EBC Trek with NHT


EBC Trek with NHT

Raymond Low, Singapore

Nepal Hiking Team provide an excellent guide to me when I hiked Everest Base Camp. My guide, Mr. Prakesh Rai, is very professional and caring… He always gives me very informative replies whenever I have a question or two about the terrain which we are trekking, the history of certain towns or places we passed by or stayed…He is always asking how I am (my old right ankle injury came back)…and will help me carry my load….

We had a good time together especially when we take photographs of the awesome scenery…..He works tirelessly and would be a concern for my diet and always asked me if I had enough of food, hows my leg was, and whether feeling ok especially when we are going towards a higher altitude….. We had a wonderful acclimatization climb and he is always observing me how I am doing.

Nepal Hiking Team rocks!…. And I would sincerely recommend my friends to this group…..
It’s simply awesome!…

Thank you Nepal Hiking team and it’s truly a great experience traveling with your professional guide!