Nepal Hiking Team enjoyed their 7th annual picnic together

Nepal Hiking Team’s uphill struggle and enthusiasm have let the company reach at the successful point of travel industry in Nepal. To honor the commitment and efforts of its team members, NHT hosts a Annual picnic once and rejoice the moment together.

Nepal Hiking team held its 7th annual picnic at Kakani, a renowned hill stations located near Kathmandu. The main purpose of the picnic was for amusement, relaxation and a break from a work environment- to make the team realize that we care. Knowing the employees in more informal circumstances has united the team like a family. It helps to expand a good interpersonal connection within team members.

The 7th annual picnic of NHT was real fun. The team members gathered together away from the office settings amongst the nature. The picnic commenced with a normal tea and breakfast then the environment was filled with dance, music, foods and entertaining aspects! Some of our members played cards; some were active in chatting and wandering around the attention-grabbing splendor of nature! Some were busy in dancing enjoyably in the beats of music whereas some were singing! The team enjoyed playing Dohori, a traditional way of singing competition. The joyful faces and joviality of our team members made the entire atmosphere vibrant and exciting.

“The picnic was a big occasion to celebrate our company’s exceptional way of entertaining and celebrating togetherness. We were a family, are a family and will thrive further like a family.” says Ganga, CEO of NHT family.

After a full day entertainment, laughter and togetherness, NHT came back home exhausted but refreshed!

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