Thank you for arranging wonderful trip

Jason Davey and Sarah Fellew , 14/26-30 Huxtable Ave Lane cove NSW 2066

Trekking to Everest base Camp seemed like a formidable task at first for me. But, since I decided that I really needed to put some flavor into my life, I decided to do the trekking journey pretty much on a whip! I decided upon Nepal Hiking Team from various recommendations, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed! I decided upon Everest because I thought it would be a good first time to start off on the trek, and then decide upon other additional treks later on, based on how I was liking it. I loved! Nepal Hiking Team decided upon the customization of the itinerary, and re-scheduled the days for me, and made everything for me easier. The trek was just so good, it was done on such a professional level, and it’s just great! I think my absolute favorite part of the trek was hiking to the base camp itself, and then the vantage point on Kalapatthar, I took lots of amazing photography and I had within my viewfinder the most amazing vies of the mountains! Everest, when you come up to it for the first time, is just astonishing. I live in a pretty flat surfaced area where I live, there isn’t much rigger on the terrain, and the sheer amount of ups and downs during the trek was a surprise and a nice little additional fun for me on the trip. The park was amazing; the atmosphere of the national park was very nice and peaceful. The trekking trails were easy, and the villages and the people on the trail were all very helpful. I enjoyed my stay at quaint little tea houses and trudging through the villages was also very refreshing from all the city life. The country side there is so different, it just opens up like turning a page, one second I was travelling through the busy city of Kathmandu, and the next, it was like I was off to some remote isolated in-the-middle-of-nowhere place (which, come to think of it, is somewhat is exactly that), and the whole experience was very good. I really enjoyed my short time there, trekking on those lovely mountains, and I sure will miss the temples and the little children running around the places in the high elevation, and the very air of the peaks.

A Travel agency that cares for its customers!

Lakmal Buddika Meegahapola , 8 River Valley Close, #15-34 Blk 32, 238432 Singapore

For my vacation, I chose to do the Everest Base Camp Trek and was impressed by Nepal Hiking Team’s impeccable reputation among the recommendations made by other customers. That is why I decided to go with NHT, and I was certainly not disappointed! I was provided the best services in terms of hotel and guesthouse stays, the meals (I requested vegetarian meals and I got what I bargained for!), the transportation, my guide- Arun, my porter along with the rest. It was a smooth trip, and luckily, I did not have to go through any delays at the airport on my way to Lukla either. Arun was always with me and he was my trusty companion throughout the trip, giving me information about the places, showing me cool sights and just being an all-round nice company to be with. I have no bad things to say at all about Nepal Hiking Team because I was presented with services that exceeded my expectations. It was acute, it was executed in the well-rehearsed manner and the people who were all involved in it did their job in the most efficient way possible. For anyone who is looking for a travel agency that they can trust for a trip that is riddled with the best services and you as the centre for their safety and concern, Nepal Hiking Team is the one that you should choose!

One of the best trekking adventures with the best team

Elizabeth Yuree Koppinger , 1811 E Aurelius Ave Phoenix, AZ 85020

After much speculation on my part, I decided to do a trek in Nepal for my short holiday. I wanted a moderate trek, and I got one of the best deals with Nepal Hiking Team with the short base camp trek. My appreciation for them is huge because I genuinely loved their services and the concern they showed for me while I was with the. When I arrived at Nepal, I was greeted by Ram Hari, who later was my guide as well during the trek. He was warm and very helpful. He made sure that I was okey during the trek and arranged the guesthouses for me, and the meals as well. He was a good company to be around with, and made the journey even more enjoyable. I had access to the office at all times during the trek, and when I mentioned to Mr. Ganga about a small change in the itinerary I wanted to make in the middle of my trek (I wanted to visit the Khumjung village), he readily arranged for it. It was done very professionally and I got to experience a new place that wasn’t originally in the itinerary. Nepal Hiking Team really did an amazing job with my trek and I am so glad that I went with them because all of the team who were involved with my journey did their best job. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother journey where everything took place without any problems. I loved my stay in Nepal and Nepal Hiking Team’s best services!     

A busy hike, but an epic end result!

Erica Udow , United Kingdom

If you are ever in Nepal and have 2 weeks to spare, then you need to go Everest Base Camp. You will feel a great sense of achievement and you will experience the best views in the world. We booked our trip with Nepal Hiking Team, Kathmandu. We booked it there instead of from home as the savings were astronomical. Mr. Ganga arranged the tour of Nepal with all accommodation, travel, guides, porters, flights to Lukla, most of your food requirements for quite a reasonable price that suited our budget perfectly!

