7 Best Hiking Around Kathmandu

7 Best Hiking Around Kathmandu

Ready to check the best hiking destinations around Kathmandu to get away from the sedulous life? Take a break and get lost in the woods where there is no one to disturb you from enjoying Mother Nature. Nowadays, our lives have gotten boisterous and demanding with every day schedules, study and work. Also, to calm these burdens, traveling has ended up being the best medication to relieve the stress. However, not every person can deal with the time and vitality to travel for quite a long time.

Correspondingly, financial budget is additionally one of the significant elements for voyaging. Subsequently, hiking is the most effortless approach to move away from the rushed life. It doesn’t devour a great deal of time, vitality nor cash. Be that as it may, the joy it gives approaches the joy we may get from a long excursion and furthermore at a less expensive cost. So, appreciate a respite a day or two and explore the drawing hiking trails around Kathmandu. If you are down to hit the hiking trails around Kathmandu, here we have 7 best hiking around Kathmandu for you to traverse.

White Gompa Day Hiking

hiking around Kathmandu: White Gompa

Features of white Gompa day Hiking

  • Stunning view of the Kathmandu valley
  • Explore the white Gompas and meet the monks concentrating to be fitting and enlightened monks
  • Study the detailed artwork carved on the different pieces of the grand monastery
  • Take a detour of Swayambhunath stupa

About the White Gompa Hiking Trail

If you are looking for a short hiking trail that is certainly not far from the central city then we have White Gumba hiking trail. It is inside the city and an ideal spot for a brief day hiking around Kathmandu. The gumba is broadly known as “Seto Gumba” among locals. The name is Nepali translation of English name. White as in “seto” and monastery is “gumba” in Nepali, thus the local name. Moreover, the gumba is also called as Druk Amitabha Monastery. The gumba is around 2 hours from the prestigious Swayambhunath gumba by walking. It encounters thickly populated districts to the less human settled region till the head of the hill. White Gumba is on the north from Swaymabhu and it is observable from the top of the stupa too.

The vibe of the gomba is quiet and peaceful. So in the event that you love the feel, at that point you can prolong the period of visit for rehearsing meditation and to learn about Buddhism also. The gumba is very much extended yet it isn’t available to visit each of the seven days of the week. So taking a gander at the timetable open for guests, one should design their White Gumba Hike. The opening days of the gumba for visit changes regularly. At this moment, the gumba is open for exploration on Sunday’s. In addition, we can see the brilliant view on the Kathmandu valley. Also, in case the atmosphere is clear, by then you will similarly be honored with an amazing view of the mountain vistas. Also the gumba is very popular for splendid day break and sunset sights.

Overall, White Gumba Day Hiking is an amazing short excursion that offers extraordinary vistas and a reviving day to recollect by. So, do consider hiking around the White Gumba on your free day in Kathmandu.

Drawback of the White Gompa Day Hiking

  • The hiking course is along the cleared street so you won’t experience the genuine pith of hiking on the off in an unexpected direction.
  • The mountain sees are not obviously noticeable.

How to get to White Gomba?

The start point of the White Gumba hike is Swoyambhunath stupa. You can drive up to Swoyambhunath via taxi from your location. And from Swoyambhunath, take the opposite paved road on the north and start the hike to White Gumba.

Jamacho Day Hiking

Around Kathmandu

Highlights of the Jamacho Day Hiking

  • Nearest hiking spot from the focal Kathmandu
  • Perfect for short departure and to appreciate the tranquility of the Mother Nature
  • Admire the brilliant vistas of the Kathmandu valley

About the Jamacho Day Hiking

Jamacho Hiking Trail is doubtlessly the nearest objective from central Kathmandu for short hiking trips. The way is generally striking for its gatherings that lie on the head of the grade and the shocking perspectives on Kathmandu valley. Essentially, starting from the earliest stage of the slope, you can regard the amazing Himalayan sights including huge Everest and Langtang. No human experience beside the individual hikers can be met in this journey as the way doesn’t have human settlements. Taking everything into account, the way is truly superb as it offers stunning scenes of the valley all through the journey.

