21 Best Photo Spots in Nepal: Beautiful Pictures of Nepal

21 Best Photo Spots in Nepal: Beautiful Pictures of Nepal

The magnificent beauty of the country lies nowhere than in the sight of the viewer. In the land of the Himalayas, each people have each goal to accomplish. However, it could be about spending vacation while trekking, exploiting the ethnic of the local people, visiting around ancient palaces and temples, and many other adventurous activities. Without any doubt, the visitors of Nepal never regret making their holiday destination in Nepal. It is also one of the prominent reasons for the national citizen exploring the vacations inside Nepal more than flying abroad. In most of the holiday spots in Nepal, it accesses fortune for a visitant if they are carrying any means to capture the beauty of the country. Moreover, most of the people visit Nepal for creating a beautiful memory and snap them through photography or videography. Furthermore, initiating the beautiful pictures of a country like Nepal will never fade your memory. The ventures equally admire the spots in the Himalayas, local villages, ethnic of people, UNESCO sites, National parks of wildlife, and beautiful valleys of Kathmandu and Pokhara for the best photo spots in Nepal.

Today, we are talking about 21 best photo spots in Nepal  comment if you have been one already. 😊

1. Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base camp Trek which is one of the best photo spots in Nepal.

The breathtaking view of the landscape in the lap of Himalayas has the heart of millions of visitors in Nepal. There are various options to experience the photography at the elevation of 8000 meters in Annapurna Base Camp. The region of Annapurna is massively well-liked by the trekkers. However, you have the option to either trek towards Annapurna base Camp or fly in a Helicopter directly to ABC.

Gradually reaching up to the ABC on your foot gives you a closer glimpse of the Himalayas. Each step you take in the snow-covered paths mesmerizes your eyes. You do not want to stop capturing the scenic beauty. Similarly, you also get a chance to explore the ethics of people of the traditional village such as Gurung, Magar, Brahmins, Thakali, Chhetri, etc.

2. Manaslu Region

Best Photo Spots in Nepal, Manaslu

Mt. Manaslu, also known as the mountain of spirit, is the highest peak in the Gorkha district and the 8th highest in the world. Unlike another trekking trail, trekking in the Manaslu conservation area is less crowded due to inappropriate development in the previous period.

Manaslu region has many trekking trails to choose from such as the Manaslu circuit, Tsum valley, and others. However, on the trekking circuit, you get a glorious fortuity to enhance the beauty of Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Himalchuli, Ngadi Chuli, Ganesh Himal, Shringi, etc. Thus, being the off beaten trail, you get to experience the isolated beauty of this region along the area of Larkya La Pass. The place is full of Buddhist people at the highest elevation of the region at 5220 meters.

Hence, it is a chance to bless your eyesight with one of the most beautiful journeys in Nepal.

3. Langtang Region

Lantang best photo spots in Nepal.

The conservational area in the central region of Nepal follows the trail of Bhote Khosi and Trishuli. The elevation of the region is 7,242 meters in the park. However, the area is full of the red panda, Himalayan bear, snow leopard, as well as over 250 species of birds.

You get surrounded by the trees of oak and blooming rhododendron on the way to the region. The magnificent views of Manaslu, Annapurna ranges, and Ganesh Himal are worth every mile you visit. You can also exploit the life of Buddhist people through cameras in Kyanjin Gompa.

With access to the Langtang river and Langtang Valley, you have a beautiful spot on every location in the Langtang region.

4. Kathmandu Durbar Square

best photo spots in Nepal, Kathmandu Durbar Square

In the usual land of the capital, the streets are busier to for the livelihood of the people. Anyways, you must be wondering that is there a worth spot in such a busy city? Yes, there is. There are the sites of the UNESCO heritage of the world located known as Kathmandu Durbar square.

Bosoming the royal palace later the formal development of Kathmandu, the site is the list of heritage sites. You can capture the views of the local Newari community. The antique architectural woodcraft on the walls and the palace area is the allure of the Kathmandu Durbar Square.

5. Boudhanath

Boudhanath Stupa, one of the best photo spots in Nepal

The land of enlightenment of the world back in B.C. is Nepal. Boudhanath lies in Kathmandu with hundreds of visitants each day. Buddhists from the world visit Boudhanath. The monk and local Buddhists spend their time inside Bouddhanath by enchanting their mantras. There is a stupa of Bouddhanath, where the craft of each symbol explains the attributes of the lord. They represent earth, fire, air, water, and sphere.

At the period of Budhha Jayanti, Udauli and Ubauli, and many other Buddhist festivals, there is a decoration in Bouddhanath with colorful flags for commemoration.

6. Bhaktapur


Bhaktapur is the town of Hindu temples. There are various well favorable landmarks on Bhaktapur like as Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Nyatapola Temple, Bhairabnath Temple, Changu Narayan, Siddha Pokhari, Dattatraya temple, and many more. Just like other durbar squares in Kathmandu and Patan, Bhaktapur has its unique architectural construction of the area. You can also capture a glimpse of ethnic Newari community people in Bhaktapur. You cannot forget the scenic beauty of the hilly on the way to Changu Narayan Temple. The Siddha Pokhari inside Bhaktapur is a beautiful destination for friends. Try to capture the best architecture on the wood of the palace’s roofs and doors.

