A great time in the Himalayas!

Kim Phipat , Australia

The Short Everest Trek with cultural tours was perfect for me and my friend because we had a limited time in Nepal because of our deadline. We were still able to enjoy the mountains with the Short Everest Trek and the experience was just amazing! From our first commutation with Mr. Ganga, we knew that we would be fine doing the trek because he was very prompt with the responses and very reassuring. Narayan was our guide and he was perfect at his work as well. The schedule was followed to the tee and fortunately, we did not have any delays during the Lukla return flight either. Everything worked out extremely well, and we are both very happy with the experience. We got good transport to the airport, the guesthouses were good, we enjoyed our meals, the village people were very friendly, the mountain sceneries from the villages were also amazing, everything was done in the most professional way and we had the best time of our lives! Nepal Hiking Team is the best! 

An excellent trekking choice

Mark Litchfield , Australia

Dear Balaram, last month was the most exciting and fun time I and my friends had! I had always marveled at the Himalayas and the exotic Nepali culture I had always read about. With Balaram’s noted information sharing even before the initial start of the trip, we were able to plan everything accordingly. Balaram was swift in replying e-mails with the most detailed information regarding our Everest Base Camp Trek, and when we arrived at the airport, a warm and homely welcome was given to us by our guide Arun. Balaram later met us at our hotel as well and we discussed about the trip where more thoughts and ideas were shared. With an easy-going personality and a professional streak, Arun led us on the trip with an air of skillful nuance.

His involvement in the disposition regarding our safety and comfortableness is something that really uplifted the whole experience for us. When I look back at the trip, I come to realize that because of Arun’s brilliant participation and the orchestration of the trip by Balaram, we did not have anything in the slightest to worry about throughout the trip. The amazing execution of the services along with the natural beauty of the place and the mountains and the villages and the settlements and the ethnic people- it seemed like the whole experience was fated to be , that’s how perfectly done it was! Because of making my daydream fascination of visiting the Himalayas into a perfect reality, I would like to express my most profound gratitude to Balaram, my guide Arun, the porter who was with us on the mountain- Aangtharkay, and the entire Nepal Hiking Team agency.

We could not have asked for a more ideal and superb trekking experience! Our metaphorical hats be tipping for you!

An experience of a lifetime!

Sara Erickson , United States

I did the Everest Base Camp Trek with Nepal Hiking Team recently and it was an amazing experience. Not only was the trekking quite good in itself, but the overall performance of my agency was top-notch. As with any travelling, it’s good to have a reliable agency that does exactly what they promise and more, and for me it was Nepal Hiking Team. My guide Bhim was a good friend throughout the journey. I didn’t have to worry about anything as everything was planned and executed by the staff at the agency quite impeccably. What I say is the traveling experience is only as good as the people you meet, and this really does hold true for me with Nepal Hiking Team. They were amazing at their work and also very friendly. They really take care of their customers and assist them in everything. It was the same for me. I was in good hands throughout my stay in Nepal. Bhim was always one step ahead of me and made sure that all of the services regarding the teahouses in the mountain were taken care of in terms of meals and the rooms. But most of all, he was a very good companion who made me feel welcomed, and as a result, had my vacation enjoyed to the fullest. Definitely go with Nepal Hiking Team as you will get exactly what you pay for, if not more!       


What a great adventure

Harald Nesensohn , Po Box 30 Inman Valley SA 5211 Australia

I have been a long enthusiast of mountaineering, and Nepal has always been on my list of destinations to visit for its Himalayas. I decided to have Nepal Hiking Team arrange my Mera Peak Climb as I decided that it was one of those adventures that I really wanted to get under my belt. For the services, I would definitely rate Nepal Hiking Team as one of the best travel agencies that I have come across. They were swift in their responses to my questions and queries and when I arrived, they were with me every step of the way, reassuring me of my safety and constantly putting me in a state of mind where I knew that I was in good hands. My guide, Pasang Sherpa, is a veteran in mountaineering and climbing peaks, and I could not be more grateful for his company during my climbing journey.

