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    Best time to Visit Nepal

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 1st 2023  |  Uncategorized

    When it comes to visiting Nepal, the season is what matters the most to visitors. Nepal experiences four different seasons that are individually interesting and beautiful. In addition to that, most prefer exploring Nepal during spring and autumn time primarily because of their favorable weather conditions. But not everybody finds these seasons to be the best time to visit Nepal. To put more emphasis, everybody does not share the same taste. Some may love visiting a place during hot and humid seasons, whereas some might prefer vibrant spring or autumn time. Each season brings its type of flair to the surroundings, makes it attractive, and is somebody's favorite time.

    Given that, in the below section, we highlight what every season is like in Nepal. And after that, you can choose for yourself the best time to visit Nepal.

    When is the best time to visit Nepal?

    Spring and autumn that runs from March to May and September to November are the best times to visit Nepal. Most tourists visit Nepal during this period for trekking activities as it is one of the excellent times. Spring gets fewer visitors than autumn, but it does not stop the seasonal allure from making the mountain trails lively and enchanting. It is flower blooming season, and trekking paths gleams with colorful rhododendron flowers and clear skies. Likewise, on the other hand, autumn is the most popular time of the year for visiting Nepal. Autumn offers a clear and fresh ambiance as it is a post-monsoon season. It is dry season, but its clear skies and breathtaking mountain views steal people's hearts. Even from the city, mountain views are visible during autumn time. Besides that, during spring and autumn, major festivals of Nepal also fall. Hence, due to suitable weather conditions and the opportunity to experience cultural festivals, spring and autumn are the best time to visit Nepal.

    Nepal during Spring Season

    Nepal's spring season spans from March to May. It is the pre-monsoon and post-winter season. Thus, Nepal experiences mild weather conditions. The mild chilly air during spring is a remnant of the winter season, but the weather gradually starts to get warmer as the summer season follows afterward.

    Moreover, the forest turns completely green, and all the vegetation prospers in this season. Thus, for researchers, it is an appropriate time to carry out their studies. Similarly, strong winds and occasional light rain are common in this season. The average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius during the daytime and 12 degrees Celsius during night time.

    Additionally, according to the Nepali calendar, the spring season is a combination of two Nepalese seasons. Basanta Ritu and Grisma Ritu. Seasons are referred to as "Ritu" in Nepali. Nepal's early summer season is Basanta Ritu, and the season unfolds to Grisma Ritu until next season is around the corner.

    Summer/Monsoon Season in Nepal

    Summer and monsoon collide in Nepal. It lasts from June to August. The weather during this season is scorching, but monsoon rain tames down the heat. Although haze and rain might be off-putting, the scenery gets stunning around this season.

    As it is the rainy season, the forest remains lush and deep valleys come to life as flowers tinged, making everything look colorful and beautiful. The average day and night time temperature is 30 and 18 degrees Celsius simultaneously.

    And, according to the Nepali calendar, it is Ghrisma and Barsha Ritu at this time. In Nepali, the word Barsha means rain. It is a complex blend of two beautiful seasons.

    Autumn Season in Nepal

    Autumn Season in Nepal is from September to November. One of the favorite seasons, this season bids farewell to summer heat and wet monsoon rains. It welcomes mild and warm weather with light winds soaring the surrounding. Moreover, it is the season of festivals as major festivities fall in this season. Dashain, Tihar, Chatth all fall under this season. Similarly, skies remain clear, and mountains are visible even from the city.

    The average daytime temperature is 26 degrees Celsius, and the average temperature at night is 13 degrees Celsius. It is Sharad and Hemanta Ritu according to the Nepali calendar. Hemanta starts to signal the arrival of winter in early November.

    Winter Season in Nepal

    Nepal's winter season lasts from December to February. Winter in Nepal is not as harsh as it is in other parts of the world. Snowfall does occur, but only in the high altitudes. And around this time, average daytime and a nighttime temperature range from 13 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees Celsius, respectively. But temperatures can go as low as 0 degrees in the higher altitudes.

    A clearer view of the mountain during winter is more prominent than at any other time of the year. It is late Hemanta and Shishir Ritu, according to the Nepali calendar. In Nepali, Shishir means winter.

    Now that you have some idea what each season in Nepal looks like, further discover what these seasons are best to do. Nepal offers loads of interesting and exciting things to do Nepal for travelers. Some of these activities are seasonal, and some undertake all year round. Let's explore which season is best for certain activities in Nepal.

    Best time to visit Nepal for trekking

    Trekking is one of Nepal's most popular activities. And looking at the flow of tourists and season, Nepal's trekking season is divided into two categories, and they are:

    • Peak Seasons
    • Off Seasons

    Peak Seasons for trekking

    Spring and autumn are peak trekking seasons in Nepal. These two trekking seasons offer fantastic weather for Trekking. Travel planners consider spring as shoulder season because the crowds of travelers are not huge as in the autumn season. Nevertheless, both seasons are considered the best seasons for trekking activities.

    Trekking during spring in Nepal is all about getting lost in the lively ambiance of rhododendron blooms, lush forest, and seeing clear mountain vistas. During autumn, trekkers get to relish the comfortable weather and clear blue skies over the majestic peaks. Moreover, as these seasons are peak season, trekkers crowd the trekking path. So expect little crowded trails and teahouses.

    Off Seasons for trekking

    Summer/monsoon and winter are offseasons in Nepal. Although these seasons do not show extreme weather conditions like in the west, tourists avoid visiting Nepal during these seasons. As a result, the trails are traffic-free; thus, travelers with a flexible schedule can have the path to themselves.