7. Patan Durbar Square


Most of the people are unaware of the importance of Patan Durbar Square. However, the Newari people had built the palace and the temples around during the ruling period of Malla Kings. Being an attraction for both Hindu and Buddhist people, it has 136 enclosure and 55 chief temples in the area. The western faced temples in the palace represent the prominent temples. Around the temples, Krishna Mandir, Bhimsen Temple, Viswanathan Temple, and Taleju Bhawani Temple have cultural and traditional importance since the ages.

Krishna Mandir is well known for its stone. Likewise, Bhimsen Temple is prominent for the desire to become brave and strong for business and trades. However, the amatory cravings and the sculpture of the bull around the temple of Vishwanath is immensely well popular. Lastly, Taleju Temple is in the memory of the dignity of Malla kings.

8. Ghandruk Village

Ghandruk Village

Located in the Kaski district of Nepal, Ghandruk is one of the eminent destinations for holiday seekers to spend the time by short trekking. For the beautiful spot for photos in Nepal, Ghandruk is one of the best options for you. There you can view the beautiful Himalayas sparkling by the sparkling waterfalls and the ethnic of the traditional people.

Get a chance to capture the scenic beauty of Annapurna ranges, Mt. Machhapuchre, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Hiunchuli, and Mt. Gangapurna. The spot in the Ghandruk is the starting point for the trekkers around ABC and Annapurna circuit trek. It is also the gateway for the Ghorepani Poonhill trek. Capture the lovely smile of the local Gurung community so that you can keep the memory forever with you.

9. Upper Mustang

Best Photo Spots, Mustang

Most of the travel agencies allow your adventurous trek to Upper Mustang with different trekking permit as there is a restriction in the areas. The fascinating glimpse from the first day of trekking to the Upper mustang is full of risky trails.

Get a chance to explore places such as Monasteries, Lo Manthang, and the isolated Buddhist people of upper mustang from other regions of Nepal. The view in your sight of snow-capped mountains and hills and the glorious scenario of the entire palace is worth every mile you take. You can capture the lifestyle of expanded Tibetan Buddhist people in Upper Mustang.

10. Phewa Lake

Phewa Lake

The splendid glance of deep water in Pokhara is Phewa Lake. The stunning sunrise and the sunset from the Phewa Lake gives you the prominent perfect picture. Moreover, there lies a gorgeous holy temple called Barahi Temple that deceits in the middle of the Lake. You can involve in one of the rejoicing adventurous photography through boating. You get surrounded by hills and the fading shadows of the Himalayas. It is time to capture the best moment by visiting Phewa Lake.

11. Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park

Over 500 species of flora and fauna, Chitwan National park has the core of local to foreigner people. You can exploit the places around Chitwan Nation Park within the shortest period. Do not miss your jungle safari experience by collecting a glimpse of Python, King Cobra, One-horned Rhino, Bengal tiger, Crocodile, rivers Dolphins, etc. This place is best for your holiday in the humid and hot weather throughout the year.

In the area of 952.63 Km sq., you can exploit the path along with the endangered species of the world. Although you cannot slightly capture the chirping of the birds, you can detain a glimpse of their flights. Chitwan National Park is the best place in Nepal, where you can have access to the closer lifestyle of flora and fauna.

12. Lumbini


Every religion knows about the birthplace of Lightner of the world. The place is full of pilgrimage of Buddhist around the palace and monasteries in the Kapilvastu district of Nepal. The seeking place of Gautam Buddha is now a museum for a fellow traveler. There are various temples, monuments, and monasteries with a place for meditation.

The beauty of Lumbini is within the smile and the positivity of the pilgrimage you see there. Lumbini is one of the effortless places to visit where you can make hundreds of memories and capture through your cameras.

13. Swayambhunath

Swayambhunath, one of the best photo spots in Nepal

The monkey temple grants you a view of the entire Kathmandu valley. The place is widely famous among the people of the Newari Buddhist community as well as the Buddhist people of the world. However, the stupa of Swayambhunath is the ancient holy place built with the grace of expert architects. The basement of the stupa has a cubical shaped top. It has an artistic representation with the eyes of the buddha. Each part of the stupa has an artistic way of defining the reason to believe in the Lord Buddha.

However, it comes in the list of best spots to take a picture of its unique representation of the stupas. The stairs are of stones where there are varieties of trees on the hills of Swayambhunath. Capture you glimpse with the flags around the stupas and the local prayers of Buddhist people.

14. Poon Hill Sunrise

Sunrise from Poon Hill

Poon hill trekking is around the Annapurna region that is foremost for a mountain lover. The sparkling sunrise view on the top hill station of Poonhill from Ghorepani is the best holiday for the short period of trekking seekers. The viewpoint of Poon Hill makes you trek the best from the stunning closeup of Annapurna Ranges and Mt. Dhaulagiri. It grants you the best chance to view the peak of over 6000 meters up to 8000 meters height. The elevation of the mountains seems like you are almost lying on its lap.

