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    Best time to visit Kathmandu

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 1st 2023  |  

    The capital city: Kathmandu is home to more than a million Nepalese. As the city offers all the necessary infrastructures, people from each corner of Nepal come to Kathmandu. Besides, the only international airport in the country is located here, so it is the first place the foreigners step into. Overall, as much as the city is famous for being the capital city, it is also quite famous for having one of the most beautiful climatic conditions. Therefore, all-year-round is the best time to visit Kathmandu.

    Get a brief outline of what each season holds for Kathmandu; please go through the short overview of all seasons in Kathmandu. After reviewing the features mentioned above, decide on the best time to visit Kathmandu.

    When is the best time to visit Kathmandu?

    Although the climate in Kathmandu is suitable all year round for travel purposes, many have expressed their profound adoration towards the city’s ambiance from September to November. It is autumn time in Nepal, and the atmosphere ultimately becomes lively. Moreover, it is a post-monsoon season, so the skies remain clear, and the surroundings are filled with clean and fresh air. All the more, it is a drier season, and major festivals of Nepal fall in this season. Likewise, the weather is perfect for hiking activities with moderate daytime temperatures. And the best part of being in Kathmandu during this time is there are many beautiful hiking destinations near Kathmandu. Thus, there is plenty of opportunities to enjoy the green hills and distant scenery of the mountain ranges of Nepal.

    Aside from that, take a look at what each season in Kathmandu looks like in the next segment. And decide for yourself when is the best time to visit Kathmandu.

    Kathmandu during March, April, May

    Spring falls during March, April, and May in Nepal. In Nepal, spring is in March, April, and May. In Nepal, spring comes after winter, and before summer, so you can get to observe a mild version of both seasons. Since it is calm and moderate, springtime is ideal for outdoor activities. The sky becomes bluer than you’ve ever seen, and the air is fresh. Similarly, since it is the flowering season, a large variety of vegetation also blooms. As a result, visitors to Kathmandu during this time of year will experience a vibrant atmosphere. Moreover, delightful festivals like Holi and Nepali New year fall in this season, so many look forward to a flourishing springtime.

    Weather and Temperature during spring in Kathmandu

    Spring in Kathmandu is slightly cool during the day and chilly cold at night. And at the end of the season, about May, it begins to get incredibly hot as the summer season begins the next month. Also, around late springtime, an occasional monsoon is experienced preparing locals for the upcoming season, i.e., Summer/monsoon.

    In the spring, the temperature varies from 12 to 27 degrees Celsius in Kathmandu.

    The Advantages of springtime in Kathmandu

    • The breathtaking mountain views
    • Springtime in Kathmandu is suitable for hiking near Kathmandu because of the lush green hills and flower blooming season.

    Disadvantages of springtime in Kathmandu

    • The dust level remains comparatively high, as does the humidity level.
    • Since the summer/monsoon season begins after spring, late spring may have a low precipitation rate, so taking ponchos and a raincoat or umbrella is advised.

    Kathmandu during June, July, and August

    Summer and monsoon occur in Nepal at the same time, lasting from June to August. The hills surrounding Kathmandu look incredibly lavish and lush with their verdant green forests. Moreover, it is also the flower blooming season, so the ambiance becomes colorful and vibrant.

    Weather and temperature during summer/monsoon in Kathmandu

    The weather and temperature in Kathmandu are both smoldering and warm. During the summer/monsoon season, the average temperature in Kathmandu ranges between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius. Also, the rain is an unwelcome factor of this season. It is normal to have a shower with thunder and lightning. Also, due to rain, waking up to gloomy skies is pretty standard. Similarly, getting raincoats, rain boots, and ponchos on hand is very useful, so don’t forget to carry them.

    Advantages of visiting Kathmandu during summer/monsoon season

    • An opportunity to witness Nepal’s rainy season
    • The clear skies after the heavy downpour
    • Since it is off-season in Nepal, there is a good chance of getting discounts and deals.
    • It is off-season in Nepal, so you will be able to visit the sites more thoroughly and without interruption.

    The disadvantages of visiting Kathmandu during the summer/monsoon season

    • Muddy and slippery roads.
    • Planes are often canceled due to heavy rain.
    • The trail is dusty and slippery if you want to hike near central Kathmandu.
    • Taking bikes or scooters to these destinations can also be wrong due to the dusty tracks and slippery roads, resulting in minor injuries.

