7 Best Easy Treks in Nepal For Rookie Trekkers

7 Best Easy Treks in Nepal For Rookie Trekkers

Interested in trekking but don’t have an elaborative idea about it. Then don’t worry! Because our article here talks about the 7 Best Easy Treks in Nepal. These hiking trails are feasible for travelers of all ages, and we shall explore how novice trekkers can get a start on them.

But before we move on to other aspects of this article, let’s explore why Nepal is a suitable place for rookie trekkers in the first place. Well, it is no secret that Nepal is best known for its high Himalayas. Thus, Nepal is a popular destination for trekking and hiking activities. Moreover, Nepal’s hiking trails have helped Nepal thrive its peculiar culture and the majestic Himalayas to the global mass. As a result, Nepal offers various trekking routes to hikers wishing to be close to the mountains. Some trails are easy, fitting best for beginners with no prior trekking experience. Likewise, some are challenging trekking routes offering an immense exhilarating experience.

Additionally, Nepal does not only offer various marvelous trekking trails for individuals. All these routes are best in their accord offering a great experience to trekkers. Similarly, all of Nepal’s trek routes incorporate great cultural benevolence as well as a natural entirety. Besides, all the programs are expertly executed, minding all the aspects of trekking. Thus, all the following programs are our best-seller easy treks in Nepal.

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s check seven easy treks in Nepal and their attractive features:

Everest View Trek – Best short trek in Everest region

Short Treks Everest View

Maximum Elevation: 3860 meters, Tengboche Monastery

Trip Duration: 9 days

Highlights of Everest View Trek

  • An exhilarating flight experience to Lukla
  • Immaculate up-close scenes of massive mountains of Everest massif
  • Experience the unique Sherpa culture and explore the vibrant town of Namche
  • Enjoy the enthralling natural scenes of Khumbu valley
  • Visit the grand Tengboche monastery

The surprise of finding yourself in Everest View trekking through dense forests is unbeatable. The moment you take off at Lukla Airport, you are greeted with tall mountains backing up the busy town of Lukla. Mountains, namely Ama Dablam, Nuptse, Thamserku, Mt Lhotse, mighty Everest, and other great peaks, stand tall against the blue skies’ formidable backdrop. Locals will welcome you with shy smiles as you move forward in your journey.

The walk to Namche from here is exhilarating! The walk entails walking past lush alpine forests through narrow paths carved on the edge of a hill. Also, it consists of crossing many exciting suspension bridges wrapped in prayer flags. Moreover, the journey traverses past small Sherpa villages. Likewise, the trek includes visiting the Everest view hotel, where you can capture the magnificent sight and its surrounding peaks.

The trek further takes you to the Tengboche Monastery from Namche Bazar. Tengboche is the sacred religious site and the most significant shrine in all of Khumbu valley. Overall, it is a smooth journey appropriate for travelers of all ages. Because the trek progresses slowly, and there is no immediate elevation gain. Hence, anyone with a budding interest in hiking will surely enjoy this easy trek route in the Everest region.

Langtang Valley Trek – A less busy trail near Kathmandu

Langtang valley trek

Maximum Elevation: 3798 meters, Kyanjing Gompa

Trip Duration: 10 days

Highlights of Langtang Valley Trek

  • A rewarding trek through a less busy Himalayan trail
  • An ideal region for a quick escape to enjoy the glorious Himalayas of the Langtang region
  • Wonderful Tamang and Sherpa culture
  • Stunning rock landscape and vast pasturelands
  • Plenty of opportunities to catch sight of various species of birds
  • A short hike to Kyanjin Ri bringing you a close view of the jagged mountain peaks of the Lantang range

Langtang Valley Trek is a fantastic place for anybody who loves exploring less crowded trails amidst high alpine pastures and stunning mountain views. Anyone navigating these trails will get to taste Tamang and Sherpa cultures. Thus, this short trek in Nepal promises cultural interactions with ethnic communities.