15. Sunset from Kalapatthar

best photo sports in Nepal - Kalapatthar

Most amazingly, Kalapathhar is the way for Everest Base Camp. It is popular among the trekkers as it gives you a glimpse of the sunrise of the even that you cannot view from Everest Base Camp. With the short hike on the 3 hours of average per day, you can reach Kala Patthar. Hence it has become vastly well admired by the trekkers all for the stunning view of the sun striking on the world’s highest peak of the world.

16. Gokyo Ri

best photo sports in Nepal - Gokyo RI

During the circuit trek in EBC, you can visit Gokyo Ri. It is the largest glacier in Nepal of the highest number of settlements in the world. The stunning freezing place is famous for the neat view of Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, and Cho Oyu.

Due to the less crowd in the trek, you can exploit the nature and the beauties of the Himalayas to capture the most perfect and memorable glimpse.

During the trip to Gokyo valley, you can also access the general commercial rea of trekking to EBC like Phakding, Namche, and Dolle. Get a chance to embrace your journey with the people of the Sherpa community.

17. Tilicho Lake

Tilicho Lake

Tilicho Lake is the world’s highest up at an elevation of 4919 meters. Once you reach around the destination, you can find yourself bounded worth Mt.Khangsar, Muktinath peak, Mt. Nilgiri, and Mt. Tilicho itself.

Since it lies in the Annapurna region, you must pass through Thorong La Pass of the elevation of the most grueling trekking path in 5416 meters. You can also collect the glance around Hindu temple Muktinath. Similarly, on the way back from Tilicho Lake, you can walk exploit the livings of local people of the Annapurna region such as Gurung and Thakali.

18. Manang Village

Manang Village: best photo sports in Nepal

The northern view of the river Marshyangdi and the shinning view of Annapurna ranges is the most memorable glimpse of the journey to Manang. Have you heard of Yaks? Yes, the valley of Manang has Yaks in their street. Similarly, you can also visit the hills and mountain bounded by Gangapurna Lake in Manang district. The closer view of Gangaourna lake has access to the snow-covered peaks and the Rocky Mountains. The glimpse of the glacier in the Gangapurna area adds the chief attraction to the valley. You would not stop capturing a glimpse of the valley.

19. Namche Bazar

Namche - best photo sports in Nepal

The Bazar of Namche is the staging point of trekking trails towards the Everest region. The small developing market has access to all your necessary items. However, the production of cheese and butter is nationally famous. The valley grants the ingress to the view from the slope of the mountain where the Bazar lies. However, you can capture the perfect glance of homemade products, surrounding peaks from the destination, and the cultural living style of the Sherpa community.

20. Mardi Himal Base Camp

best photo sports in Nepal - Mardi

The glorious path of snow on the way to Mardi Himal base camp adds attraction to the journey. The glance of Annapurna ranges following Mt. Machhapuchre, Mt. Hiunchuli, and Mardi Himal captures the sight of the sparkling reflection in front of your eyes. Every single picture you take of the stunning Himalayas is not enough for your vision. There is more in this trek. Since you start trekking from Deurali, you find the dense forest of rhododendron leading to the sparkling village life of local people.

21. Khopra Ridge

best photo sports in Nepal - Khopra

The alternative trekking route for Ghorepani Poonhill trekking is Khopra Danda. However, Khopra Dandha grants the view of the stunning southern view of Annapurna ranges, Mt. Nilgiri, Mt. Himchuli, and Mt. Dhaulagiri. With the notification of the recently opened trail, Khopra danda is gradually getting its hype among the trekkers. On the way to Khopra Danda trek, you can also exploit the area of Kaire Lake. Since it lies on the north side of Poonhill trek, it grants you the experience with the forest of oak and rhododendron. The adventurous ridged of Khopra is off beaten that makes the track peaceful. It is the period to detain the best time of your short hiking destination that is memorable throughout your life. The ethnic tribes of local Gurung and Magar add glory in the journey that you can detain. Therefor, Khopra Danda also ranked one of the photo spots in Nepal.

Conclusion about the photo spots in Nepal:

Therefore, the magnificent journey in the land of natural beauty always leaves the shadow of fellow travelers. Nepal is known as a part of heaven due to the reference of sparkling beauty in the nation. No matter where you reach, you find unique exploitation around Nepal. It may be the stunning Himalayas or the ever-flowing fastest water, the greenery of the flora, or the countless species of fauna. From the world’s highest peak to the yawning located water bodies, Nepal is rich in the diversity of topography and ethnics.

The smiling peaks of the Himalayas always alert you with the adventurous tramping trails. Similarly, the country of enlightener of the world, Gautam Buddha has the pilgrimage across the corners of the world. All these are the bewildering collections of nature, made for living beings. No wonder how many spots you get to interact on the way of your trip inside Nepal.

Hence, it’s time to experience the best photo spots in Nepal for a remarkable journey for your life. Whether you capture it with your sight or the phenomenal photography competency, the nation never fails to impress.

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