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    Thamel A Touristic Enchanting City

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 1st 2023  |  Travel Guide

    Thamel is a well-liked location and a sanctuary for tourists visiting Kathmandu. There are a number of hotels, shops, and restaurants in the area that are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

    The commercial area is just a short stroll from the heart of Kathmandu, and it offers a variety of recreational opportunities. Thanks to all of its attractions, it is one of the must-see places in Kathmandu.

    Thamel History

    Even though Thamel is considered by many visitors to be the heart of Kathmandu, it actually dates back to the time when Tabitha Bahal was the name of the town. The historic structures of Thamel are constructed in the Newari architectural style. There are numerous temples, shrines, and monuments in Thamel, despite the fact that many people pass them by without seeing them. The first monastery in the region was Bikramsila Mahadev, also referred to as Vhagwan Bahal in North Thamel. It is supposed to be over a thousand years old, but upon closer inspection, there are documents contained within that date back three thousand years. The Maitripur Mahabihar Bahal, located to the south of Thamel, is one of the earliest Newari monasteries built.

    Points of interest: Thamel's streets are particularly interesting. However, be wary of vendors who might try to take advantage of you. Otherwise, the store is a fantastic place to acquire anything from glass pipes to Tibetan singing bowls. Just keep in mind that you can often get the prices down to about two-thirds of what they were originally quoted.

    Along with books and clothing for the outdoors, you may purchase items like fragrances, incense sticks, carving knives, weapons, and other items. This market has more than a hundred different restaurants. So, indulge in whichever dish you like.

    How to get to the Thamel?

    The simplest and quickest way to get to Thamel from the airport is by taxi. There is a local bus service that runs from the airport to Thamel, but it is inconsistent and frequently does not operate.

    In Conclusion

    We hope you enjoyed our blog post on Thamel, an area of Kathmandu that is well-liked by tourists. Thamel is a good place to visit as it has a variety of hotels, shops, and restaurants that can meet all of your needs. The area is also very close to the heart of Kathmandu, making transportation to and from the area very convenient. If you are looking for a place to visit in Kathmandu, Thamel would be the perfect place for you!

    We hope you found the information provided in our blog post to be helpful and that you will use it when planning your visit! Thank you for reading!

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