Monday, 13 March 2017

Everest Base Camp Trek with Baban

The Everest Base Cam Trek that I and my friends went through was one of the most fun experiences. We were planning on visiting Nepal for quite some time now and when we had finally arranged everything, we decided with Nepal Hiking Team and they arranged everything and made sure everything was done in the most professional way. Paban, our guide for the trip, picked us up at the airport with great friendliness and a warm welcome with flower garlands and then after that, the accommodations, the transportations and everything else was all managed by the agency. We had no problems at all regarding anything and we did not face any issues either. Because of our guide’s fast thinking and his friendly demeanor, the trip was enjoyable for all of us. The isolated mountain villages and the monasteries that we came across on the trekking trails were amazing to experience. The sight of the mountains itself was absolutely amazing to look at! The day we made it to the base camp of Everest was one of the most memorable days for all of us. Nepal Hiking Team arranged everything at a very reasonable price as well, and for what it was worth, the services they provided amply made up for everything. With professional guides and staff members and everybody that were involved, Nepal Hiking Team is truly one of the best travel agency that we have come across.

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