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Trekking Tips for the Elderly

Some useful ides and thoughts on trekking in Nepal for elderly people.

As we get older, our bodies aren’t able to exert as much stamina as we used to when we were younger. We tend to get tired a lot faster and our bodies start to ache on places when we do certain tasks for long periods of time. But that does not mean that we must give up all together on our dreams of trekking on the Himalayas because of the inevitable. On the contrary, there are many trekking tours and journeys that elderly people can still enjoy and undergo. These trekking tours for elderly people and for kids are designed especially keeping them in mind. They are easy and do not require much physical exertion at all, all the while proving them with the encompassment of what makes trekking great. With views of beautiful mountain peaks, trekking trails that lead through emerald forests and verdant woodlands, wonderful landscapes filled with the marvelous quintessence of nature and the chance to experience the local traditions and customs of the people residing on far off settlements and villages, these trekking tours are absolutely grand and perfect to undergo for elderly gentlemen and ladies as well as kids.

Trekking in Nepal for elderly

The EBC Trek for seniors and kids is a trekking tour that allows people to explore the Khumbu region and also encounter most of the destinations that makes the region worth visiting. Likewise, the Royal Trek is another trekking in Nepal for elderly that is more like a leisure holiday tour that explores the Annapurna region of Nepal. Leisurely traversing through the terrains of the region, the path travels to destinations like the Begnas Lake and the Lake-side city of Pokhara.

The Helambu Trek is another one that is quite easy to do and does not have strenuous trekking trails at all. Perfect for elderly people, the Helambu Trek explores the Langtang region of Nepal, one of the most beautiful regions that is also known as the “Valley of Glaciers”. The Short Everest Trek is a trekking journey which, like the name suggests, allows one to explore the landscapes and villages of the Everest region and have a look at the views of Mount Everest in close proximity. The Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking is another trekking journey that is filled with destinations that are marvelous vantage points to have panoramic views of the Annapurna Massif and many of its beautiful surrounding peaks.

The following tips are recommended before the start of any trekking journey, more so for elderly people who are more vulnerable:

  • Get accompanied by a trusted and a reputed travel agency that checks off all of the requirements
  • Get a thorough check-up by your doctor and have in-depth counseling sessions about all of the possibilities and whether or not it is convenient for you
  • Get insured and make sure that while packing, you have included all of your required medicine and equipment
  • Make sure to have proper booking of accommodations
  • Wear comfortable clothes that make it easy for you to move around in

Here are more tips recommended for when you do arrive in Nepal:

  • Have proper meals at proper times and eat healthy and beneficial foods
  • Get adequately rested and try not to over-exert yourself
  • Make sure that there are enough acclimatization days for your trekking journeys
  • Make sure to use your equipment properly and maintain your health. Using canes or wheelchairs if you must, can be done
  • Communicate and share your thoughts with the inhabitants. After all, giving and receiving helping hands makes for a Good Samaritan

These basic tips for elderly people are some ideas that might help. It does not mean that as we get older, our dreams of travelling to exotic and far-off places have to stop. It only means that we might need some help in getting there. It might take more time and requires more energy, but us getting there and experiencing what we want to experience is the thing that matters. Also, it isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey, isn’t it? Well, in this case, the destination of cerulean mountain peaks covered in ivory snow and the beautiful ethereal landscape and the hospitality of the Nepali people and their unique cultures and customs makes the journey worth every ordeal.

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