It is an eight-day journey that hikes through a naturally rich trekking route and a steep, narrow valley—bypassing several villages like Syabru Bensi, Mundu, Lama Hotel, and several other tiny settlements. The trail eventually leads us to Kyanjin Gompa, one of the notable attractions of this short trekking route. Kyanjin Gompa is surrounded by big mountains such as Langtang living, Langtang II, Mt Gangchempo, and other massive peaks. Similarly, the trek involves an interaction with the wild vegetation typical in this trail.

Moreover, it is in the category of easy treks in Nepal because of its gradual increase in elevation. Most trekking routes of Nepal entail steep paths up and down. However, Langtang valley creeps through slight slopes to the high Himalayas. In conclusion, anyone looking for a power-packed journey with fewer tourists will love exploring the glorious Langtang Valley Trek.

Helambu Trek – A journey to the remote social circle

Langtang Region Trek

Maximum Elevation: 3650 meters, Tharipati

Trip Duration: 9 days

Trip Highlights of Helambu Trek

  • Traipse through ethnic villages to meet locals and learn about their culture and traditions.
  • Views of the Langtang Ri, Ganesh Himal, Langshisha, and many other stunning mountain peaks are breathtaking.
  • The route goes through a beautiful pine forest in the lower areas, swiftly flowing rivers and abundant greenery.
  • Discover the natural beauty and well-preserved culture.

Helambu Trek is a 9-day journey in the northern outskirt of the capital city, Kathmandu. A trip to Helambu is more of a cultural excursion because it includes exploring the remote lifestyle of various ethnic groups of Nepal. The journey takes you on a reasonably gentle amble through terraced fields, wild forests, flower meadows, and small villages with views of the mountains roofing over them.

This is a short and exceptional journey in the Langtang region, where one can experience the fine cultural heritage and natural grandeur. It is interesting to see the domesticated life of people in this region. Helambu trekking gives travelers a different perspective of life than theirs because the way of life on this trek is other than ours.

Hence, it offers a fresh and new experience for travelers who like to explore social and natural elements cooperating gracefully. Moreover, it is accessible on the legs and does not include hiking through steep hills. Therefore, more trekkers with no prior trekking experience love strolling this remote route.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek –The amphitheater of Annapurna massif

Ghorepani Poon Hill Short and easy trek

Maximum Elevation: 3210 meters, Poon Hill

Trip Duration: 8 days

Highlights of Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

  • Trekking around the Annapurna massif, savoring the perfect views and stunning landscapes
  • Wake up early in the morning to capture the sunrise view over the massive Annapurna range
  • Capture the serene view of smoky clouds covering the Pokhara valley and high cliffs first thing in the morning
  • Enjoy the tranquil essence of Phewa Lake of Pokhara city
  • Enjoy a relaxing time amidst the quaint nature and rural villages

Mixing heart-stirring mountain views with enchanting villages and beautiful forests with a thousand blooming rhododendrons, this is trekkers favorite Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek. Suitable for people of any age group, it is a perfect getaway in Nepal’s Himalayan region to explore the exquisite natural scenery. Ghorepani has been a celebrated destination in Nepal for various types of travel activities.

The essence of navigating through densely forested paths gives everybody a chance to reacquaint with Mother Nature. And the people along this trail are another factor that makes the journey even more fascinating. The trekking route does include hiking steep up and down, but not a challenging one.

It is an entirely doable trek offering incredible mountain vistas, landscapes, and diverse ethnic cultures. Few aspects of the journey can be challenging for hike new trekkers, but it is entirely attainable because our experts built the itinerary with appropriate resting duration in the journey. Hence, it is one of the favorable journeys for newbie trekkers.