We trekked for 2 weeks up the ever popular base camp route with our guide, Arun and a porter, Mon Bruda, who carried circa 25kg everyday of our luggage from his forehead. It was hard going but well worth it. We were so glad as well when we tipped our porter for his amazing work and it made our hearts happy to see his smile. We would like to genuinely encourage other trekkers to tip porters generously as they work the hardest- carrying heavy luggage and bag packs uphill without complaint.

To sum a long adventure into a few words, Nepal Hiking Team did a great job in the planning and the arrangement of the trip. We were told there might be chances of the Lukla flight delay, but luckily, our flight did not get delayed or cancelled, enabling us to complete the trip on time. The accommodations that were arranged for us by the company were comfortable and the food that we were provided was also quite nice and satisfactory. Trekking with Arun with the splendid mountain views was a memorable journey that we are so happy to have done.   

Trek to Everest Base Camp is a must do!

Mark Elliot De'Aeth , 56 Foxboro Link Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada T8A 6N9

Just returned from an amazing short trip in Nepal and the trek to Everest Base Camp was absolutely one of the highlights! A group of 8 went on the trip and we were fortunate enough to use Nepal Hiking Team as our coordinator in-country and our guide on the mountain. 

Narayan and his crew were amazing. We arrived in various groups and his guys were there waiting for us at the airport with marigold necklaces to greet us and get us to our hotel in Kathmandu. They provided us great information on day trips, good places to shop (think pashmina), sites to see while we prepped for our trek. 

On the mountain, we couldn’t have asked for a better guide than Narayan and his crew. There were full service, working all the details for us, making sure our licenses were taken care of, arranging for our flights to/from Lukla, our tea house accommodations along the way to/from Everest Base Camp and Kalapatthar, our food, and the transport of our gear. The guides and porters were ready to help in any way possible and their singing and dancing warmed our hearts.

We did the Everest Base Camp Trek and all 8 of us made it to Everest Base Camp with very little in the way of health issues. Again, Narayan made sure all of us were as healthy as possible and took the time to gauge our group along the way. (Won’t take up room with the exact details of which town we stopped at each night but am happy to provide that if requested.) 

We went the tea house route vice the tents as we saw some groups did. Toilets and showers were surprisingly available pretty far up the mountain (showers cost extra). Some of the tea houses had toilets; some had just a hole in the ground. Internet access (and everything else) gets progressively expensive and harder to find as you go up, but it was not too hard to stay connected to back home (if that is what you want to do!).

Don’t forget your head lamp (not everywhere has electricity), your toilet paper (it gets expensive and is not provided in the tea houses), your wet wipes, your tissues (you will almost certainly get a runny nose/cough from the dust, cold air and burning yak dung), your buff (again, the dust), some serious cold weather gear, and your emergency cipro/diamox!

The sights along the way will amaze you – the grandness of the mountains, the rivers, suspension bridges, temples, people in the villages, the villages themselves. I wish everyone would take the opportunity to do this trek – it really is amazing.

Once again, Nepal Hiking Team handled everything professionally and the trip was immaculately arranged. We could not have asked for a finer trekking company! 

Nepal Hiking Team – Excellent choice for Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

Healey/Andrews family , Sydney, Australia

Our family of four recently returned from 16 days Annapurna Base Camp Trekking and had a fantastic time with Nepal Hiking Team (NHT).

Everything was perfectly arranged at the outset by Ganga with itinerary changes as per our need, additional accommodation and an add on trip to Chitwan was also organized at short notice with no fuss or bother.

The trek itself ran very smoothly as our very experienced guide Paban was attentive to our needs and especially patient with the slower trekkers in our family, never making us rush or go faster than we were capable of – which gave us enough time for clicking photos. The food was yummy and plentiful, more than enough to satisfy the needs of our growing 16 year old lad! We all especially enjoyed the magnificent views of sunset from Ghorepani and sunrise from Poon Hill and then throughout the rest of that day’s trek to Tadapani. It was a huge dream come true. All accommodation changes were promptly coordinated by our guide with thoughtful consideration.

