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Nepal’s Best Kept Secrets- 7 Hidden Best Places to Visit in Nepal

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Nepal’s Best Kept Secrets- 7 Hidden Best Places to Visit in Nepal

Everybody is aware Nepal’s mountains are worldwide famous. People every year traverse Nepal to see such majestic beauty and spend days walking the rugged mountain trails. Nevertheless, Nepal’s beauty is not limited to breathtaking mountains. There are more and beyond just clear and giant white mountains. Nepal is a country that is home to different ethnic communities and different religions. As a result, it embodies its core identity, i.e., multicultural Nepal and rich arts and architectural history. Hence, today, we are discussing Nepal’s best-kept secrets that are unknown to many. Here are the 7 best-hidden places to visit in Nepal.

Siddha Gufa in Bandipur

Bandipur Village: 7 hidden best places to visit in Nepal

Firstly Bandipur itself is an important place to visit in Nepal. And hidden in this dainty little town is exciting and deep Sidha gufa. Gufa in English is the cave, and Sidha gufa is about 437 meters and 50 meters high. The gufa is said to be one of the largest caves in Nepal that houses many roosting bats. Going through gufa offers a thrilling and adventurous streak to visitors. The cave’s spectacular interior was eroded by minerals such as stalagmites and stalactites. These minerals give the interiors of the cave a cathedral-like impression. Home of Sidha gufa- Bandipur has a few other Nepal’s best-kept secrets that are equally exciting to visit. Thriving in Newar culture, Bandipur is a charming small town on top of the hill that offers majestic panorama views of Nepal Himalayas.

Phulchowki Hill Station

Phulchowki hill station is one of the best Himalayan viewpoints in the Kathmandu valley, but less. From the top of the hill station, if you look straight, you will see the most impressive sights of the Nepal Himalayas, and if you look down, you will get to see the breathtaking scenery of three major cities- Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur. The hill station is close to central Kathmandu, so it is easily accessible, yet the place is unknown to the mass. The journey to the top of Pulchowki hill is another appealing thing about Phulchowki. It goes through dense forest that shelters various species of animals and birds. Similarly, along the way to the hill station, you may spend few quality hours exploring the sizeable seasonal garden of Godawari.

Gorakhnath Cave in Gorkha

Gurkha Durbar, Nepal: hidden best places to visit in Nepal

Gorakhnath cave is a part of the important Hindu pilgrimage site of Gorkha. This sacred site is not only religiously imperative but also is historically vital. Home of King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who unified Nepal, there lies a hidden cave that is enthralling and interesting to navigate. Gorakhnath cave, cut out of solid rock, is a sacred location for Gorakhnath devotees. The cave sits 10 meters underneath the southern side of Gorkha’s royal castle. Hindu followers worldwide praise and worship Gorakhnath. Thus the temple and cave held such great importance in the hearts of the followers. Besides being a sacred place for pilgrims, it is also an exceptional place for visitors. Overall, this best-kept secret of Nepal allows travelers to explore the hidden cave and a historical site of Nepal all at once.

 The Barun Valley in the Makalu Barun National Park

Barun Valley

Barun Valley is a Himalayan valley located at the base of Mt. Makalu and is a part of Makalu Barun National Park. High waterfalls rush through deep gorges, jagged rocks rise from lush green woods, and bright flowers blossom underneath white snow peaks, creating dramatic contrasts. This one-of-a-kind terrain protects some of the world’s few intact alpine ecosystems. Most are not familiar with this hidden treasure, but those here have thoroughly enjoyed its natural splendor. The valley thrives in rare species of animals and plants in various climates and habitats relatively undisturbed by humankind. The Barun Valley is a quiet and Amazon-like hidden destination that preserves some of the few pristine mountain ecosystems. Glacial melting in the Barun Valley is responsible for the valley’s naturally rich green carpet.

Janakpur Dham

Janaki Temple: 7 hidden best places to visit in Nepal

Janakpur Dham of Mithila preserves the reminiscence of centuries-old stories. It is home to Sita – the consort of Lord Ram and a brave daughter of Nepal. Janakpur Dham is a sacred place to Hindu followers, with it being the birthplace of goddess Sita. Moving beyond religious significance, the place itself is a magnificent place to be in the world. The colorful and unique artwork perfumed in the corners of the grand palace is a treat to onlookers. Likewise, a culture to reckon that is so different than typical urban cities of Nepal, Janakpur is also a bustling city with its own usual hassle. A visit to Janakpur is worthwhile because it lets your see different side of Nepal. The place is known chiefly amongst pilgrims because of Janakpur Dham, but it is a must-visit place for all type of visitors who finds joy in learning the genuine and authentic culture of the country.

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

High hills, terraced fields, and lone trails are what the Dhorpatan hunting reserve promises every traveler. But not many are familiar with this beauty. Dhorpatan Hunting reserve is the only hunting reserve in Nepal that offers a ground for people who like hunting sports. But besides the hunting adventure, Dhorpatan is a beautiful place with a contrasting landscape, verdant forest, deep marshes, and flat meadows. It is a truly wonderful place to reconnect with Mother Nature and promises a rewarding journey.

Rupa Taal in Pokhara

Rupa Lake

Pokhara is very famous for its stunning and tranquil lakes and mountains. The city is home to few renowned lakes such as Fewa Lake and Begnas taal. Yet, the city is also home to Rupa Taal, a gorgeous but less well-known lake. It is the third-largest lake in the town, hidden away from the main central city. Surrounded by amazing green hills and forests, the lake is a serene place for anyone wanting to spend quality time without getting bothered by crowds of pilgrims. Although the city is a part of a lively city, the lake gives off isolation and being from the distant world. Looking at the reflections of its surroundings in the clear lake offers a calming effect on people. One could sit hours contemplating, manifesting, and reviving themselves. This hidden place of Nepal is an energy booster, and one should definitely visit it while in Pokhara.


All the places showcase contrast in Nepal’s beauty. These places are not about mountains are the scenic views; history and sentiments are attached to them. Visiting these places is a mood changer because it is just you and the location in natural and pure form. Pleasure and revival are assured to the explorer who is genuinely seeking change in scenery and place.

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