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About Us

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Like a good hike, the journey of Nepal Hiking Team has been filled with ups and downs. Started by tourism industry veterans and brothers Ganga Raj Thapa and Balaram Thapa in 2009, the initial years were a struggle. There was a lot of competition and the team found it difficult to find a firm footing in the industry. But they persevered and with the help of a skilled and experienced team began to grow their client base.

For Nepal Hiking Team the clients always came first. Their impeccable service was noticed by the travelers who booked with them and soon their business began to grow. After an initial slump, the business at Nepal Hiking Team rose to new heights. The growth curve kept rising and now Nepal Hiking Team is counted as one of the top adventure travel companies in Nepal.


After establishing their company in 2009, the Thapa brothers faced a lot of difficulty in reeling in clients. The next two years were a time of trial and error. The few clients that booked with them realized how passionate, genuine and reliable they were and began to recommend their services to their family and friends. The word of mouth publicity helped a lot and soon they were flooded with offers from travelers who wanted to book trips with them.

While the trips run by Nepal Hiking Team is not much different from what an average agency in Nepal offers, the difference lies in the standard and quality of service. The care and attention to detail the team puts in while organizing even a small trip has led Nepal Hiking Team to ace their game. A happy and satisfied client equals to success. This is what the difficult days of their struggle taught the team.


Nepal Hiking Team is a family run business. At the helm of the company is the founder and Managing Director, Mr. Ganga Thapa. He has worked in the tourism industry for more than two decades. His contacts and network include the best service providers and vendors in the tourism industry. A passionate traveler and a visionary businessman he strives to take his company to new heights while offering a 360-degree travel experience to his clients.

Sharing an equal passion and responsibility is brother Mr. Balaram Thapa who is the Director and Travel Advisor of Nepal Hiking Team. A former guide, Balaram Thapa knows and understands what a client wants. Having guided several tourists from all over the world he very much understands the psychology of a traveler. His experience has been instrumental in managing the operation of the company and interacting with the clients. As he has worked as a guide himself, he coordinates with the field staff and trains them to offer the best service to the client.


Nepal Hiking Team is a recipient of TripAdvisor’s ‘Top Travelers’ Choice Award’. What makes this award special is the fact that the people who have traveled with them voted them for this award. It is indeed a special feeling to receive positive validation for one’s hard work and efforts. The company has also been receiving the ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from the independent forum of travelers every year since 2012.


Nepal Hiking Team works towards empowering youths and communities. The company believes that the communities should benefit from their success and works towards partnering with community-run service providers. The company always supports vendors that work with local communities and marginalized sections of the society whenever an opportunity arises. Many youths have been trained and employed under the Nepal Hiking Team banner.

During the 2015 earthquake, the company ran a fundraising campaign to help the families of guides and porters who were directly affected by the natural disaster. A total of USD 51,920 was raised which was distributed to the field staff. The fund was used to rebuild homes destroyed by the earthquake, receive medical care and buy essential supplies and commodities needed by the families.

Nepal Hiking Team provides an inspiring environment for youngsters wishing to work in the tourism industry. They are encouraged to join workshops and training sessions to hone their skills. They are guided and taught to be the best in their chosen field. Each year the company also donates a part of its profit to charitable organizations.

Why should you choose Nepal Hiking Team?

  • Nepal Hiking Team is a registered company approved by the Department of Tourism, Nepal Government. The company is legal and you can expect complete honesty while dealing with us.

  • The company is registered under Nepal Rastra Bank who is the regulatory body of all the commercial banks, financial institutions and micro-finances.

  • We have been serving clients since 2009. That we have managed to remain in this business and run it successfully speaks a lot about the way we operate our business. Clients trust us and they are satisfied with our service.

  • We are flexible and open to listen to you while planning your trip. It is your trip and we plan it according to your requirements. We offer you suggestions and advice but the final say will be yours.

  • Our guides and other field staff are experienced and attuned to your needs. They will go out of their way to make your trip is as pleasurable and enjoyable as possible. All of them are locals and traveling with them will give you an added insight into local cultures and traditions.

  • When you contact us we make sure that you receive a reply to your query as soon as possible or within 24 hours. During your trip, we will constantly keep in touch with you to ensure that your trip is sailing smoothly.

  • We make sure to follow the required safety protocols while traveling in the mountains or taking an adventure trip.

  • As our business network includes the best service providers in the industry we ensure that you get the best value for your money. Whatever your budget, we will try to procure the best service in that category.

  • We donate a portion of your payment to charity.


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