Porters in Nepal for Trekking

Trekking in Nepal requires a team. You can explore the mountain of Nepal alone without any guidance from experienced people also. However, we do not recommend people to make their journey into the woods of Nepal with any guided supervision. The primary reason why we do not recommend trekking in Nepal unguided is that there is a good chance of getting lost on the trail and you not having the best experience as well.

Even if you are trekking in Nepal alone, then also we would recommend you to trek on the company of a guide and a porter. As we all know traveling already is a time-consuming activity and requires a lot of preparation so we do not want anything to be wrong in the process. Moreover, we anticipate our journey for months and have a high expectation of the places we go to. So it is very necessary to have nice memories while you are exploring a foreign land.

In the context of Nepal, many people visit Nepal for trekking purposes. And there are travelers who prefer to do the trek alone on their own supervision and on the other hand there are people who like to do the trek with the trekking agency.

There are pros if you choose to hire the guide and porter independently like they are a bit cheaper than going with a trekking agency. But one should know while trekking it is very important to have insurance. And they are eligible to handle an emergency situation like acute sickness, flight delays, and cancellation.  Thus, if you book the trek with a local travel agency, you do not have to worry about these things because they insured all employees and will manage everything if any kind of emergency situation arises.

But what is most important while trekking in Nepal is for you to be completely aware of the trail and being able to fully enjoy the views and engage with the people of the countryside. Hence, to be fully enjoy your trek, guides and a porter are very important.

Having an experienced and professional Guide with you can make a major positive difference to your trekking experience. Apart from “getting more” in terms of knowledge and a better understanding of the area and the people living there, the guide will look after logistics which like paying your ACAP and TIMS or trekking area permit fees, organizing your transport to the trailhead – whether you go by bus or plane, liaising and directing the porters, ensuring the food is cooked in a hygienic manner at lodges, these things are managed by the guides.

Thus many independent trekkers are skeptical about hiring porters. Many think guides are only enough to run a trek. However, to have a fully operated and smooth trip, work with the team of a guide and a porter is very important.

There is a distinct difference between the guide and a porter. A guide should know how to communicate in English and know the territories and trails and manage porters however won’t carry the baggage or do modest assignments, for example, concocting or putting tents.

Porter, however, are mostly hired only for carrying the loads and do not require to speak English. The job they do is challenging and difficult too. But one will surely be in awe when they are in the vicinity of the Porters and what they do for a living. Nepal’s trekking trails are exactly not refined, most are narrows and steep. Porters on the trek in Nepal work diligently so that you can reach your dream destination with no glitch.

A few people incline toward not utilizing anybody to convey their luggage. There are trekkers who wish to walk alone for a change and there are some individuals who like to mind their own business more often than not. And there are people who think they are fit enough to carry their own stuff even at the great altitude.

Likewise, there are people who are a bit stingy with the money and do not want to spend it on the porters. Similarly, some awkward and remorseful about paying somebody to carry their heap.

But just know that you will love your time if you are in the company of a porter. Some can speak little English and will have tons of stories to share with you.

So if you are hesitant about whether to hire a porter or not if you are doing trekking independently or with a guide, we suggest you hire one. Because a porter will be carrying 15 -25 kg of luggage at 2500 meters height which reaches up to 5000 m and above. The impact of the height will show on your body regardless of how fit you are.

Anyway if you are traveling Nepal for the first then you should probably concentrate more on enjoying the place and gaining the experience rather than handling the pressuring logistics.

Furthermore, you will realize you are helping to generate income for them. Indeed their job is difficult but it is not something that is not doable. They earn from USD 15-20 per day depending upon the location and the trails. An individual should think their work as a job but not as something that is inescapable. Because porter is always promoted to guides when they have enough skill, training, and knowledge about the mountains and other logistical operations.

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