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Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries of Asia and is known worldwide for hosting the eight highest peaks of the world. Every year a huge number of people visit Nepal to enjoy the beauty of nature and culture in this country. It presents a beautiful blend of different cultures as there are people from a number of cultures and ethnicities settled in here. The traditions of different people, the culture of different areas and the languages when combine together, a beautiful amalgam is formed and it is called Nepal. The beautiful mountains in which Nepal is situated, are a good source of income for the country as they attract a big number of people from across the world and enjoy hiking and trekking on the snow-covered mountains. Trekking in Nepal is a famous adventure and it offers a lot of options for different treks.


So if you know how to save while trekking, you could do it well in a budget. Then there are treks that are budget friendly as well and here we have gathered a list of top seven such treks that will help you save and enjoy at the same time


Langtang valley trek

When you are trekking at the tracks of Langtang valley, you will come across a lot of beautiful landscape, panoramic view of the mountains and rivers and breathtaking sights from Ganjala range, Dorje Lakpa range, and bamboo forests. The trails in this trek are shorter and easier to climb and you will meet very few people on your way as these are not too crowded. You can complete the trek in just a week easily. All the way through this trek, you will find Tibetan culture and their population so you can enjoy a totally new civilization as well.


This is the tenth tallest of all the mountains in the world the trek is based on Annapurna region. You can reach the majestic top of the mountain easily in 7-10 days hike and the journey all the way is very pleasant. You will find a lot of other groups on your way to the top as it is a very famous trek and people love to hike it because of the beauty and nature it offers to the tourists. The most attractive features of the Annapurna valley are the mesmerizing sunrise and sunsets, traditional village museums, rare animal sighting, and hot springs that fascinate the tourists and make you feel awesome during the trekking.


View from Poon Hill during the Khopra Trek

This trek is located in the Annapurna region of Himalayas and is not that much known to the explorers since it is not located on the Khopra ridge trek. The ideal time to complete this trek is just a week but if you are going too slow then you can go in ten whole days while if you want to go along more, you can reach the top as well. This trek is a beautiful destination for those who crave for beautiful landscapes and natural views.


Very simple and easy trek compared to the Everest base camp trek and it rarely gets any tourists as this trek is used mainly by the shepherds. Takes around 8 days from Pokhara to reach the top with the difficulty level of medium, it has the major attractions that it is easy, short and unspoiled.


This trek is also located in the Annapurna region of Nepal and the trek ends at the Poon Hill that provides a beautiful view of the summits of Himalaya and the mystic beauty of the rivers flowing by the side. You would be fascinated by the breathtaking beauty of the trek and the small villages that come all the way along till you reach the top. Be sure to take your safety kit along as there are wildlife in the mountain as well and keeping yourself safe is really important.


Since Nepal has a lot of heritage sights to offer to the people coming to visit it, there are the trails for trekking that have museums made in the villages and several heritage sights to offer. If you have a knack for history and heritage, the Tamang heritage trail is for sure going to attract you a lot. Not only does it offers the opportunity to enjoy the heritage sight, but also the natural beauty that gets you mesmerized in it.


Located close to the Katmandu valley is this trek that is short and ideally takes just 9 days to reach the top. Rich in culture and natural beauty, this trek is a very suitable option for those who are either looking for a short trip, an easy trail or a budget friendly trek.

If you want to keep your expenses low, enjoy a lot, get the true spirit of adventure while enjoying the beauty of nature, blends of different cultures and hospitality of the people of Nepal, then choose any of the treks from above and get going to the time of your life.

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