Summer Treks in Nepal 2020

As a result of the incomparable Himalayan magnificence of Nepal, it is the essential goal for astounding trekking journeys for individuals from everywhere throughout the world. While treks in Nepal will, in general, happen all the all year, the fall and the spring seasons are normally viewed as the best seasons for treks, particularly in the higher heights in the Himalayas. As spring season brings the most beautiful sights of the Himalayas, people mostly prefer to opt for the trekking in Nepal.

Summer Treks in Nepal 2020

Likewise, treks in Monsoon and winter season also takes place. The spring season in Nepal endures from March to May, while the pre-winter season keeps going from September to December. The monsoon season in Nepal will in general last from June to August, and is famously known for heavy downpour showers. It is a result of the downpour that the late spring season isn’t commonly viewed as perfect for trekking in the higher Himalayas. Indeed, monsoon season does bring the shadow of gloomy, sloppy trekking trails and flight delays are normal.

Treks in Summer

Fortunately, Nepal has many trekking regions that are great to opt for Monsoon season in Nepal. There are much rain shadowed areas in Nepal that experience less precipitation during the monsoon season making them the best destination for Monsoon treks in Nepal. The rain shadowed areas in Nepal have little precipitation because of their topographic hindrance of mountain ranges. The Himalayan Peaks cause the overarching winds to lose their dampness on the windward side, making the leeward side dry.

Here we have listed the pros of trekking in Nepal during the summer season of Nepal:

Summer Treks in Nepal Mustang

Foremost, the trails are traffic-free that means you have trails to yourself. If you do not like to be in a crowd then it is perfect for you. Because let me tell you one thing about trekking in Nepal during peak season. Trails are jam-packed by the trekkers so will be the teahouses and their dining halls.

It allows you to select your accommodation. Moreover, you do not even have to share the room with other trekkers. If you are an avid trekker and have previously hiked through trails of Nepal during peak season then you might have an idea about sharing room with fellow trekker or strangers.

When there are few occupants at the teahouse, you can have the full attention of the local teahouses.

More amenities-meaning you can get off-season bonuses and benefits in many aspects like booking your hotel or activities like adventure sports, mountain flights and many more.

Monsoon rain brings the forest and the valleys come to life. The greenery and the lush state of the trail give you a chance to have a connection at a deeper level. The freshness of nature and the blooms of the flowers bring essence to the elements of nature.

Summer treks in Everest

Moreover, if you are a researcher or botanist, then it is an ideal time to observe to habitual research of the floral vegetation.

Additionally, it gives you a chance to experience the weather transition. At a certain time of the day, you will be covered by the heavy clouds and next minute you may be able to see clear sky gracing you and offering you a glorious view of the Himalayan range.

Most of the trekking trails of Nepal are mostly covered by the dense forest of Rhododendrons which makes the whole hill look like a sheet of red color.

Also, you can have heartily interaction with the locals and get insights on their lifestyle.

Above mentioned are the major highlight of trekking during the summer season in Nepal. However, as much as there are benefits of trekking in the summer season there are some cons as well. Thus, in our next segment, we are highlighting the cons of trekking in the summer season of Nepal. Here we have listed some of the cons of trekking in summer season:

During the hike in Summer in Everest

Unpredictable monsoon downpour which can halt your travel plans for the days

  • Muddy and slippery roads
  • Frequent encounter with the leaches
  • Heavy clouds blocking the Himalayan views
  • Flight delays and cancellation

These are the major concern of the trekkers when they opt for a trek in the summer season.

But do not worry, we have some expert tips for you as well. If you are thinking about trekking during summer season/monsoon season in Nepal then you should go through remember these tips:

Keep a day or two contingency days to avoid the risk of missing international flights

Be prepared with Umbrella or ponchos, it works perfectly fine in lower altitudes

For higher heights, a breathable waterproof shell is required.