    Best time for Adventure Sports in Nepal

    Well, every season is suitable for adventure sports in Nepal. Some of the notable adventure sports are bungee jumping, zip line, paragliding, white water rafting, rock climbing, and many more. However, a gentle reminder, if you are considering doing white water rafting in Nepal during monsoon season, make sure the river rapid is something you can handle. The river level during the monsoon gets high, which can be challenging even for experienced rafters.

    Best time for Mountain Flight in Nepal

    Mountain flight is one of the exciting and leisure activities to do in Nepal. Those who cannot take on the long trekking holidays in Nepal can surely opt for a short 1 hour's mountain flight to clinch their thirst for seeing and being close to the Himalayas of Nepal. The best time to do mountain flights in Nepal is during the spring and autumn season in Nepal. And the worst time to do the mountain flight will be during the monsoon season. Because rain always delays flight and flight cancellation is frequent around this time.

    Best time for Cultural Experience in Nepal

    Nepal is home to over 90 ethnic groups. And they all have their festivals, ceremonies, practices, and beliefs. It will be impossible to observe any of them over a brief vacation. And the good thing about cultural experience is that there is no one particular season set as the best time for a cultural experience in Nepal.

    Regardless, many significant festivals of Nepal fall under the autumn and winter seasons in Nepal. People familiar with our two-week-long festival Dashain and a week-long festival of light-Tihar know that these are significant festivals of Nepal. And these two also fall in the autumn season. Most indigenous groups of Nepal have their celebrations to celebrate the New Year, and most fall during the autumn and winter season.

    Overall, festivals in Nepal are a great way to learn about the country and its history. During these festivals, you can also sample some delectable Nepalese cuisine.

    Best time to visit Nepal for Honey Hunting

    An outsider views honey hunting as an exciting sport. But for the people of Gurung and Magar ethnic groups, it is just another time in the year to collect honey from the dangerous cliffs. Honey hunting is more prevalent in Lamjung and Dhading's tiny villages. Locals harvest honey using only traditional instruments and instincts. Spring and fall are the only times to go honey hunting. So, if you want to see a bold act, start preparing for the adventure now. Honey hunting has become a tradition, and ethnic groups mark the day with a large celebration before and after the harvest.

    Participate in Mud Festival (Also Known as National Paddy day or Dahi Chiura Khaney din)

    Monsoon is farming time in Nepal. Farmers look forward to monsoon rain as it indicates crop planting season has begun. And to honor this great initiative, Nepal celebrates the national paddy festival, also known as dhan diwas, on Asad 15. This day commemorates the sowing of rice and other crops for the rest of the year, and farmers pray for a bountiful harvest. Thus this day, farmers perform several rituals on this day. Farmers traditionally begin this season of Ropain, which means planting or sowing, dancing, and singing with Nepali liquor.

    Dahi Chiura Khany Din is another name of this festival. Farmers get on the muddy fields and sow the rice plants. People serve a special dish called Dahi Chiura as a lunch with other Nepali snacks. Dahi is the Nepali word for curd, and chiura is beaten rice, a traditional Nepali snack. People play with mud, sing, dance, drink, and formally start the farming season with the monsoon season. Do partake in this auspicious and fun festival if you intend to visit Nepal during the Monsoon season.

    Best time to attend extravagant Jatras (Street Carnival) of Nepal

    Jatras are multi-day street festivals or carnivals that Newar ethnic groups predominantly hold. You can have a full-fledged medieval experience with Jatras. The chariots are dragged through the packed streets of Kathmandu valley by lurching tall chariots with a traditional Newari band, dancing masked men, and ardent devotees.

    Jatras has several religious purposes. Indra Jatra, Machindranth Jatra, Gai Jatra, Bhoto Jatra, Ghode Jatra, and many others are some of Nepal's most popular Jatra. Most jatras fall during the autumn and winter seasons. These festivals are crazy and local.

    Best time for Jungle Safari in Nepal

    Amazon of Asia: Nepal is very rich in wild vegetation. Hence, it is worth it if you take out time to explore Nepal's jungles and wild animals. However, it is imperative to find out when is the best time to enjoy the natural wilderness of Nepal.

    Forests glow in spring, and the chances of seeing animals are also high. It is a good time for bird watching. Plus, the royal Bengal tigers come out of their den more frequently around this time. Thus, there are more chances of sighting them. Along with rhinos, elephants, deer, crocodiles, among many, are visible. In contrast, the summer season is the least favored time for the wilderness experience. Not many animals come out of their shed due to haze, so it isn't easy to spot them.

    Meanwhile, autumn sports moderate weather, thus the chances of spotting animals are high. Spotting a tiger is difficult as they prefer to stay hideous. Nonetheless, deer's, one-horned rhino, are frequently spottable. As per the winter season, the chances are seeing them as high as they come out of their den to enjoy warm weather.

    Chitwan National park is one of the best destinations for wildlife tours in Nepal.

    Best time for Mountain Climbing in Nepal

    The months of March to May are ideal for mountain climbing in Nepal. Another will be during the autumn season, which runs from September to November. During the spring season, several people attempt to summit Everest.

    Best time to visit Nepal for sightseeing tours in Nepal

    In general, sightseeing tours in Nepal are ideal at any time of year. Nevertheless, spring and autumn would undoubtedly be excellent times because of their favorable weather conditions.

    Last words

    It is essential to know what type of experience you want to gain when visiting a foreign land. Thus, choose which season favors you the most and start planning for it. Along with choosing the best time to visit Nepal, also decide which activity to partake on for a memorable experience.

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