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    Best Hiking Around Kathmandu

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Jan 13th 2024  |  Short treks

    If the clamor of city life has left you yearning for a refreshing retreat, you need look no further than the enticing trails that snake through the hills surrounding Kathmandu. Nepal, a country that seems to embrace the heavens with its towering peaks, offers a myriad of day hiking opportunities that will envelop you in nature's splendor without pulling you away from your daily responsibilities.

    Day Hikes: Nature's Embrace

    Long treks might not always align with the demands of your professional life, social obligations, or family engagements. But why forsake the allure of the mountains? Day hikes offer an idyllic solution, granting you a glimpse of nature's grandeur without requiring an extended commitment. What's more, they are gentle on the pocket, making them an alluring option for the budget-conscious adventurer.

    The proximity of these trails to Kathmandu means there's simply no valid reason to overlook these seven astounding hikes. Let's delve into these adventures, treasures that lie almost hidden by the bustling city, waiting for you to explore and savor them.

    White Gompa: A Spiritual Escape

    Why White Gompa?

    • Feast your eyes on the panoramic view of Kathmandu Valley.
    • Explore the Gompa, and commune with the monks.
    • Detour to Swayambhunath Stupa, or the Monkey Temple, and embrace its mystique.

    Details: White Gompa, or Seto Gomba, offers a perfect respite in the form of a short day hike. Officially known as Druk Amitabha Monastery, it provides a serene atmosphere where you can meditate or learn about Buddhism. The breathtaking view from the top is an added bonus.


    • Urban hiking may lack the rugged appeal of wilderness trails.
    • Weather might obscure the mountain view.

    Getting There: The hike usually commences at Swayambhunath Stupa, accessible by taxi or foot, and follows the paved road leading to White Gompa.

    Jamacho Day Hiking: Bird's-Eye Beauty

    Why Jamacho?

    • A haven for bird-watching and occasional wildlife sightings.
    • Proximity to central Kathmandu.
    • Magnificent views of the valley and mountains.

    Details: The Jamacho hike, taking you to a revered Monastery, wanders through the lush forest of Shivapuri National Park. The view from the top is a symphony of peaks and valleys.


    • The weather might limit visibility.
    • Pack your lunch; amenities are scarce.
    • Busy on weekend

    Getting There: A taxi ride to the trailhead at Shivapuri National Park is the most common way to start this pleasant day hike.

    Phulchowki Hiking: Floral Wonderland

    Why Phulchowki?

    • Spectacular vistas of Kathmandu Valley.
    • An eco-paradise with rich flora and fauna.

    Details: Phulchowki, standing tall at 2760 meters, is home to a stunning array of plants and wildlife. The hike to the summit, adorned with a temple and army station, is a joyful escapade.


    • Carry food and water; amenities are lacking.
    • Cloudy weather may hinder views.

    Getting There: Reach Godawari village via taxi or bus and begin the hike. The ascent takes roughly 3 hours.

    Namobuddha Day Hiking: Harmony of Nature and Culture

    Why Namobouddha?

    • Tranquil pathways through villages.
    • Serene monastery visit.
    • Enthralling views of hills and mountains.

    Details: This hike offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. Namobuddha is renowned as a Buddhist pilgrimage site and a spot for yoga and meditation.


    • Weather-dependent views.
    • Lengthy trail, demanding on some.

    Getting There: Options include starting from Dhulikhel or Panauti, accessible by taxi or bus.

    Balthali Hike: A Village Odyssey

    Why Balthali?

    • Lush forests and Newari villages.
    • Engaging local interactions.

    Details: This route delights nature and bird enthusiasts, along with those eager to explore rural Nepal.


    • Lengthy trail.
    • A guide is advisable.

    Getting There: Starting from Namobuddha, a taxi ride away, the hike leads to Balthali, with an option to stay overnight.

    Nagarkot Day Hike: Everest's Glimpse

    Why Nagarkot?

    • Himalayan panorama, including Everest.
    • Engaging local experiences.

    Details: A popular trail winding through forests, Nagarkot offers stunning views and is great for pre-trek preparation.


    • Busy trail.
    • Weather may limit visibility.

    Getting There: The hike commences in Sankhu, accessible by taxi or bus, leading towards Nagarkot.

    Chandragiri Day Hike: Cultural Splendor

    Why Chandragiri?

    • Exceptional mountain views.
    • Historical and cultural insights.

    Details: Chandragiri, with its cable cars, temples, and magnificent views, offers a rich hiking experience.


    • Crowded summit.
    • Weather-dependent views.

    Conclusion: A Call to Adventure

    In the shadow of towering peaks, nestled near the beating heart of Kathmandu, these trails await your footsteps. Each one tells a unique story, filled with lush landscapes, panoramic vistas, and whispers of cultural heritage. Whether you're an experienced hiker or someone just starting to hear the mountains' call, these paths offer something to satisfy your wanderlust.

    Consider this not just a guide but an invitation. The mountains and valleys are eternal, yet our moments are fleeting. Take a break from the urban hustle and let nature's symphony serenade you. Feel the wind, breathe the crisp air, and see the world from a different perspective. For within these day hikes lies not just a leisurely escape, but a journey towards yourself.

    The paths are there. The views are ready. All that's missing is you. Will you answer the call?

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