From arranging my accommodations and tents during the trail to making sure that didn’t lose my footing during the climb up the Mera Peak, Pasang took care of everything flawlessly. His sentiment of us being a family during the journey was also quite heart-warming; it was reassuring to know that he had my back. I was also constantly in contact with the head office of the agency as well, and I knew that if anything happened, then I need not worry about anything as the agency will take care of it for me. I was left to only enjoy my climb and to appreciate Nepal’s Himalayan life without having to worry about anything else. Overall, it was the best trekking adventure that I had. I definitely recommend Nepal Hiking Team to anyone looking for Nepal treks. With them, you can do no wrong.

A beautiful festival in the Himalayas!

Robert Jacob Hershey , United States

The first time when I saw the Everest massif from Kalapatthar is something that I will never forget. Of course, the entire experience does impact the way I enjoyed the mountain views and the cultural experience in Nepal, and in my case, my experience was simply the best.

I chose the EBC with Mani Rimdu Festival Trek with Nepal Hiking Team after countless hours of browsing packages on their website. I was looking for a trek that offered me something different than the regular route, and I though experiencing the Mani Rimdu Festival was a great idea with trekking to Everest base camp.

My guide for the journey was Ram Hari Adhikari, a great enthusiastic aficionado of the Everest trails. My bedroom in the guesthouses always had great Himalayan views, my journey was well-managed in terms of time and my knowledge of the Sherpa culture and of the wonderful festival was made a hundred times better all because of Ram Hari, as without him, I am sure that trip would not have been the same. With a warm welcome from the airport all the way to the time of my departure back home, the Nepal Hiking Team staffs were extremely helpful and kind, always extending their hand to make sure that I was comfortable, and enjoying my trip. It was great to experience the renowned Nepali hospitality as my agency concretely solidified this attribute always associated with Nepal.

My experience with NHT was one of the unforgettable ones. It was, in the simplest of terms, the best time I had of my life. The care they provided in my journey, the amount of safety that I felt and the way everything was arranged made the trip a hassle-free event. I enjoyed the Khumbu’s beauty and its cultural riches with a trusted companion in Ram Hari. My journey was filled with natural beauty and Himalayan vistas, but at the same time, it was also filled with good lodges, good food, good companionship and the best overall time. Nepal Hiking Team really goes over and beyond with their services. The best travel agency in all of Nepal!

Unforgettable trekking at the world’s tallest Himal

Daniel Engelmann , Germany

I have always wanted to visit Nepal. It is a beautiful country and the Himalayas have always called out to my yearning heart. Recently, I finally had the chance to visit it. I went with Nepal Hiking Team as they seemed the most trust-worthy. As I first interacted with Balaram, the office head, I knew that I would be in good hands. During the initial correspondence, my queries were answered with ample information. It left me satisfied and in a good mindset for the trekking that I was about to do.

Then, when it was time to finally board my flight to Nepal, I was ecstatic! As I landed, as told, my guide- Hari Sharan, was there, standing with a placard of my name and the agency’s name. A warm greeting ensued, where I was welcomed with a flower garland. It was a good first impression, and throughout the journey, Hari would make sure that I was enjoying my time.

Visiting Lukla after Kathmandu’s bustling vibrancy was a nice relief. I was escorted from my hotel to the airport with Hari in an efficient way, no delays or troubles. From Lukla, the trek finally began! Hari arranged for a porter for me. With him, my trekking journey began with a comfortably-paced hike through the villages. He was my friend for the journey, as well as my guide. With Hari, everything was a breeze. All I had to do was enjoy my trek as everything else was taken care of. He arranged my guesthouses and the food. If I needed anything, Hari would arrange for it. I was also in constant contact with the office in Kathmandu as well; they asked me frequently if I was having a good time and offered their immediate services in case anything happened. That was immensely reassuring to know that I had my back with my agency.

Nepal Hiking team definitely deserves all of the best praises that it gets. Not only is it an extremely well-maintained customer service oriented company, it they genuinely do deliver in their promise of a good trekking experience. If I ever return to Nepal again, they are my number choice.