Additionally, the road is part of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park thus it is ensured by the Nepalese Armed force. All open parks of Nepal are under the regulation and rule of the Nepal government. As much as hiking offers the brilliant chance to encounter the wilderness, it similarly presents you with an opportunity to see the deer that stroll around the boondocks. Hence, it is a great quiet walk that includes inconsistent encounters with the official inhabitants of the forested areas and that is deer.

All in all, it is a splendid short hiking trail that won’t take a lot of your time anyway and outfits you with stimulating imperativeness. You can choose the trip any day you like. The way is tranquil and freed from disturbance so you can value the heavenliness of the way in solitude.

Drawback of Jamacho Hiking

  • It isn’t a long way from the focal city, in certainty it is inside the focal city, so one may not feel like they are not totally in contact with Mother Nature.
  • The mountain scenes because of the bad climate may deter your vistas.

How to get to Jamacho Gumba?

The start point for the Jamacho Gumba Hike is the entry point of the Shivapuri National Park which is about 15 minutes walkway from the place called “Bypass” along the Trishuli Highway. You may take a taxi to the entry point from your location. Upon reaching the entry gate of the national park, you can register yourself, buy a ticket and start the hike along the well-made trail to Jamacho Gumba.

Phulchowki Day Hiking

Hiking around kathmandu, phulchowki

Features of the Phulchowki Day Hiking

  • Magnificent perspectives of the Kathmandu valley from the head of the slope
  • Admire the amazing all-encompassing perspective on the Himalayas of Nepal, for example, Ganesh Himal, Annapurna, Langtang and some more
  • Take a brief look at life away from the city while crossing to Godawari
  • Spot the varieties of birds and wild animals which is home to Phulchowki Forest

About the Phulchowki Hike

Phulchowki Day Hiking is an exceptional trail to move away from the fierce reality and to find comfort in the quiet Mother Nature. Arranged on the edges of Lalitpur region, the slant is very notable for being an astonishing target for hiking. This bewildering hiking trail is quiet yet it really makes sense of how to amaze the visitors with its amazing setting. Phulchowki hill remains at the height of 2760m and is the most elevated point around the valley. From the top of the hill, astounding views of the wonderful mountains are noticeable. At the top of the hill, there is furthermore a blessed site called Phulchowki Mai temple. The hill as much as is famous for offering the heavenly points of view on the mountains, it moreover offers the stunning landscapes.

In addition, as the way is currently celebrated for hiking, it is moreover a genuine well known bird watching spot in the Kathmandu valley. The slant is home to 33% of the apparent multitude of bird species in Nepal. Since, the forest ensures a ton of kinds of bird species, you may see them on the way to the top. Also, the way is home to deers and monkeys. Additionally, encounters with the wild are certainly guaranteed nonetheless while esteeming these features make sure to regard the amazing scene presented before you.

All things considered, Phulchowki Day Hiking is a splendid portal. Away from the clamoring city, you will find the solace in the verdant woods of Phulchowki. Do foresee this short day hiking around Kathmandu when in Nepal. It is a day journey and it is totally satisfying. What’s more, Nepal Hiking Team is there for you in case you need any assistance regarding the hike.

Drawback of the Phulchowki Hike

  • The hiking trail is through unpaved streets so you may put some distance between the genuine quintessence of hiking.
  • There are no shops along the path. So, the heap of the nourishments and water might be very profound for you.

How to get to Phulchowki Hill?

To get to Phulchowki, the main choices are an entire day hike along the dirt tracks from Naudhara Kunda or a harsh unpaved street that is just appropriate for 4WD and hiking. However, since you will hike this path, you can drive up to Godavari from your location. It takes about an hour to reach here and from that point hike around 3 hours while going up and 3 additional hours while descending. What’s more, finally, the path doesn’t have any human settlements so set yourself up with food and water before you enter the trail.

