Short Hiking Tours

Stretch your muscles and endeavour the beauty that lies in the pristine nature of Nepal. Packages designed by Nepal Hiking Tour under short hiking tours takes you to the hill station and vantage points near Kathmandu and Pokhara valley to let you experience the beauty that resides in lush landscape and vivid environment of this Himalayan country.

Walk along the well paved paths between the forests to the lush hills of Nepal. The vantage points like Nagarkot, Chisapani, Dhulikhel, Kakani, Sarangkot and Daman will offer you the best views of the Himalayan panorama. You will feel like you are surrounded by the sky dominating peaks all around and you stand still admiring the white peaks that rise tall in contrast with the clear blue sky. Nature couldn’t have been more awesome!

Hear the birds chirp and explore the flora and faunas as you walk by. The warm greetings from the Nepalese people will make you feel welcomed and homely.

The packages under Short Hiking Tours are designed carefully looking after your time constraints and low physical endurance capacity. Therefore, if you have limited time and can’t endure the long trekking trails, short hiking tours are the best way to contemplate the splendour of Nepal.

Available Packages

Duration: 2 days

Dhulikhel Balthali Hiking

Dhulikhel is a hill station near Kathmandu famous for its mountain views. Situated in the central part of Nepal, just…

US$ 350
Trip Daman

Duration: 2 days

Daman Hiking Tour

Daman village is a secluded village that lies eighty kilometers southwest of Kathmandu at an altitude of about 2400m.

US$ 295

Duration: 3 days

Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking

Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking is especially designed to explore the character of Nepal.

US$ 250

Duration: 8 days

Kakani Nagarkot Hiking

A powerful package Kakani Nagarkot Hiking includes all the interesting places near Kathmandu to relish the glory of Himalayan panorama!…

US$ 630

Duration: 5 hours

Sarangkot Hiking

Sarangkot is a popular spot for watching the sunrise and sunset. It is a village having comprehensive view of Nepal’s…

US$ 90
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