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Travel is a way of learning! It’s a process of enlightening yourself with the practices around the world and widening your scope of knowledge and understanding. Opt for a short day tours to Nepal to relish the beauty of nature and to get some insights on culture and lifestyle of people living here. As you walk along the lush landscape, you will be blessed with the awesomeness of nature. The valleys, forests, countryside and the views of the white pinnacles of mountains; what else can a nature lover seek for?

Hike up to the popular vantage points around Kathmandu or explore the awesomeness of Pokhara with sightseeing tour and other adventure activities. Nepal Hiking Team offers a wide range of packages to cater your need. If you are willing to hike up to vantage points near Kathmandu then day tour to Kakani, Dhulikhel, Nagarkot or Daman can be a best option. The views of the Himalayas from these points are spectacular. In addition to the mountain views, the view of glorious sun as it rises above the pinnacles of towering mountains is a mind blowing experience. Pokhara is a city of wonder. Its awesomeness is beyond any words of description. You can either stroll around the city exploring the touristic places or hike up to Sarangkot for mountain and sunrise views. You can also engage yourself in different adventure activities like Bungee jumping, Zip flyer, Paragliding, boating and many more.

Nepal Hiking Team offers guided day tour that makes your tour easy and knowledgeable. You can know about the importance of places and cope up with the rules and regulations of the area. We offer assistance, information and interpretation so as to make your tour easy and informative.

Available Packages

Duration: 8 hours

Bungy Jumping

Bunjy jumping is an extreme adventure sport in which thrill comes from the free fall and rebound. In bungee jumping,…

US$ 150

Duration: 6 hours

Bhote Koshi Rafting

Bhotekoshi, the steepest river rafted in Nepal rises from the snow capped peaks of Tibet and is the upper river…

US$ 160
Trisuli River

Duration: 8 hours

Trishuli Rafting Day Trip

River Rafting has acquired the reputation of being one of the most exciting adventure sports. It is highly unlikely for…

US$ 120
Kakani Day tours

Duration: 6 hours

Kakani Hiking

Kakani is one of the popular view points of Nepal. Only 26 km north east of Kathmandu, Kakani offers an…

US$ 85

Duration: 6 hours

Nagarkot Hiking

Nagarkot is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages of the country. Situated just 32kms from Kathmandu valley, it is…

US$ 80

Duration: 5 hours

Sarangkot Hiking

Sarangkot is a popular spot for watching the sunrise and sunset. It is a village having comprehensive view of Nepal’s…

US$ 90

Duration: 4 hours

Pokhara City Tour

Pokhara is a precious jewel of Nepal, well known for its bewitching natural splendor. Residing in the lap of the…

US$ 75
Day trip Kathmandu

Duration: 5 hours

Kathmandu Day Tour

When it comes to culture, Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world. Culture has been regarded as,…

US$ 85
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