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    Amazing experience

    My experience with the Nepal Hiking Team on the EBC trek was nothing short of incredible.

    Pawan and his team extended unparalleled patience and support. They enveloped every one of us in care, attentively ensuring all our needs were gracefully met.

    Pawan, alongside the extraordinary assistant guides Nima and Shabeen, showed remarkable dedication throughout our journey. With Pawan’s guidance, we were encouraged to pace ourselves gently to stave off altitude sickness—a decision I’m convinced played a pivotal role in our entire group finishing the trek seamlessly and in good health. The accommodations were comfortable, and to my surprise, the food consistently delighted me, surpassing my expectations.

    Once back in Kathmandu, boss Ganga proved to be an invaluable asset, always available and incredibly swift in responding to any queries I had regarding the trek.

    With a heart full of gratitude, I wholeheartedly recommend the Nepal Hiking Team for the EBC or any trekking adventures in Nepal. Their empathy, expertise, and unwavering support have etched this journey in my memory, making it profoundly special.


    - Excellent
    Mr. Joseph
    AU   |   9th Apr 2024