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Best Nepal Souvenirs-Top 10 Things to Buy in Nepal

Best Nepal Souvenirs are mementos that you can take with you as a reminder of your visit to the Himalayan country. Being a multicultural and a multi-ethnic country, Nepal is not lacking in cultural aspects. They manifest themselves in various art and architecture, in sculptures and statues, and even in utensils and jewelry.

From the great Himalayan peaks to the cultures that reside in the far-off crevasses of isolated terrains, visits to Nepal are bound to be unforgettable.

Furthermore, the best Nepal souvenirs also hold religious and historical significance. Some have deep meaning beholden in them. Some are notably associated with people’s faith. Many reflect Nepali sentiments in their ornamentation. Whatever the case may be, souvenirs are wonderful reminders of your time in Nepal. They hold good memories and you can always be pleasantly reminded of your experience here.

Here are our top ten picks of the best Nepal souvenirs that are worth your investment-   

Best Nepal Souvenirs #1- Rice Paper Items

Rice papers are perhaps one of the most unique Nepali souvenirs out there. They are handmade from husks of rice. These papers are often used as bases for paintings and manuscripts. A wide variety of items are produced from rice papers. Some of the best rice paper souvenirs include dainty journals, small dairies, calendars, lamp shades and photo frames. They make for unique and practical souvenirs.         

Best Nepal Souvenirs #2- Handicrafts

When you visit Nepal, you will likely find handicrafts at all places of the country. Handicrafts range from prayer wheels, traditional masks, ornately decorated puppets and pottery. The influence also reaches other elements like wood-carvings, small sculptures and decorated fabrics. Nepali handicraft is exotic and unique. It has its own feel and most likely, is of its own kind as well.  

Various evocative masks of gods and goddesses are found in Nepal. The wood carvings and decorations range from beautiful boxes and vases to musical instruments and utensils. Although many unique antiques are sold in the country, it is best to be aware of the circumstance that surrounds leaving Nepal with a truly unique antique. Leaving Nepal without the proper certification from the government for the antique is not allowed.    

#3- Thanka Paintings

Thanka paintings are perhaps the most outlandish of all best Nepal souvenirs. They are extremely intricate paintings done on cotton or silk clothes. Thankas mainly depict Buddhist deities, Buddhist legends or Mandalas. Unlike flat arts like oil paintings or acrylics, Thanka painting consists of picture panels that are painted or embroidered over. They have textiles mounted over them and they are covered with silk.

Thanka paintings give off a very dramatic and intricate flair. The extremities of the decorations of the Thanka are praise-worthy. They make for very intimate and precious souvenirs.   

#4- Pashmina

Pashmina fabrics and clothes make for appreciated gifts. The name “Pashmina” itself translates to “soft gold” in Persian. These fine woolen clothes are cashmere. Quality Pashmina clothes are found in abundance in Nepal. They are colorful and warm and come in various shapes like shawls and scarves. Some even have beautiful embroidery done in them.     

#5- Singing Bowls

Among all the best Nepal souvenirs, Singing Bowls embody the word “exotic” the most. These bowls are usually made of metal. They make soothing sounds when the rim of the bowl is rubbed with a wooden stick in a circular motion. Additionally, the vibrations created by the bowl are also said to be great for meditative ambiances. Furthermore, they are believed to have healing qualities.

Singing bowls come in various sizes. Many have pretty decorations done on their outside as well. Some are hand-made while others are made with machines. They are great for creating tranquil atmospheres.    

#6- Tea

Nepali Tea is sweet and quite addictive. You can pack some Nepali tea as savory souvenirs. Purchasing some local tea enables you to bring home the Nepali taste. Because of Nepal’s perfect hill climate, Tea plantations flourish quite delicately, giving a very delectable taste to the beverage.

Delicious Nepali Tea has any health benefits as well. They come in many different flavors and prices.   

#7- Khukuris

Among all of the best Nepal souvenirs, the Khukuri is the most well-known. It is one of the most popular knives. Known for its slashing edge, the Khukuri was extensively used in wars in medieval times in Nepal. Their origins date back to the 1800s. Khukuris are handcrafted in Nepal and make for great souvenirs, especially for collectors. They are top-notch collectable items.    

Transporting the Khukuri can pose formalities that you might need to complete. Thus, it is best to know about the rules about transporting khukuris. 

#8- Spices

Being a Himalayan country, Nepal is equally famous for its herbs as it is for its mountains. Almost all Nepali kitchens use herbs. They make for palatable and enticing best Nepal souvenirs. The Nepali bazaars are filled with many different herbs that you can buy. Many of the spices are unique to Nepal as well.   

#9- Statues and Masks

When you walk through the tourist hub that is Thamel in Kathmandu, you will find almost all of the shops displaying some form of statue or masks. The statues and masks of various gods of Buddhist and Hindu pantheons make for a very bold Nepali souvenir. Statues and masks of many mythical and legendary creates are also found. Some of the masks are also worn during the traditional Lakhe dance in Nepal as well. 

And finally, the best Nepal souvenirs #10- Jewelry and Arts

Unique and traditional jewelry is a staple part of many ethnic Nepali people. From the Sherpas in the Himalayas to the Tibetan Buddhists in Mustang, each ethnicity has their own idiosyncratic art style and ornaments. The capital itself is known for its silver, brass and gold jewelries. You can take home many utensils as well. Newa art is quite prominent in the utensils of Kathmandu.

Various beads and necklaces can be seen displayed at various shops. Anklets, bracelets and hair ornaments are also very beautiful. They make for the best Nepal souvenirs for any Nepali vintage item-lover.

There are many more things that you can buy as memorable souvenirs. Nepali crafts and art is a very wide spectrum of exotic things.

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