Start your day ahead of schedule as it frequently it rains mostly during daytime and evenings

And don’t be sad if it rains in the evening, the morning will probably clear for phenomenal sightseeing of the mountains

Nonetheless, as mentioned above, there are rain shadow areas in Nepal that are perfect for trekking during the summer season/monsoon season in Nepal. This is the favorite season to trek in the arid rain shadow areas like Upper Mustang, Dolpo, Nar Phu valley, Rara Lake, Annapurna Circuit Trek, etc.

Below, here is a list of trekking destinations which is ideal for trekking during summer treks in Nepal. If you are planning to visit Nepal anywhere between May to August and do not know what your options are then, no worries. Just go through our list of great options that can be opted for a longer or shorter duration.

#1. Upper Mustang Trek


Upper Mustang Trek is one of the best trekking destinations for summer season treks in Nepal. the arid valley of Mustang rarely experiences rain as the region is surrounded by the Trans Himalayas. Due to its dry climatic condition and the unique topographic features the region is very famous for trekking in the monsoon season as well.

In light of its geology, Upper Mustang presents an exceptionally particular and novel condition contrasted with the remainder of Nepal. While a large portion of the trekking destination in Nepal presents a verdant forest, Mustang parades eroded slopes and astonishing stone arrangements which is different than the other trekking regions of Nepal.

#2. Upper Dolpo Trek

Dolpa trek

A remote district in the far western region of Nepal where proper developmental infrastructure has failed to reach. The inhabitants of the Dolpo region has more similarities towards Tibetan culture than the typical Nepali culture. Thus, you can find people who still follow and practice the Bon Po religion.

The geographical stricture of this region is also similar to Upper Mustang, dry and arid bounded by the Trans Himalayas. Moreover, the region is also a rain shadow area thus, it is perfect for summer treks or monsoon trekking in Nepal.

#3. Nar Phu Valley

Summer Trek Narphu

The Nar Phu Valley Trek is a restricted trekking area on the north of Annapurna. This intriguing area offers medieval Tibetan culture, sensational mountain perspectives on the Annapurna and incredible mountain views. It is a somewhat recently opened trek that doesn’t see a ton of trekkers. With high levels and remote Tibetan towns mainly built of stone, the Nar Phu Valley Trek is perfect for summer treks in Nepal.

It is additionally useful for explorers who are searching for a segregated trekking experience. Antiquated Buddhist religious communities and terrific perspectives on the Annapurna Range are the significant attractions of this trek.

#4. Rara Lake Trek

The dazzling Rara Lake is the biggest Lake of Nepal, and the most noteworthy found lake. It is arranged in the Rara National Park in the remote western district of the nation. While it isn’t as dry as Mustang and Upper Dolpo, the clear waters of the Rara Lake and the high hills encompassing the Lake genuinely alluring.

Moreover, the eccentric Himalayan vegetation of this region makes it, even more, interesting even though incidental summer rain. The Rara Lake Trek is a decent decision for summer treks in Nepal due to its astonishing normal excellence that you can best see in the late spring.

#5. Annapurna Circuit Trek (Link)

Annapurna Circuit trek in Summer

The Annapurna Conservation Area is one of the most well-known spots for trekking in Nepal. It is effectively available by street or air through Pokhara. Concerning the Annapurna Circuit Trek, it is likewise viewed as one of the exemplary trekking experiences.

Huge pieces of the Annapurna Circuit lie in the storm blind, making it appropriate for summer treks in Nepal. During summer, the upper pieces of the trek, as Manang and the Thorong La Mountain Pass are dry and bone-dry with solid breezes.

#6. Everest Base Camp

Everest base Camp trek in Summer

If you have a flexible schedule then we suggest you try for Everest Base Camp trek as well. You should expect monsoon during the initial days of the Everest Base Camp trek, but after some time, the weather will improve and you can move ahead with your trek.

Everest Base Camp is one of the busiest trekking trails of Nepal, but if you opt for this trek during summer and in the light of monsoon, you can have the trail to yourself.

You may consider any of the above-mentioned destinations if you want to trek in the summer or the monsoon season. These are special trekking routes of Nepal, where authentic culture is not the only highlight but the unique and stunning landscape also manages to amuse you.

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