Whilst one of us rested at Chomrong, the other 3 family members continued the trek to ABC. The boys and their Dad had a brilliant 3 day trek to ABC with our guide and porters Ishor and Thakal who encouraged and interacted with our boys, 21 and 16 throughout the trek. They have some fantastic photos and memories of the ABC trek experience. The biggest highlight of the trek for us was the surprise descent of the boys and their dad from ABC to Chomrong in one day to reunite our family on the occasion of Christmas Day – the best Christmas gift ever! What a feat, especially by our porters – thanks Paban for organizing this Christmas surprise!

This was definitely one of our best and most memorable family holidays we have ever had.

We have no hesitation in recommending NHT to any future trekkers and we hope to return Nepal for more trekking adventures of our own with Nepal Hiking Team.

Healey/Andrews family

Sydney, Australia

Nepal Hiking Team is the best local Himalayan trekking company

Jeanie Hellier , New Zealand

I am from New Zealand and I stumbled across Nepal Hiking Team while surfing the internet for my Himalayan trekking adventure. With so many agencies to choose from, I was spoiled for choice- but I decided to go with Nepal Hiking Team because they simply stood out with excellent reviews and a 100% customer care satisfaction. To me, that was quite impressive and I do not regret my decision. Based on other positive reviews, I already had a high expectation from them- and each and every expectation I had were simply met with such grandiosity that the company really deserves all of the praises it gets.

NHT made me have a wonderful experience right from the start. Mr. Ganga was very quick and prompt in his email responses and was happy to respond to the silliest of my inquiries; a very patient man with excellent customer service focus. For Nepal Hiking Team, their customers come first and they will be ready to go to lengths to make sure their customers safe and well looked after.

They employ an amazing group of guides and porters. I did the Everest Base Camp Trek accompanied by my guide Paban, who made sure that I had a wonderful time. A soft spoken and polite person, Paban has the maturity to take the responsibility of his customers in the mountains. Throughout my trek, Paban was in the front and my Porter was at the back. They made sure I never slipped or took a wrong step. They don’t push you, and give you all the freedom you want in the mountains, taking as many rest and photo stops as you want. Paban took take care of me in every lodge, even bringing me hot water bowl in the mornings so that I could wash my face and teeth. Believe me, it is so cold up there that without that bowl of hot water I would be feeling pretty low throughout the day! It was these acts of care and concern that really made the trip wonderful and amazing.

Overall, I can vouch for Nepal Hiking Team and their guides and porters. I think their customer focus makes them stand apart. Even when things go wrong, like flight cancellations or weather delays, or your sickness, they don’t complain and put the priority of their customers first. It was the beautiful care that I was shown that has won my heart over by the company. It was such a treat to be with them and to experience the beauty of the majestic Himalayas with a helpful and cheerful guide who made sure that I was alright at each and every step of the way. Mr. Ganga and Mr. Balaram were also just a phone call away in the office at Kathmandu, giving me the reassurance that everything was going to be alright and that I was in good hands. Thank You Nepal Hiking Team for such a beautiful time in the Everest Mountains, and for showing such a good customer care that all of the praises that are poured upon you are candidly well-deserving.

A Dream Come True!

Valmond Edmonds , Leeds, United Kingdom

I have always wanted to trek in the Nepal Mountains as long as I can remember, and I finally got around to doing it with Nepal Hiking Team! Let me just start off by saying that it was definitely worth every penny, as I had the best time of my life! 

Because I only had two weeks of holiday to fit my trip, I decided to call in the help of Nepal Hiking Team- who were recommended by a friend who arranged trekking through the agency on many occasions. I can honestly say that without the agency’s staff and team member’s professionalism, knowledge, resources and patience, the trip would not have happened.

Mr Ganga and Mr. Balaram of Nepal Hiking Team agency recommended the route, arranged the permits, booked my accommodation and domestic flights, employed the guide and porter, recommended fitness training, advised what to pack and answered all of my numerous questions by email, long before my flight departed. Mr. Ganga even met me in the madness of the Kathmandu airport and safely navigated through the crowds and the traffic to the lovely little hotel- the Apsara Boutique.

And then I was off to Pokhara, escorted to the airport once again by Mr. Ganga and my guide- Arun. Mr Ganga even thoughtfully booked my seat on the right side of the plane, so that I could see the mountains from the air. I will never forget my excitement at the first glimpse of those magnificent mountains! Nepal Hiking Team’s flexibility is among the best services that were offered to me.