Namobuddha Day Hiking

namoboudha, hike from kathamndu

Best Features of the Namobuddha Day Hiking Trip

  • A serene path that explores along the verdant forested way and little ethnic towns
  • Visit the superb Namobuddha cloister and meet the youthful priests
  • Enjoy the staggering pleasant perspective on the Kathmandu valley
  • Admire the stunning perspectives on the mountain vista along the way
  • Take a brief look at the life in the edges of clamoring Kathmandu valley

About the Namobuddha Hike

Namobuddha Day Hiking is an outright fun path situated out of Kathmandu valley. It involves hiking through meagerly dwelled towns and meeting local people and having short talks. Namobuddha is a one of the holy buddhist destinations and a famous climbing trail too. Namobuddha is a lovely place and there is no doubt in that. The hiking journey mostly requires passing through the forested path, there is not much to dwell on besides seeing magnificent perspective of the Kathmandu valley and stunning landscapes surrounding the area. Additionally, as much as the peaceful ambiance of the trail is appealing, the mountain vistas seen on the trail is equally admirable too. Furthermore, the trail offers a chance to take a peek of the people living in the villages of Nepal.

Among the three main holy sites of Buddhist religion, Namobudhha is one the main sacred pilgrimage sites. The other pilgrimage sites of Buddhism are Boudhanath and Swoyambhunath stupa. The Namobudhha monastery as it is located in a peaceful location is perfect for activities like yoga and meditation. Similarly, as the monastery is basically a school for young monks, you will see plenty of them too. Besides, the intricate designs carved on the monastery is interesting to look at too and study too. Also, the place is quite famous for capturing sunrise and sunset views too.

All things considered, Namobudhha Day Hiking is a resplendent gateway that offers the perfect combo of nature and culture.

Downside of Namobudhha Hike

  • The mountain views while walking on the trail are not clearly visible.
  • The trail is quite long so you might feel exhausted.

How to get to the Namobudhha Monastery?

There are several ways one can get to the Namobudhha monastery. The start point of the hike is Namobudhha. You may take a taxi to Dhulikhel from your location. Daily local buses are also available to reach Dhulikhel from New road bus station. However, it is not advisable to take because there are several sub-stations along the route which will consume most of your time. From Dhulikhel hike to Namobudhha and while returning take a trail along Panauti and to Kathmandu.

>Balthali Day Hiking

Balthali Village Hiking

Top Highlights

  • Take a serene walk along the Newari ethnic villages and lush woods
  • Capture the picturesque view of the wonderful villages in front of your eyes
  • Meet the locals and take a glimpse in their life away from the bustling city

About the Balthali Day Hiking

Balthali Day Hiking is a mainstream hiking route around the Kathmandu valley. Nature and bird lovers will cherish the route as it involves walking through the lush forests. Subsequently, while navigating the trail, hikers can explore some excellent types of untamed life, custom and culture immaculate by modernity. This “off beaten area” has unlimited preliminaries prompting some obscure towns of Tamang, Nears and some ethnic clans, subsequently offering phenomenal short  hiking and mountain biking experience.

Furthermore, the hiking trail is also nice for activities like meditation and yoga. As the atmosphere of the trail is quaint, hence the only distractions you will experience is chirpings of the birds. Nevertheless, the chirping of the bird will be more of a music than disturbance. All along the trail, you will see the domesticated life is deeply engraved in agriculture and animal husbandry. It will be a nice sight to see after only following the routine life. As much as the nature and scenery is a pleasing aspect of the Balthali, the trail is full of Hindu temples. So one exploring the trail, will get to observe religious aspects of the locals.

All things considered, it is a wonderful trail to cherish nature and culture at the same time. So if you are looking to do hiking around Kathmandu do opt for this peaceful hiking destination. It is an exciting trail.

Downside of hiking to Balthali

  • You need to hike for more hours than other trails of Nepal.
  • If hiking is opted alone, there is a high chance of getting lost as it has many diversion roads along the way.

How to get to Balthali village?

The start point for the Balthali village Hike is Namobudhha. You may take a taxi to Namobudhha and hike up to Balthali Village. After enjoying the atmosphere of Balthali village, you may choose to stay overnight or continue hiking to Khopasi and from there directly drive to Kathmandu. The villagers are nice and incredibly friendly so staying overnight is highly suggested.

