Mustang Region Trek

Mustang Region Trek

An ancient culture, hidden and preserved amidst the Trans Himalayas of Nepal, lies the mystical Kingdom of Mustang. Known to few, a trekking journey to Upper Mustang is a privilege and an extraordinary chance to go back to medieval times. For many years, this beauty was unknown to the wanderer’s eyes; thus, its natural and cultural beauty remains the same as before. Modern technologies are unfriendly for people of this region, and interestingly they are content with them. Limited to agriculture and tourism, the territory is unfamiliar with changing times. Therefore, explorers with a genuine interest in unraveling prehistoric gems will certainly cherish their time in Mustang.

Once a part of Tibet, Mustang shares most of its culture, tradition, rituals, and customs with Tibet. Henceforth, anyone who would love learning about Tibetan culture will find their time in Mustang rewarding and worthwhile. Besides, region’s exciting culture, the place itself is breathtaking. A vast and arid landscape will leave wanderers speechless with its stunning terrain and topography. More than that, Grand Canyon-like terrain under the shadow of the Annapurna range makes the place look even appealing. Apart from scenic views, the territory is a high-altitude desert with deep gorges, lush oasis, fairy-tale gompas, prayer flags, and medieval monasteries.

With Lomanthang as the capital of the Mustang kingdom, the region is further split into two distinct areas: Upper Mustang and Lower Mustang. Lower Mustang lies at the low heights and gives travelers a glimpse of the authentic and beautiful Mustang kingdom. Upper Mustang, on the other hand, covers almost 2/3 part of the whole kingdom. Here, an explorer can witness the genuine and authentic culture and tradition and no impact of modernity. Therefore, to enter this section requires a special permit for foreigners.

Moreover, the part lies in a leeward area; hence it experiences less rainfall. Because of the low precipitation rate, the land is rugged and arid-looking. Nonetheless, this feature even more elevates people to travel this region. Arid landscape and topography make trekking to the Mustang region doable even in the monsoon season in Nepal.

Additionally, although its culture and biodiversity are different from other trekking regions of Nepal, this secluded trekking destination is not hidden from the public. However, not many go through it. As a result, the region was able to maintain both its cultural and ecological legacy. In addition, although it is not well-known, the region is one of Nepal’s most popular trekking destinations. In general, if remote culture and seclusion are appealing to you, check out Mustang Region Treks. You may also personalize your vacation. We’ll work with you to meet your requirements and create an unforgettable experience for you.

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