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    10 things you should not do in Nepal

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 9th 2023  |  Travel Tips

    Himalayas of Nepal is popularly known as “roof of the world”. It has provided great scenery and shade when you are tired. Mountains has been part of Nepalese life and in the global eyes, it has become our identity as well. Together with that, Nepalese diverse culture and customs are another prospects many love to explore. Nepal is a set of everything for a traveler. You can get little of everything in Nepal. Nonetheless, Nepal being a country of culture and etiquettes, there are few things you should not do while you are in Nepal. So to make it easier for you, we have listed top 10 things you not do in Nepal or avoid doing while in Nepal.

    #1: Do not trek alone

    Do not trek alone - 10 things you should do not in nepal

    Every year thousands of independent travelers come to Nepal and trek the newly opened trekking trails. Although most of trekking trails of Nepal are traceable even though you are traveling alone and locals will also show you the way, but there is high chance of getting lost in the woods. Because, you will not meet locals all the time and at some point you will find yourself alone. On the positive note, there are successful stories of trekking alone and at the same time tragic too. But those who have successfully finished the trek, they have experience of trekking in Nepal and how to approach people. And there are some imprudent people who without knowing any basic things about trekking in Nepal, opt for trekking alone. 

    We do not suggest anyone to trek alone because as much as it is adventurous and daring at the same time it is also hazardous. Because, trails of Nepal have different faces as per the ongoing season. And novice trekkers in Nepal are unknown about this fact. And at every turn you might fine what you are expecting thus if you are keen on trekking alone, be prepare for unexpected.

    Lastly, if you are planning to do trekking in Nepal for the first time, at least take hire guides or take the services from trekking agencies of Nepal. They might seem costly to you but taking their services is responsible thing to do. And again, to all the beginner trekkers, do not trek alone the trail you are unknown about.

    #2: Do not give money to the beggars

    Do not give money to the beggars

    The beggars of Nepal are quite intelligent. Few even speak fluent English with perfect accent. Some will emotionally melt you down with their sob stories. The people you will meet in touristic areas who asks for money have made it their profession. Some are genuine and forced to be in such works but it is not same in all case. So if any one approach you, do not give them money. Because once you give money to one person, you will be surrounded by many of them and they will not stop until and unless you give some money. Some will even get down on the floors and acting like children so beware of these kinds of people.

    Thus, do not give money to the beggars is one thing you should not do in Nepal.

    #3: Try not to say “Hello”


    Saying Hello is the standard way of greetings. Although it is not the biggest of the concern among many other things you should not do in Nepal. In fact, many Nepalese greets each other with Hello’s and HI’s so if you do greeting in your own way they would not mind. But if you greet them with NAMASTE it will put smile on their faces. “Namaste” is the way of greetings in Nepal and mostly Nepalese senior greets each other by saying “Namaste”.

    In the same account, Nepalese do not hug while greeting neither French kiss each other.

    And most of all, if you want to make your Nepalese acquaintance even happier, greet other with joining hands, slightly bowing your head and say Namaste, they will be delighted. So try avoiding saying Hello while you are in Nepal.

    #4: Do not enter anyone’s household or temples and monasteries with your shoes on

    Nepalese do not wear shoes inside their houses and so if you are ever invited to local’s domain do not walk inside with your shoes on. And most importantly, while visiting the temples and monasteries, please take your shoes.

    Wearing shoes inside the house or religious premise is an act of disrespectful. And you wouldn’t want to be disrespectful towards their culture, values and norms. One more thing, some temples in Nepal do not allow non-Hindus to enter so make sure to take permission before enter any religious premise.

    Also, some places are not allowed to take photos so please respect the rules and regulations.

    #5: Public Display of affection

    Many Nepalese do not appreciate Public display of affection. Most of all, in Nepalese society, public display of affection between opposite gender is frowned upon. So be mindful about the hawking eyes. Locals will surely not be happy to see people openly kissing and hugging each other on the streets. Although there is nothing wrong in doing that but, it is something that Nepalese surely do not appreciate.

    So public display of affection is something you should not do in Nepal.

    #6: Be mindful about what you wear

    Nepalese don't wear garments that shows off your skin too much. It is not only about skin showing clothes, if you are dressed weirdly, people will stare at you for the longest which will make you feel uncomfortable. So be mindful of what you are wearing and if you are modestly dressed for your destination. Because, if you are visiting temples or monasteries, too much skin showing clothes may not be the perfect attire for religious sites.  Even though, no should be confined about what they want to wear, but it is not harmful to be considerate about other cultures.

    #7: Do not talk loudly while in the Public

    Well this is applicable to wherever you go. People will look at you if you talk loudly while in the public spaces. Even though they are doing the same thing, but still you will be victim of their scrutinizing gaze. Moreover, in the Nepalese culture, talking loudly is considered as manner less and lack of etiquettes in the individual who does so. Thus, do not talk too loudly while you are in public places.

    #8: Do not drink tap water

    do not drink tap water

    Always make sure you are drinking mineral water or filtered water. Some restaurant serve tap water so even though it might cost you an extra money make sure to order mineral water. We are saying this because it is not safe to drink tap water. There is chance of water being contaminated. Thus, we suggest you to not drink tap water. Make sure to bring you own water filtration tablet or any other water filtering equipment’s to filter you water because while on the trek, not all the time you will find shops to buy bottled water.

    #9: Avoid using left hand

    It is considered rude when you eat or hold or give something with left hand. Also, it is important to not serve food with left hand as well. People use left hand or personal ablution thus do not forget to not to use left hand for anything.

    #10: Stay alert about the your  in a crowded places


    There may be some pickpockets meandering around in the streets of Kathmandu. Moreover, beware of them mostly if you are traveling in a very packed local buses. Likewise, be cautious with your things while strolling in the groups. Try not to leave your baggage carelessly here and there. Stay alert about your assets to dodge the misfortune from pickpockets.  

    Therefore when you are traveling to Nepal, be careful about the above mentioned things. The list was carefully mended so make sure you follow the list and try not to offend others.

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