A memorable birthday present in Everest

Alexander Irzak , 94 Green Bush Road, North York, Ontario, M2M 1P4, Canada

Hello Team,

The Everest Base Camp Trek was a 52nd birthday present to myself…J With plans and preparations going back and forth between me and Ganga and Balaram beforehand, I had been given every information on the trek and I remember being beyond excited for the trek to start. When I finally landed at the airport, I was greeted with flower garlands and smiles by Ganga and Balaram and my guide Rajendra.

Everyone was incredibly professional from Day #1, never missing a beat. From the lovely sightseeing tour of the Kathmandu city at the beginning to the trekking journeys starting from Lukla all the way to the base camp and Kalapatthar, the whole experience is an unforgettable one for me. I am so glad that I chose Nepal Hiking Team for this because I felt like I was treated like royalty the entire time!

An excellent virtuoso and a maestro at trekking, Rajendra was my guide for the trip. His competent and efficient skills made for quite a comfortable and adventurous trekking experience! His company on the mountain with me made the trip feel like an extended fun respite. Rajendra was always moving about, making sure I had good portions of meals and the teahouses had good and comfortable settings. I even stayed at the Hotel Everest View a while longer than intended and Rajendra molded the day’s schedule to fit my time.

I applaud his guidance and management. Both Ganga and Balaram were available on telephone to me the whole time and I felt safe and well-taken care of. My heartfelt gratitude and utmost thanks to Ganga, Balaram, the amazing Rajendra and Nepal Hiking Team for arranging and helping me make my 52nd year in life an adventurous and amazing one! My full recommendation for trekkers goes to Nepal Hiking Team, really I could not recommend them more enough.             

Wonderful Services

Tony Hore , Australia

I did the Everest Base Camp Trek with Nepal Hiking Team with my family on the December of last year. I know I am about half a year late in doing a proper review of the trek but with the experience I had, I figured I might as express my thoughts on it. It was, without any room for hesitation, one of the best treks that I and my family had the pleasure of experiencing. From the very initial moments of mere e-mails, Nepal Hiking Team showed that they were at the top of their niche. With a friendly and fast replies to all of the mail, we were able to get a good sense of what we were getting ourselves into. Than as the time finally came for us to go to Nepal we were greeted at the airport with the hospitality and welcome that Nepalese people are known for. With flower garlands and silk scarves, we were taken to our hotel room in Thamel, one of the most colorful and lively street we had the fortune of seeing. Finally, as the trek started, we were taken good care of throughout. From the services like accommodations, the transportation and the meals to the demeanor of the guide and the porters who accompanied us, we were made to feel comfortable and well-taken care of.

The sights of the mountains throughout the trek were amazing. Luckily, the weather was nice throughout the trek and the views of the landscape was amazing and quite surreal. This mixed with the fact that we had the chance of exploring and visiting the monastery at Tengboche and the small mani-stone walls scattered throughout the land made the trek exotic for us. Experiencing the culture and the rituals of the Nepali people of the Himalayas and then finally trekking to the base camp of Everest was a dream come true for my family. Then as we hiked to Gorekshep and then to Kalapatthar, the views of Mount Everest as well as other peaks like the Ama Dablam and the Lhotse were just spectacular!

I am glad that we went with Nepal Hiking Team for our trek. It was well-managed and the arrangements were splendid. We were very comfortable throughout and had no complains about it. The memories of the trek are still fresh in my mind and my children still talk about Nepal with fond memories. Thank You Nepal Hiking Team for this arrangement and for making it a very good one.

Loved the journey with the lovely people!

Lisa Rene Pes , 2402 E 5th Street Unit 1437 Tempe AZ 85201

From my first correspondences with Ganga to the time I was dropped off toward the finish of my excursion, Nepal Hiking Team went well beyond to deal with us. I exceptionally suggest Nepal Hiking Team for any of your climbing or social visits in Nepal. We were energetically welcomed. They experienced every one of the subtleties and prepared us for our visits and climb. Our guide for Kathmandu sightseeing for Kathmandu was truly learned and the private driver was affable and proficient. We encountered a large number of the sanctuaries and shopping regions in the city. The following day was a long hold up at the air terminal attempting to get to Lukla, it was still storm season so there were numerous individuals who were sitting in the air terminal for a considerable length of time attempting to go to Lukla.

