Saturday, 13 May 2017

Brilliant trip with NHT

Me and my son trekked the Everest Base Camp Trek in April with Nepal Hiking Team quite recently. This was my son’s first trekking experience and mine was second as I had the pleasure of doing the Annapurna trek a few years ago. We must say that the entire trip went trouble-free. The arrangement of the trek, from the very first moment of our arriving at the airport till the very last departure, was planned and arranged with precision. Of course nothing less to be expected from Nepal Hiking Team with their professional guide and outstanding services. Our guide, Arun, was such a pleasure to be around. His entire demeanor was that of a professional guide but with a brilliant sense of humor. It was very charming to see little children run up to us while on the trek, especially at Namche, asking for sweets and chocolates. There is something very endearing about the simplicity of the trek. The weather thankfully, was good the entire trek. Arun was considerate enough to wait around and adjusted the pace with my son and me. The smallest needs were met with good services. Our Sherpa as well, Dorje, was an energetic person who provided us good company. Overall, it was a beautiful trek with good services and an experience filled with laughs and pleasant memories. For this, Nepal Hiking Team deserves praise.

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