Luxury Treks and Tours

The Luxury Treks and Tours presents packages that cater towards a comfortable trekking and touring experience at various parts of the country. The thing that differs the Luxury Treks and Tours is the upgraded accommodations that let you experience the tours and treks in the country in the most opulent of manners and in the most comfortable forms. With 5-star hotels and better available guesthouses at the mountains during the treks, you will be experiencing the natural and cultural aspects of the country while enjoying the best available accommodation and services. Imagine waking up in the morning during the trekking journey in a comfortable room and as you open the window, you are greeted with the sights of the amazing snowy Himalayas! Or better yet, enjoy the tour of the cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara and get to stay at the best hotels the city offers while touring the various religious and historical sites. The Luxury Treks and Tours is designed keeping the comfortableness of the journeys in mind and lets you experience the joys of luxury travel. The congenial and cozy experience presents one of the most pleasurable travel encounters and adventures in Nepal.

Let your worries or hassles melt away with the best and well-crafted travel packages that cater towards the best accommodations for you to enjoy. The experience of travel is certainly enhanced by the upgraded travel accommodations and you will get the best available services throughout the journey where you do not have to worry about anything at all! Be assured for a comfort joy ride through the various amazing destinations Nepal offers and revel in the country’s cultural, natural and Himalayan riches as you enjoy the best stays at the top available guesthouses and hotels. So come join us and choose from among many packages that are crafted with rounded designs for maximum satisfaction and incorporated with the best elements of the regions and cities. From the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu city, the highlights of Pokhara to the helicopter rides at Upper Mustang and at various other regions that present thrilling aerial views of the changing terrain below and of the cerulean mountain peaks, the Luxury Treks and Tours are the best option for people who want to really immerse themselves in the best elements both naturally as well as in terms of services and accommodations!

Available Packages

EBC heli suttle trek

Duration: 12 days

Everest Base Camp Heli Shuttle Trek

The Everest Base Camp Heli Shuttle Trek is a journey that beautifully combines both the trekking aspect of the journey…

US$ 2,100
Kathmandu and Lumbini tours

Duration: 5 days

Kathmandu and Lumbini Tours

The Kathmandu and Lumbini Luxury Tours is a journey that presents the best of both ancient cities of Nepal. Kathmandu-…

US$ 950
Mustang Heli trek

Duration: 13 days

Upper Mustang Heli Trek

The Upper Mustang Heli Tour is a comfortable blend of trekking and a helicopter ride taking place in one of…

US$ 4,150

Duration: 5 days

Kathmandu and Pokhara Tour

The Kathmandu and Pokhara Luxury Tour is a leisurely tour that lets you experience all of the best highlights of…

US$ 980
Everest Base Camp Luxury trek

Duration: 16 days

Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek

The Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek is a perfect combination of luxury trekking with one of the most famous and…

US$ 2,475
Helicopter tours annapurna

Duration: 1 hour

Annapurna Helicopter Tours

We offer you a luxury Helicopter tour to the most popular trekking region of Nepal- Annapurna region.

US$ 3,750
Heli tours Everest

Duration: 3 hours

Everest Helicopter Tours

Do you want to see the sky touching apex of Mt. Everest in just few minutes? If yes, then Everest…

US$ 4,500
Everest Luxury package

Duration: 11 days

Everest Luxury Trek

Then Everest Luxury trek is prepared just for you. Trekking via the trail of veteran mountaineers, staying in the most…

US$ 2,720
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