Nepal Hiking Team through their different assets had the option to book us a helicopter flight and we began our schedule. Our guide Kul and porter Tika immediately turned out to be dear companions; they dealt with each need of ours on the mountain. I experienced illness on the night subsequent to landing at Base Camp and the consideration I got from Nepal Hiking Team was past exceptional. You never need or anticipate that anything terrible should occur. At the point when I woke up with O2 levels of 42, they were ready to conduct required action.  I was taken back to Kathmandu via Helicopter. I was admitted to a hospital where Ganga’s sibling instantly came and monitored my well being. At the point when I was discharged the following day, I was amazed to discover the group there prepared to take me to the Hotel. With 4 extra days, they booked with a Safari and whitewater boating trip with a private drive. The whole experience surpassed the entirety of my desires. I didn’t really expect the degree of professional administration and the regard they had for everything. I’m as of now arranging my next excursion to Bhutan with these folks. I have an inclination that I’ve met long lasting companions! You can’t turn out badly with booking with Nepal Hiking Team!!!

Awesome Annapurna Adventure

James , Australia

For the longest time, I had wanted to visit Nepal and trek in the mountains. While researching online, I came across the Nepal Hiking Team, read about their Gokyo Lakes adventure, and sent them an email for more info. Ganga replied within 12 hours (the San Francisco/Kathmandu time difference is pretty extreme), and we began planning my adventure. Once I felt pretty confident that the Hiking Team and Ganga were the right group for me, I booked my flights and finalized my trekking plans.

Fast forward two months. It’s midnight in Kathmandu, and after a series of tiring flights, I’m taking my first steps in Nepal. Once I clear immigration, I walk outside, and right there, as expected, is the Nepal Hiking Team ready to pick me up and bring me to the hotel they had booked for me. The hotel (Kathmandu Eco Hotel) had power (permitting of the city’s brownouts), WiFi, clean bathrooms, and fans. Anyways, the next day I spent taking a tour of Kathmandu. The following day I was slated to fly to Lukla to begin my trek to Gokyo Lakes.

After a short ground delay, our plane to Lukla was in the air. Out the window (make sure you sit on the left side) were some of the most fantastic mountain views I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, as we approached the landing strip at Lukla, the pilots determined the weather was too poor to make a safe landing, so we returned to Kathmandu. Upon landing, I called up the Nepal Hiking Team and they were at the airport within 10 minutes to pick me up and put me up another night in the hotel. The next day, I spent mostly at the airport as all the flights to Lukla were cancelled. In the early afternoon, Ganga himself came to the airport to talk about alternate plans. As much as I wanted to visit Gokyo Lakes, with two days lost to flight delays, there wasn’t enough time for me to make it there. We then agreed that instead, I would trek to the Annapurna Base Camp.

I was a little bummed that I couldn’t make it to Gokyo but was still looking forward to Annapurna. I realize I’ve taken the last few paragraphs talking about my experience in Kathmandu, but the point I really want to make is that the Nepal Hiking Team was dedicated to making my Nepal experience as good as possible. Between picking me up at midnight, springing for 2 extra nights at the hotel in Kathmandu, and making plans to visit the Annapurna Base Camp on such short notice, they demonstrated to me that they really care. They really are awesome people.

The next day, I flew out to Pokhara and immediately drove up to Nayapul where I began my trek in to the Annapurna Conservation Area. My guide, Prakash, was very energetic and knew all the guest houses and trails very well. The scenery was incredible. This was by far the best trek I’ve ever been on. 


Alice Withey , USA

I did Everest Base Camp Trek with Nepal Hiking Team in November and it was just truly fantastic. The whole experience was excellent. From our arrival at the airport to our trek and lastly to our departure, NHT was always punctual, informative and helpful.

From our trek we understood about the Nepali culture and lifestyle which was truly so amazing to see. The mountains, animals, plants and people, we loved each and everything about it. Our guide were so informative and had the knowledge about everything in the area. With our guide and porters by our side we really felt so comfortable. The porters did an amazing job carrying such heavy luggage, with nothing missing and everything safe.

Accommodation and means were included in the price which made work for us so much simpler. They chose good services during the trek. NHT provided us with sleeping bags which were so warm and cozy. Their good service continued till the end. They are truly professional at what they do. If you want to experience the experience of a lifetime then do choose Nepal Hiking Team. You can never go wrong with them. Thank you NHT!

A wonderful time with NHT

Nisha Desai , South Africa

I with my 4 friends went for Everest Base Camp Trek in November with Nepal Hiking Team. We spent a total of 16 days in Nepal and each day felt so surreal and amazing. Everything from pick up to the trek to the departure, everything was really well planned. It was really shocking because all we had to do was be present! Thank you NHT!

Our guide Mr. Narayan was such a loving and knowledgeable man. He picked us up at the airport and drove us to our hotel. The hotel we stayed in Kathmandu was very comfortable. Narayan made sure we had all the necessary equipment and we also asked him a lot of our queries which he really answered clearly.