No words or photos can describe the trekking to Annapurna Base Camp and back. It was awesome, it was incredibly hard, and it was mind-blowingly beautiful. The trek was amazing and I loved the slippery slopes coming down from Machhapuchhre Base Camp. The natural pools of the Jhinu hot springs were also my most memorable part of the journey. Through all of this, my guide Arun guarded me with his amazing knowledge and understanding, never-ending patience and wonderful sense of humor. I can recommend Nepal Hiking Team without any hesitation to anyone who ever entertains the thought of visiting Nepal.

An unforgettable trip!

Antti Sakari Lehtelae , Heino kasken katu 5 B 15 00180 Helsinki Finland

I travelled with Nepal Hiking Team for the gorgeous Annapurna Base Camp Trek on March and it was one of the best trips that I did with my friends! I knew that I had selected the right travel agency as the correspondence with Mr. Ganga and Mr. Balaram right from the start was a smooth and information-rich communication where all of my queries were promptly answered. I was impressed with their services from the very beginning, as their ideas helped me and my friends arrange the trip in a very well-organized and trouble-free manner. Then as the day we arrived at Nepal, we were greeted by Mr. Ganga himself who welcomed us with flower garlands. We met our guide Bhatta as well, who helped us get to the Hotel in Kathmandu.

The whole trip was filled with unforgettable experiences, as from the very beginning- the trek was filled with our guide helping us achieve the ultimate level of care and comfort. Bhatta and the porters who were with us were always glad to be of help at all times. It was so impressive to see our porters carrying heavy loads uphill without complaints or stopping- it was a humbling experience for us and we implore all future travelers to Nepal to hire local porters and to tip them generously for their hard work. Likewise, Bhatta himself was also extremely helpful to us- it was because of him that our journey became even more amusing and delightful. He would always spout ideas and information about the small chortens and gumbas we passed, along with the village and the culture of the people. He arranged the guesthouses and the meals for us without us having to bear any hassles.

The Himalayan views were just the most thrilling part of the trip; the first view of the Machhapuchhre Himal from Pokhara was the hammer to the nail that the trip was going to be a grand adventure! To sum the conclusion in short- Nepal Hiking Team really is the best travel agency operating in the country, and we had one of our best times in Nepal thanks to the care of the agency and its team. We got to experience the beauty of the Annapurna because of them in a very wholesome manner without any sort of problems. It was an amazing adventure that we would like to recommend to everyone who wishes to visit Nepal any time soon. Thank You Nepal Hiking Team!
Annapurna Base Camp Trek with Nepal Hiking Team

As a solo female traveler, I recently did the beautiful Annapurna Base Camp Trek with Nepal Hiking Team. I chose NHT once again for my trip to Nepal this year as I was immensely impressed with the services I got when I trekked with them last year as well for the Everest Base Camp Trek. The natural scenery of the Annapurna Trek was one of the things among others that really caught my attention during the journey. The variety of the trail that I walked upon with my guide was also an impressive feature that made the journey a rich and enlightening experience for me. During the first few days, I found myself trekking through lush forests with narrow brooks cutting across the land while the next- I would be going uphill and downwards along mountain trails with the rice-fields and terrace farms serving as the amazing backdrop. Furthermore, the gorgeous Annapurna mountain ranges with mountain peaks like the Annapurna South, Machhapuchhre and Hiunchuli among others were almost always in sight throughout my journey. They were inspiring and totally worth the journey! When I reached Base Camp, nothing really prepared me for the stunning 360-degree landscape that the Annapurna Sanctuary offered. I honestly think it beats Everest Base Camp in the ‘most beautiful landscape’ category! In my opinion, the ABC trek is easily one of the most picturesque treks and you will certainly end up taking loads of photos as I did! My guide was just the most amazing travel companion- he was kind and patient with me and made me feel safe and secure. Although, I do admit, the rocky terrain was quite challenging and hard on the knees, helped me take it easy on the steep ascent from Tikhedhunga to Ulleri. But despite that, it was definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my lifetime, and I’m really grateful to Nepal Hiking Team for organizing this trip for me. Mr. Balaram arranged all my trek logistics beautifully, and I was in constant contact with the office, just a phone call away if any problems arose. The Annapurna Base Camp Trek with Nepal Hiking Team was without a doubt- a spectacular trek–one that I will always recommend to those who want to do a hike up in the Himalayas for the first time.

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