Off the Beaten Trails

Get thrilled and nerve shaken as you embark your journey through the less travelled road to some isolated regions of Nepal. Take off the beaten trails as it is the best way to explore the untouched and undisturbed nature in its wild and natural attire. Compromise with your luxurious lifestyle and stay under the tents admiring the open sky and open land. Cook simple dishes in firewood and eat for surviving rather than for taste. It is tiring and uncomfortable but the joy that you will get as you open up with the real beauty of nature in its original form is beyond imagination.

There are many trails in Nepal that takes you to applaud the beauty that the mountainous region behold. The quaint and barren land that are similar to Tibetan plateaus! Similarly, the lush areas that are less travelled due to their locational and topographical difficulty. There are many secluded and isolated regions in Nepal amongst which most are the valleys that have remained hidden in between the apex touching peaks of the mountains. These valleys are the gems that reflect the true beauty and the cultural heritage. It’s truly amazing that the local people have been able to preserve their culture without any adulteration since past thousand years. The traditional lifestyle, culture and religion of people is something that will allure anyone who would like to travel back to time to know how life was back then.

Nepal Hiking Team offers some off the beaten trails in Nepal like Upper Dolpo Region Trek, Lower Dolpo region Trek, Makalu Region Trek, Dhaulagiri Trek, Ganesh Himal Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek and many others. You may have to sleep in barren land under open sky! You may have to satisfy your hunger with whatever available! You may have to walk some rocky and challenging trail that is tiring but the reward that you will get for such hard work will be worth it. So, don’t think twice to explore the hidden gems of Nepal with Nepal Hiking Team. We will take best care of you possible. All you have to be is confident about your endurance capacity and your lust for embracing the wild and soft nature of beautiful Himalayas! Off the beaten tracks are all about experiencing the raw appeal of natural glories.

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