Thursday, 17 August 2017

An unforgettable experience

Thank You Nepal Hiking Team for an unforgettable holiday at Everest! Me and my two friends- Alec and Peter, did the Everest Base Camp Trek with NHT on December. It was truly an amazing journey! Nepal Hiking Team was recommended to us by another person, and upon researching about the trip and the company, we were extremely impressed with the praise and positive reviews NHT had. Because of this, we had high expectations going in, and all of our expectations were met with gusto and enthusiasm by the team! In all honesty, we could not have asked for a better service. Let me start my testimonial first by giving my thanks to our guide, Arun, who was diligent and there for us every step of the way. Our eternal appreciation and thanks is also deserved by our two porters- Tensing and Aangtharkay, who were both so hard-working and carried our heavy bags in the uphill terrains during the trek. Our main concerns were the food and the whole deal with altitude sickness. First off, the food, along with the accommodations for that matter, was great! We had full meals at all places where we stayed and had fun talking to the old grandpa’s of the place over warm cups of tea. The full sight of the mountains right in front of us was also such an unforgettable experience.

Peter did suffer from altitude sickness halfway through Nagerjun, so he was held up there unfortunately, while me and Alec went further on to the Base Camp. It wasn’t a drastic distance from Nagerjun to base camp however, and when we called Mr. Ganga back in Kathmandu, he immediately made alternate arrangements for Peter to be brought back to Kathmandu via the helicopter while me and Alec continued the rest of the trek. I guess sometimes, things like these are inevitable, but hay- it was fun for Peter while it lasted. Aside from that slight hiccup, the rest of the journey was just splendid! Best management, best services, best team and just an all-round brilliant agency! Thank You Nepal Hiking Team again for the trip and its arrangement, we extremely enjoyed our time in your beautiful country and in your company!

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