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    Bhaktapur and Patan Day Tour

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    At a Glance

    • Destination
    • Durations
      5 hrs
    • Trip Difficulty
    • Activities
      Day tour
    • Group Size
      Min. 1 Pax
      All Year Around

    Trip Overview

    Through Bhaktapur and Patan Day tour take a look into the remarkable rich heritage and historical stories of Nepal. Once a state with its own regime, Patan and Bhaktapur hold stories and memories of years back. Now, it is a UNESCO-listed world heritage site and is under preservation and care. The tour may be one day only, but the tour will take you to events that happened centuries ago. It is a combination of the two best historical sites of Nepal that represents the cultures, traditions, arts, architecture of Nepal that has been here since ancient times. These cities are best when explored on foot. Going through the small alleyways leading from one courtyard to another is interesting to see and fascinating to explore. Wander around the Durbar Square of Patan and Bhaktapur and check the historical photos, monuments, figures in the museum. These historical landmarks fail to get the attention and appreciation it deserves for their incredible artworks and architecture.

    Explore these amazing landmarks of Nepal for greater knowledge of the historical background of Nepal. The magnificent buildings engraved with the spectacular handiworks are magnificent to observe and discover. In the one-day retreat, expect to encounter the hustling and bustling Bhaktapur and Patan Durbar Square with locals and tourists. And at the same time, get some insights on the finest artworks with the feeling of being in medieval times. Here in the below section, we have highlighted what you can expect to see on the day trip.

    Sights to see in Bhaktapur Durbar Square

    Bhaktapur is one of the preserved medieval cities of Nepal where ancient artworks are still alive. So, there are much more things to see and to learn about stories of way back from the artworks carved on the woods of the temples and buildings. While in Bhaktapur, do make sure to visit the following places:

    Nyatapola Temple of Taumadhi tole

    You will get to see the high as can be the housetop of the Nyatapola temple sometime before you arrive at the Durbar square. With five stories transcending 30m over the Toumadhi tole, this is the tallest temple in the entirety of Nepal and one of the tallest structures in the Kathmandu valley. All story is finely woodcut and point-by-point hand works can be seen. This impeccably proportioned sanctuary was worked in 1702 during the rule of King Bhupatindra Malla, and the development was sturdy to such an extent that the 2015 quake caused just minor harm.

    Bhairabnath Temple

    The board-fronted, triple-roofed Bhairabnath temple of Taumadhi tole (yard) is committed to Bhairab, the fearsome manifestation of Shiva. In the north of the temple, two giant wooden wheels are stacked which is used during Bisket Jatra to haul the god- Bhairad around the town. Besides these, there are wholesome different things to observe around the temple.

    Til Mahadev Narayan Temple

    The double tired temple in front of the elegant kneeling garuda statue is the third interesting temple in taumadhi tole. It is hidden away behind the buildings at the south end of the square. The sanctuary is situated on a messy patio, yet it is one of the important temples for the pilgrims despite its location.

    Pottery Square

    Covered up by the back streets driving south from the curving street to Taumadhi tole, potters square is actually what you would anticipate as an immense open square, brimming with treadle-power potters haggles of mud pots drying in the sun. This is the focal point of Bhaktapur's artistic industry and it's an intriguing spot to meander around.

    Durbar Square

    Bhaktapur’s Durbar Square is one of the crowded places. Around the square, you will see many temples, statues, shrines, and monuments. The royal palace is around the square. In fact, the northern half of the square is taken up by the royal palace.

    These are some of the major attractions of the Bhaktapur Durbar Square that you should not miss while visiting Bhaktapur. There are many other interesting places and sights which we have not mentioned here.

    Sights to see in Patan Durbar Square

    Patan was once a fiercely independent city-state. Now, however, it is a suburb of Kathmandu separated by the murky Bagmati River.  Here, you can see one of the fine architecture, temples, paintings, and courtyards in all of Nepal.

    Durbar Square

    The antiquated Royal Palace of Patan presents a fabulous picture of medieval Nepal. This concentrated mass of sanctuaries is maybe the most outwardly staggering presentation of the Newari design to be found in Nepal, even after the current remodel and framework. The development in the square went into overdrive during the Malla time frame, especially during the rule of King Siddhinarsingh Malla. The royal palace grandstands' best expressions deal with iron, metal, and woods.

    Krishna Mandir

    Walking further into Durbar Square, you will see the splendid Krishna Mandir. Mandir translates as a temple in English. Also, non-Hindu isn't permitted to enter the temple. The sanctuary was worked by King Siddhinarsingh Malla in 1637. The sanctuary was developed from the cut stone instead of the typical brick and timber this remarkable structural sugary treat shows the away from of Indian sanctuary plan. The temple is one of the unmistakable landmarks in the valley and is frequently portrayed on the elaborate metal spread lights hung in Nepali homes.

    Patan Museum

    The previous home of the Malla Kings, the segment of the castle encompassing Keshav Narayan Chowk now houses probably the best assortment of strict expressions in Asia. The historical center presents expressions of the human experience, imagery, and engineering of the valley. The assortment is shown in a progression of block and lumber rooms connected by steep and restricted flights of stairs.

    There are many interesting temples and segments around Durbar Square to explore besides these interesting attractions. There is Taleju temple, chowks, Bhimsen temple, taleju bell, and many other things to observe while on tour.

    Most of all, a visit to both palaces exposes you to the rich cultural aspects of Nepal. Hence, have fun while exploring the beautiful arts and designs on the tour. Similarly, learn the long history related to these palaces. Bhaktapur and Patan Day tour with Nepal Hiking Team is an incredible short tour to observe the greater and wider historical and artistic aspects of Nepal. You can also explore the wonderful heritage sites located in Kathmandu city through the Kathmandu Day tour.

    Itinerary of the Bhaktapur and Patan day tour:

    The tour will start around 10:00 in the morning. The first stop in today’s tour will be at Bhaktapur Durbar Square. It will take about an hour to reach Durbar Square from your hotel. In Bhaktapur, you will first visit the Nayatpola temple and move forward correspondingly, visiting each temple and eventually the palace itself. After visiting the palace and the central part of Durbar Square, you will take an alleyway from the main entrance gate to the pottery square, where you will see the traditional way of making pottery in Nepal.

    It is one of the highlights of the tour. After the excursion of the Bhaktapur, then we will drive for about 30 minutes to Patan Durbar Square. At Patan Durbar Square, you will explore the intricate Newari designs, arts, and architecture which is similar to Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Similarly, you will visit Krishna Mandir, which is one of the major attractions of Durbar Square, along with many other temples, courtyards and monuments, and shrines. After the tour, we will drive back to your trip hotel.

    Note: Tour duration may differ depending on the traffic on the way.

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