Get Extra Fun

Get set to add the spice of adventure and fun in your hectic and boring life. There are various outdoor recreational activities that can fill your life with thrill and wilderness. Feel the adrenaline rush as you jump from the height to the water resource down below in a dramatic location with your body tied upon a hope! Imagine yourself flying over the lush landscape like a bird! Or what if you slide over a rope from heights cherishing the beauty of blue sky, white towering mountain peaks and azure blue lakes?

Got Goosebumps? Yes, it’s scary but filled with tons of happiness and wilderness. It’s a way to stimulate yourself to experience joy! Nepal, owning to its dramatic landscapes and rich natural beauty, offers a variety of options when it comes to adventure activity. Currently, you can opt for activities like bungee jumping, zip flyer, ultra-light flight, white water rafting, tandem flight, rock climbing, mountain flights and paragliding in Nepal.

You can chose the adventure activity as per your choice and preference. An experienced team of Nepal Hiking Team will create a safety environment for you to perform these activities. We plan and handle everything with due care. Your safety is our concern. All you have to do is sit back and have fun!

Available Packages

Bungy Jumping

USD 150
Duration: 8 hours

Rock Climbing

USD 120
Duration: 6 hours
Everest Flight Tours

Everest Experience Flight

USD 197
Duration: 1 hour
Zip Flyer

Zip Flyer

USD 80
Duration: 3 hours
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