    Kathmandu during September, October, and November 

    Autumn in Nepal occurs in September, October, and November. According to most explorers who have visited Nepal, the fall season is the perfect time to travel to Nepal, not only Kathmandu. It is also the season of festivity with spectacular weather—significant festivals such as Dashain, Tihar, Chauth all fall in autumn.

    Weather and temperature during the autumn season

    The days are warm and mornings and nights are mildly chill with crisp air. The morning escorts clear blue skies and also the superb scenery of Nepal’s Himalayas. All the more, as it is after summer/monsoon, its initial months are sweltering, but as it draws closer to the seasonal ending, it starts to get chiller because of winter air.

    During this season, the average temperature ranges from 13 to 26 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the climate is perfect for a variety of outdoor activities such as trekking and hiking. In general, the fall season is potentially the best time to visit Kathmandu. So anybody who visits Kathmandu at this time of year will have some beautiful memories.

    The Advantages of Visiting Kathmandu in the autumn

    • The weather is nice.
    • Since it has one of the best temperatures, a swarm of tourists usually gathers during this season.
    • The panoramic views of the Himalayas are visible from Kathmandu.
    • Since it is the festive season, you will have the chance to participate in the Nepalese Dashain, Tihar, and Chauth celebrations.
    • Also, because it is festival season, Kathmandu becomes deserted when most of its residents return home to enjoy the festivities.
    • It is also the season for flying kites; hence, the sky becomes more colorful with kites.

    The disadvantages of visiting Kathmandu in autumn

    • The touristic destinations are swarmed with travelers.
    • Before the festival, it is difficult to walk through Kathmandu’s shopping center points because it is jam-packed with people shopping for festivity.
    • Because of the festival celebration, locals flock to the city, rendering Kathmandu’s streets desolate and depressing.
    • Since it is likely to be the busiest time of year, most services may become pricey.

    Kathmandu during December, January, and February

    Winter is probably another excellent time to visit Kathmandu. It is moderately warm and not cold like in the west. Winters of Nepal are primarily cold because of the crisp air. Kathmandu valley rarely gets snowfalls, so the chances of snowy paths bothering the pedestrian are certainly none. Additionally, it is one of the freshest times to be in the city. Also, if anyone misses playing with the snow, they can simply head to the nearest villages, which generally get a healthy amount of snow. Overall, it is a beautiful time in Kathmandu which brings locals together to soak up the warm sun.

    Weather and temperature during wintertime

    Wearing two or more thick and comfortable clothing during the day is unnecessary since the weather is hot. Nonetheless, warm clothing is needed in the morning and at night because these days are chilly. Over the winter, the average temperature in Kathmandu ranges from 4 to 20 degrees Celsius. The weather will even decrease to minus degrees Celsius in the mornings and at night. In addition, the transparent Himalayan backdrop can be seen from Kathmandu. Similarly, since it is the season of sprouting blue mimosas, the streets turn vibrant and lovely. As a result, the purple flower of blue mimosa will blanket the sidewalks, providing an aesthetic vibe to the entire ambiance.

    The Advantages of visiting Kathmandu during winter

    • The atmosphere and nature are both gentle and lovely.
    • The views of the mountains become apparent.
    • Blue mimosa flowers flourish in the streets, bringing vibrancy to the streets.
    • The amount of dust is minimal.

    The Disadvantages of visiting Kathmandu during winter

    • Any winter conditions can be cold in the mornings and at night.
    • Winter rain is relatively common and erratic, rendering the temperature very cold.

    As we have discussed what it is like in Kathmandu during various seasons, it is up to you to determine when you believe is the best time to visit Kathmandu.

    Now that we have discussed what each season is like in Kathmandu, now it is up to you to choose the best time for yourself. Although it is all year round is the best time to visit Kathmandu, there must be an inconvenient time.

    Well, you may find the answer to that question down below.

    When is the least favorable time to visit Kathmandu?

    There is no such thing as the least favorable time to visit Kathmandu. Because, to be honest, there is none. Nevertheless, some have found the monsoon to be quite a stressful time. Because monsoon rain continues to disrupt preparations and schedules, people have discovered that making travel plans during the monsoon usually diminishes. Few, however, have expressed their enthusiasm for the season. And this confirms, what one finds nice and beautiful, others might not. Thus not everybody shares the same opinion.

    As a whole, the best time to visit Kathmandu depends on the person. With the details provided above, we are confident that you now have a better understanding of what Kathmandu looks like in different seasons. You never know what others presume as the worst could be the best time to visit Kathmandu.

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