there for a week or for longest a month of time. So it is really necessary to find when is the best time to visit the country you are planning on going. Here in this blog we have summed up all the information regarding best time to visit Nepal if in case you are planning your holiday in Nepal.

Nepal is a really beautiful country with a lot of things to explore. You can gain an experience of seeing things that you are not used to. And the glorious nature tops everything else. Nepal is a country rich in natural resources. Be it the sky piercing mountains, lush forest, deep valleys, rapidly rivers, serene lakes, daring cliffs, or the small towns of Nepal, everything around here is beguiling. And you will find every seconds of your time being worthy spent here in Nepal.

So without any delays, here we are highlighting all the seasons of Nepal and their specialties. Also, we will be highlights the times best for activities like touring, adventure sports, cultural experience, trekking and to take the pleasure of Nature.

Best time to visit Nepal for trekking

Best time to Visit Nepal

Trekking is one of the favorite things to do in Nepal for tourists as the literally has 10 of the highest mountains in the world among top 14 highest mountains in the world. So if you are planning your vacation in Nepal for trekking find out about all the seasons in Nepal and when is the best time to visit your chosen trekking destination in Nepal.

Before moving onto the further detail, we would like to point out the Nepal experiences six seasons as per their calendar and we will input information on those seasons in the below list.

#Spring Season

Spring Season

As per the English calendar, spring season in Nepal falls on March – May. This is one of the ideal time for trekking in Nepal. The weather is moderate during this time. Around this time, flower comes into full bloom and forest are velvety green. Day are warm with strong wind and nights are chilly. It is perfect time for those who are botanist as the vegetation are glooming in this time. So all those who wants to enjoy the greenery and the White Mountains, spring is the time for them. The average temperature during the day is 27 degree Celsius and the average nightly temperature is 12 degree Celsius.

And as per the Nepali calendar, spring season is a mix of two Nepalese season. And these season are Basanta ritu and Grisma ritu. “Ritu” in Nepali means seasons. From early March to late April, it is Basanta ritu and May is a grisma ritu which is early summer season in Nepal.

Since it is best time to do trekking thus it is perfect time to opt for any trekking trails of Nepal. There are no trekking trails that should not be opted during this time of the year.

#Summer Season

12 best treks in Nepal - Everest Base Camp

Summer season in Nepal falls under June to late August. It is not only summer season in a whole, it is also monsoon season in Nepal. So to tame down the summer heat monsoon rain works like a cooling system. Many tourist do not visit Nepal during this time of the year due to rain and its effects like landslides blocking the trekking trail, floods and obviously leeches. But if you want to experience the deep valleys coming to life as flowers tinges during this time of the year. And it is also good time for botanist and zoologist to carry out their study. Besides, monsoon rain brings freshness to the environment which lights up frame of our mind.

The average day temperature is 30 degree Celsius and average night temperature is 18 degree Celsius.

This time of the year may not be perfect for all trekking routes of Nepal. But there are some trekking trails in Nepal which is attainable during summer/monsoon season. Summer trekking trails of Nepal are different than other trekking destinations of Nepal.

And as per the Nepali calendar, during this time, it is Grisma and Barsha ritu. Barsha in Nepali means rain. Thus it is a dynamic mix of two delightful season.

#Autumn Season

Autumn Season

Autumn preferably is the ideal time to do trekking in Nepal. It falls from September to late November. The weather is temperate with warm windy days and cool nights. It is also the season when two of the most celebrated festivals, Dashain and Tihar falls under. The skies are clear and mountains views are awesome. The average day temperature is 26 degree Celsius and average night temperature is 13 degree Celsius.

The trekking trails of Nepal are opened during this time of the year. Thus, it is also the time most tourists and trekkers enter Nepal for varieties of activities.

And as per the Nepali calendar, during this time of the year, it is Sharad and Hemanta ritu. From early November, Hemanta begins indicating winter is around the corner.  

#Winter season

Winter Hike

Winter season in Nepal begins from December to February. Winter in Nepal is not as gruesome as in west. We do get snow fall but mostly in the Himalayan region only. The average day temperature is 13 degree Celsius and the average night temperature is 3 degree Celsius which can falls to 0 degree Celsius also. During this time of the year, you will have the clearest view of the mountain than any other time of the year. And most of all, not many trekkers opts for trekking in Nepal due to extreme temperature thus trails are crowd free.

And as per the Nepali calendar, it is late Hemanta and Shishir ritu. Shirshir means winter in Nepali.

After going through above information, now you can plan when to plan your trekking vacation in Nepal.

Besides trekking in Nepal there are many other things which is famous amongst the tourist. So learn about what are these activities and when is the best time to do them in Nepal.

When is the best time to do adventure sports in Nepal?

Adventure Sports

In Nepal, you can do varieties of adventure activities such as paragliding, bungee jumping, zip line, ultra-light flight and many more.  You can opt these activities anytime of the year so there is no specific time label as perfect time to do adventure sports in Nepal.