Mardi Himal Trek – Admirable up-close mountain scenery

Mardi Himal Trek is another best treks in Annapurna

Maximum Elevation: 4200 meters, Upper Viewpoint

Trip Duration: 8 days

Highlights of Mardi Himal Trek:

  • Experience the way of life of the Gurung and Magar ethnic gatherings
  • Magnificent views of Machhapuchhre Himal, Mt. Himchuli, and the Annapurna South
  • Mardi Himal Base Camp and Mardi Himal High Camp
  • An empty trail to enjoy
  • Navigating through a path wealthy in natural resources

Mardi Himal Trek is well off the beaten and relatively new trekking route in the Annapurna region. It offers a peaceful trek to lofty viewpoints on the flanks of Mt. Machhapurchhre. The trail pass through sparsely settled villages and impressive lush sub-tropical forest. An easy trekking journey grants a picturesque natural elegance brimming with deep valleys with mighty mountains on the backdrop.

The path is enriched with awe-inspiring perspectives of the mountains enveloped with majestic scenes. The trail goes through Pothana and Deurali until you arrive at Forest Camp. From then on, the path leads to superb Ghandruk and Chhomrong town. In general, it is an incredibly adventurous journey that saunters through a remote area fantastic in natural scenery.

Moreover, Mardi Himal Trek prepares trekkers for high-altitude treks. Among other journeys on the list, it covers the maximum height; however, the itinerary is made suiting beginners’ strength. Thus, if anybody has a challenging trekking destination in mind, they can get started with this journey.

Royal Trek- The classic trek in the foothills of Annapurna massif

Best Hike, Royal Trek

Maximum Elevation: 1730 meters, Syaklung

Trip Duration: 9 days

Highlights of Royal Trek:

  • Hiking through incredible rural villages that showcases great cultural values
  • Walking with the views of impressive Annapurna massif in the background
  • Essentially an easy trek; thus, no need to worry about mountain sickness or difficulty moving forward
  • An enjoyable natural scenery all through the trekking journey

The trek route’s name came to be Royal Trek because Prince Charles once navigated it. The royal trek is one of Nepal’s easy treks without altitude-related problems. Once a popular trekking trail in the ’90s, the hike is now a less-traveled route. With travelers commuting a new trekking route, this trail is trekker-free as of now. Hence, anybody who would like to avoid large crowds should probably explore this trek route.

The trek route engulfs traversing through a densely populated rural village, thus promising interaction with the locals. Moreover, the trek requires hiking through terraced rice fields and lavish backwoods, and you’ll be welcomed continually with epic perspectives on the Annapurna Mountain Range.

As much as social interaction is a big part of this journey, staggering mountain views will greet you brightly. The course is very much kept up, and adventurers stay at a moderately low height for the journey’s span. Therefore, beginners can opt for this Royal without any hesitation.

Annapurna Luxury Trek – Enjoy the greenery and Himalayas extravagantly.

Maximum Elevation: 2012 meters, Ghandruk

Trip Duration: 9 days

Highlights of Annapurna Luxury Trek

  • Bypass the culturally vibrant and affluent villages like Birethanti, Ghandruk, Landruk, and many more.
  • Stay at the luxury teahouses along the trek route
  • Admire the grand Annapurna massif
  • Hike through lush jungles and beautiful terraced farmlands

Annapurna Luxury Trek is also an easy trek in Nepal. For this simple traveling venture, you don’t have to have any past journeying experience. In this journey, travelers get to appreciate glorious Annapurna in their generally prosperous and generous structure. The excursion permits you to inundate yourself in the eminent perspectives on the cerulean Annapurna Himalayas. The trek goes through the verdant rhododendron-shrouded shelter of forests and fields.

Besides, Annapurna Luxury Trek is nine days venture through the mid-slopes of the Annapurna locale. This trip is ideal for anybody hoping to invest their significant energy exploring distant and socially rich towns yet sumptuously and lavishly. In this excursion, travelers stay in extravagant teahouses that work with every customer’s necessities.

Final Words

These are some of the easy treks in Nepal that most travelers have found pleasant. These are several other laid-back treks like the journeys mentioned above. You can find more options if you read our 15 best short hikes in Nepal.

Similarly, if you think you can go beyond the given limits, please check our top 10 best treks of Nepal.

Above all, any journey to Nepal is splendid, be it an easy or difficult journey. Almost all trekking undertakings of Nepal are brilliant in their way. Therefore, travelers will have a fantastic time exploring them.

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