Nagarkot Day Hiking

Hiking in Kathmandu, Nagarkot

Highlights of the Nagarkot Day Hiking

  • Stunning 360-degree view of the Nepal Himalaya
  • An opportunity to see the distant view of Mt. Everest without doing a week-long strenuous walk
  • Meet amazing people on the way and learn about their unique ways of life
  • Amazing views of the spectacular landscape views

About the Nagarkot Hike

Nagarkot is one of the most popular hiking spots for one day hiking around Kathmandu. It is not much far from the central city of Kathmandu and totally energy boosting. The hike to Nagarkot offers, stress calming stroll in nature that is rejuvenating to the core. Also, if you are in Nepal for trekking purposes but have free time in hand, then do opt for day hiking around Kathmandu valley. And among many other hiking trails around Kathmandu, Nagarkot hike is Ideal for acclimatization before heading for trekking. The trail offers a brilliant magnificence of nature as well as culture and tradition. Along the route, Himalayan vistas are also constantly visible and will be a companion.

The hiking route is a peaceful stroll along the pine woods where one can get to encounter deers as well. As the ascending and descending is a part of the journey, in this hike, there are no major steep hills to climb nor to descend. Nagarkot is a beautiful hiking destination for a quick gateway on the outskirts of the valley so everything about the valley will fascinate and amaze you. So take some time off from your busy schedule and choose to do a day hike in Nagarkot for breathtaking panorama views of the Himalayas.

The downside of Hiking to Nagarkot

  • The hiking trail is much occupied as it is one of the well-known trails for hiking around Kathmandu valley.
  • It is a commercial hiking trail, so benefits are very costly.
  • During the awful climate, magnificent mountain views are muddled.

How to get to Nagarkot by Hiking?

Nagarkot hike commences from Sankhu. There are several other alternative routes to reach Nagarkot but starting the hike from Sankhu is the straight forward trail and most accessible too. One can take a taxi to Sankhu from your location and hike to Nagarkot. You will pass by small villages, fields, and pine woods. You will reach Nagarkot by lunchtime. It is a beautiful place, so it is worth staying overnight and catching the splendid sunrise next morning amidst the giant mountain peaks.

Chandragiri Day Hiking

Chandragiri Hiking

Highlights of the Chandragiri Day Hiking:

  • Witness the incredible viewpoint on the Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Langtang Ranges, Everest, Gaurishankar and some more
  • The endeavor moves along the forested way to the top of the hill
  • Watch the pilgrims that visit the temple on the top named Baleshwar Mahadev temple
  • Take delight of the charming sights of the valley from the top of the hill

About the hike

Chandragiri hiking trail is one of the closest climbing objections from Kathmandu valley. Chandragiri Hill station is generally celebrated for its trolley rides, sanctuaries and the Himalayas display. This slope station lies 7 kms from Thankot and at a statute of 2551 m. The slant gives sweeping points of view of the Kathmandu Valley and the Himalayas of Nepal. From the head of the slope, one can have astounding perspectives on Annapurna to Everest alongside numerous other great pinnacles of Nepal. Additionally, the Bhaleshow sanctuary on the head of the slope, is one of the attractions of the climbing course.

As it has cable car ride services, one can enjoy the scenic ride while going up or descend depending on their choice. The Bhaleshowr temple is regarded as a sacred temple of Lord Shiva of the Hindu religion. And it is said that the respected King Prithvi Narayan Shah who unified Nepal, worshiped in this temple before his historical battle. Although the hill station is quite busy with tourists, the hiking trail is free of any crowd. Most prefer to visit the hill station by taking cable car rides both ways.

Entirely, this is a pleasant and exciting hiking trail suitable for a day of hiking around Kathmandu. It takes about 3 hours to get to the top of the hill and 3 hours to get down. On the way, you will be greeted with outstanding views of the Kathmandu Valley.

The downside to the Chandragiri hike

  • The top of the hill is very crowded, as it is one of the major tourist attractions in the Kathmandu Valley.
  • The hiking trail is through the jungle, but the road construction is under progress.
  • The view of the Himalayas might not be evident during bad weather.

How to get to Chandragiri Hill?

For Chandragiri Hike, take a taxi to Mata Tirtha Temple from your location. The temple is located in Chandragiri Municipality. And from the temple, walk along the forested under construction road for about 2 hours and you will reach the top of the hill.

These are some of the famous hiking trails in Nepal that are rewarding in terms of views as well as revitalizing feelings. So get all the fun of knowing and meeting new people and knowing great cultures and traditions by going on hiking around Kathmandu. Every place is special and interesting in their ways and exploring them will entice new energy in you. All in all, Nepal Hiking Team shall organize poised hiking activities for you to enjoy.

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