When is the best time to do mountain flight in Nepal?

Heli Tours

Mountain flight is one of the interesting activates to do in Nepal. Those who are unable to take on the long trekking holidays in Nepal can surely opt for short 1 hours mountain flight to clench their thirst of seeing and being close to the Himalayas of Nepal. The best time to do mountain flight in Nepal is during spring and autumn season in Nepal. And the worse time to do the mountain flight will be during monsoon season. Because, rain always delays the flight and flight cancellation is frequent around these time.

When is the best time to for cultural experience in Nepal?

Sightseeing tours

Well Nepal is a home for more than 90 ethnic groups. And each of them have their own specific festivals, customs, rituals and traditions. In order to observe all of them a week will definitely be enough and it is not really necessary to observe all of them as well.

But if you visit Nepal during autumn and winter season, you will definitely get to observe at least one of the festivals of Nepal. Some of the major festivals of Nepal are Dashain, Tihar, Lhosars, Holi, Sankranti, Chhath, Teej and others.

Attending festivals in Nepal is a way to learn about Nepal and their rich culture. Likewise, you can also taste the delicious Nepalese cuisine during these festivals.

Best time for Honey Hunting

Honey hunting is taken as an adventurous activity by an outsider. It is the time when people from Gurung and Magar ethnic groups harvest the honey from the dangerous cliffs in small villages of Lamjung and Dhading using traditional tools and instincts only. Honey hunting takes place in spring and autumn season. So if you are looking to witness a daring act then starting planning for the adventure. Honey hunting now has become a tradition and ethnic communities celebrates this harvesting time with grand celebration before and after the event.

Be a part of Nepali Mud festival


Monsoon season in Nepal is rice plantation time. And farmers are eager to plant rice that will last for at least two to three years for them. All over the Nepal, Asadh 15 as per the Nepali calendar which falls in the 29 June of this year indicates that plantation season has begun. Thus at this day, farmers starts of this rituals in a celebrations. With Nepali liquor, dancing and singing farmers officially begin this season of Ropain which means planting.

Ashad 15 is also known as dahi chiura khane din. Dahi as in Curd/yoghurt and Chuira is a beaten rice. People whoever take part in this festive get a chance to interact with the locals and enjoy the festivals in a traditional way. So if you are planning to visit Nepal during monsoon then make sure you are staying to attend this auspicious festival.

When is the best time to celebrate Jatras?

Indra Jatra

Jatras are street festivals or carnivals that last for multiple days and mostly hosted by Newar ethnic groups. Through Jatras, you can get full on medieval experience. Jatras entail tottering tall chariots with a traditional Newari band, dancing masked man and enthusiastic devotees dragging the chariots through the crowded streets of Kathmandu valley.

There are many jatras celebrated for different reasons. Some of the famous jatras of Nepal are Indra Jatra, Gai gatra, Machindranth jatra, Bhote jatra, Ghode jatra and many more. You can be part of these jatra if you visit Nepal between autumn and winter season. There are jatras hosted by other ethnic groups of Nepal which also falls under the same time period.

When is the best time to do White River rafting?


Nepal is one the best destination for white river rafting. The best time to do white river rafting depends on the type of rafters. Undoubtedly, best time for white river rafting in Nepal would be during monsoon season. However, it is not recommended for all rafters because during this time of the year level of rapids are very high and challenging too. And besides, winter season, every other season is ideal time to opt for rafting in Nepal.

When is the best time to see jungles and wild animals of Nepal?


Nepal is very rich in wild vegetation so it really worth if you take out time to visit Nepal on sole purpose of exploring jungles and wild animals of Nepal. However, it is really important to find out when is the best time to enjoy the real wilderness of Nepal.

To see the naturally glowing forests and for the encounter of the animals and bird watching, spring season is one of the best time. Around this time, you can spot royal Bengal tiger, rhinos, elephants, deer’s, crocodile among many are visible. Whereas for summer season, it is the least favored time for the wilderness experience. Not many come of their shed due to scorching heat thus it is difficult to spot them in the daylight.

Meanwhile, autumn sports moderate weather so you can spot many of the animals mentioned above. Although, tigers would still remain hideous. On the other hands, during winter season you can see animals. Since the weather would be cold many come out from their shed to enjoy the warm heat of the day.

When is the best time for mountain climbing in Nepal?

Mera Peak

The best time for mountain climbing in Nepal is from March to May. And another would be in autumn season that is from September, October and November. Many attempts summits of Everest during spring season.

Best time for sightseeing tours in Nepal

Sightseeing Tours: Best time to Visit Nepal

Basically all year round is perfect for sightseeing tours in Nepal. Nonetheless, best time would be during spring and autumn season in Nepal.

We hope this is helpful to plan your future adventure. It is really necessary to know what type of experience you want to gain when visiting foreign land. So it is better to be prepared than to be late and regret because you did not researched properly. We wish you a happy travelling!

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