About Us

Creating, Organizing and guiding trekking, hiking and tour journeys by ourselves, we are a locally operating travel agency in Nepal. Among all the other travel operators out there, Nepal Hiking Team is distinguishable as a different and wholly professional travel agency that always has the customer’s best interest at all times, making it a venerated company with passionate people. Not all travel agencies are the same and it is proven by the fact that Nepal Hiking Team has hard-working employees that are always providing the best services to the customers that our agency is reliable, dependable and trustworthy. With a zeal for working in the tourism sector, we are glad to be contributing towards shedding positive light on the beauty of our country as well as showing people Nepal’s best aspects and offerings. The experiences with us are all filled with best exhilarating moments!

Why Nepal Hiking Team

Nepal Hiking Team has been organizing and guiding travel groups since 2009, and every time we travel, the trips just keep getting better and better! We have been turning the dreams of thousands of our visitors into memories by providing first-class services.?

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Are you ready to book your trip? Initially, you may have some inquiries about the company you plan to book with; you could face various tribulations throughout the course of your trip if the agency you book with is not registered or reputable.

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Privacy Policy

Nepal Hiking Team is a Tour company and any information that you submit to us is regarded confidential. We ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal information you provide to us. Providing your personal information online is a matter of risk and requires a great deal of trust from your side. We respect the trust that you have shown to us.

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Legal Documents

To operate a legal trekking agency in Nepal, the company must be the membership and or approval from the following association. We Nepal Hiking Team have all the required documents accepted by concern authority as underneath; this is why we are arrogant to be a LEGAL TREKKING AGENCY in Nepal.

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