Fantastic Adventure with NHT

Fabienne Marjorie Bosiger , 105A Samson St White Gum Valley 6162

I made the Everest Base Camp Trek during December with the Nepal Hiking Team Agency. As my humble testimony, I would just like to say a big thank you to Ganga and the agency’s whole team who were with me during the trek. It exceeded all of my expectations and I have never felt this welcomed, taken care of or guided anywhere else. Starting at the very first day when Ganga was present at the airport till the very end when he escorted me back, the entire experience of my time in Nepal was heightened because of Ganga’s care and profound concern for my well-being.

As a solo traveler, I was given a discount for the EBC Trek package, and the initial thought process of mine was that the discount would yield some services to be of less value verses the full payment ones but how wrong I was! Later on in the trip, it became arrantly clear that every service from pre-trip information, meals, accommodations, staff, guide, transportation, porter and everything else were provided to me in their most excellent forms.

Not only was that, my guide- Bhim, one of the best guides anyone could ever ask for! During the entirety of the trek, Bhim was always with me, guiding me on trails, showing me monasteries and temples, helping me communicate with the local people, arranging my meals at guesthouses, making sure that my stay was comfortable for me, carrying my heavy duffle bag when I needed some breather, always asking me if I was alright during the high altitude parts and generally making sure that I was having a good time. He is, no questions asked, the best guide I could have asked for, in all sense of words. Because of Nepal Hiking Team, my trekking became such a success and made such a positive impression on me that Ganga and NHT have my full gratitude and appreciation. A thousand thanks to Ganga and Nepal Hiking Team!

Everest Base Camp and High Passes Trek

David F Brittle , 1021 Gutierrez Place El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

I have one word to sum up my experience with Nepal Hiking Team: WOW! Just WOW!

The front office at Nepal Hiking Team was excellent. Their timely updates and reasonable options they offered help me find the right trek. They were concerned that I have the best of the experiences from the very beginning.

The moment I walked out of the airport, I knew I was in good hands the whole time. I was met by smiling Ganga- the founding manager himself! I was comfortably taken to the hotel. I spent the next day touring the city with NHT. When the trek started, I felt safer than ever.  I could see how my guide prioritized my safety at all times. So did my porter. They provided insight into the trek; stayed with us the whole time, shared funny stories, kept us upbeat, and ensured we were safe and happy. I couldn’t

Unforgettable Trek to Everest Base Camp with NHT

Margarita Padilla , Flat 3 Moscow Mansions 224 Cromwell Road London SW50SP UK

I have two nicknames for Nepal Hiking Team: 1. The “No Problem” team: 2. The “Can Do” team.  They made Everest Base Camp Trek a “can do” with “no problem” for our pair of two elderly ladies.

We did the Everest Base Camp Trek in April 2019. From the very first email till the end of our trip, nothing was too big or too small for Mr. Ganga Raj Thapa – the founding manager. He kept a perfect balance in giving a 100% attention to our safety and comfort. Our emails- each one of them were answered in less than 24 hours. Do you even sleep Mr Ganga?

NHT took great care of our interests and comfort by making a customary itinerary not just before the trek but during the trek as well. Concerned about the long trek up to Namche on Day 2? No problem. We can modify the itinerary to hike further on Day 1 so you have more time for that climb into Namche. Want to hike Kalapattar in the afternoon instead of the morning? Again, no problem in switching the days around. The most impressive “can do” and “no problem” was the helicopter flight Mr. Ganga from Gorakshep that Mr. Ganga arranged for us during our descend. Not of it was pre planned yet, he would make it look like slicing a block of butter!

A special five star shout out goes to our guide, Bhim and our porter Raj. To us, Bhim was the extention of Mr. Ganga. We were his sole concern and preoccupation during the trip. There was never a doubt in his mind that we would reach the base camp. It must be his confidence and encouragement that took us to the base camp. No one was prouder (and more relieved) to see these two older ladies reach their goal. Thank you, Bhim and Raj for being our cheer leaders.

The logistics and preparations from NHT were accurate and meticulous. From airport pick-up to the final farewell, NHT went way beyond their limits to make our trip successful. They even went out to upgrade the accommodation as per our ease. Thanks a lot NHT; we had a trip of a lifetime!

We’d definitely recommend NHT without a second thought.

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