Our guide and porters were very caring and always concerned of our health and safety. Sometimes during the trek he led the way and sometimes he stayed at the back to make sure everyone was on track. He made sure that we all were walking in a slow pace so as to make sure our health wasn’t compromised. All the tea houses during the trek were comfortable. One time I saw a trekker (not from NHT) very worried because he couldn’t find a place to stay. Thankfully, NHT had us covered.

The time we spent at EBC will always be a wonderful part of my life. It is indeed a once in a lifetime experience. I really wish to come back again and for sure I will choose NHT again for my next adventure in Nepal. Thank you NHT and thank you to our guide and porters!

Amazing Adventure

Colin Raj , PO BOX 5061, East Geelong, Victoria, 3219

Trekking to Everest base Camp seemed like a formidable task at first for me. But, since I decided that I really needed to put some flavor into my life, I decided to do the trekking journey pretty much on a whip! I decided upon Nepal Hiking Team. From various recommendations, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed! I decided upon Everest because I thought it would be a good first time to start off on the trek, and then decide upon other additional treks later on, based on how I was liking it. I loved! Nepal Hiking Team decided upon the customization of the itinerary, and re-scheduled the days for me, and made everything for me easier. The trek was just so good, it was done on such a professional level, and it’s just great! I think my absolute favorite part of the trek was hiking to the base camp itself, and then the vantage point on Kalapatthar, I took lots of amazing photography and I had within my viewfinder the most amazing vies of the mountains! Everest, when you come up to it for the first time, is just astonishing. I live in a pretty flat surfaced area where I live, there isn’t much rigger on the terrain, and the sheer amount of ups and downs during the trek was a surprise and a nice little additional fun for me on the trip. The park was amazing; the atmosphere of the national park was very nice and peaceful. The trekking trails were easy, and the villages and the people on the trail were all very helpful. I enjoyed my stay at quaint little tea houses and trudging through the villages was also very refreshing from all the city life. The countryside there is so different, it just opens up like turning a page, one second I was traveling through the busy city of Kathmandu, and the next, it was like I was off to some remote isolated in-the-middle-of-nowhere place (which, come to think of it, is somewhat is exactly that), and the whole experience was very good. I really enjoyed my short time there, trekking on those lovely mountains, and I sure will miss the temples and the little children running around the places in the high elevation, and the very air of the peaks.

An extraordinary adventure!

Anthony Joseph Borkowski , 112 Joyce Place Park Ridge Illinois, 60068

I think I can easily say that the Mardi Himal trek was the trek of my life! It was one of the most impressive treks I had done. As an amateur mountaineer who had only had experiences with Alps, I always wanted to trek on the Himalayas. Starting off to a more traditional route with lots of ethnic settlements and secluded villages, Mardi Himal trek was perfect for someone like me. Sensational trip, the journey was everything I had expected it to be. The people were extremely friendly and attentive. I don’t think I have ever met anyone else who was as hospitable as the people there. I remember my guide Bal Kumar, would always look around the room in case we had forgotten something. He also always made sure that our food arrived on time and that everything I needed was on the table and he did not stop running around until I had what I needed and was satisfied! It was a refreshing change of scenery from where I am from because hospitality from people isn’t a priority here sadly. But Bal Kumar was well trained and seemed to know the area like the back of his hand!

I had never booked a trip like this via the internet nor a local agency and always relied upon booking my trips from home. However, with Nepal Hiking Team, my experience, even from the initial communication and query, really made me change my mind. I got exactly what I had planned for and the commutations were done very promptly and fast with lots of information by Balaram and Ganga. I would definitely be using a local agency since by this; the money tends to stay in the country and helps to improve the Nepali tourism versus just being cashed in by any foreigner. The quality you get is at least the same if not much higher since they really know their country and combine the knowledge with services. Being picked up at the airport, I had nothing to worry about and had my full mind on enjoying my trip.

With simple yet cozy lodges in the mountains, I had spent nights at a bunk bed near a window so I could look out into the vast white Himalayan wilderness. Gathering around the oven, I played cards with Bal Kumar and had rice dishes with traditional potato curry- it brings a smile to my face remembering that time! A simply fantastic trip and one of the most memorable times of my life! Nepal Hiking Team is now number one of my recommended travel agencies.

The best guide for the best trek!

Jennifer , Australia

I had a long time to think about the trip as I had booked the Mardi Himal Trek with NHT last year. Because of this, I was on a constant communication with Ganga and Balaram from the office. Always kind and polite, Ganga and Balaram answered all of my confusions and gave knowledgeable information regarding the trek. It was my first positive experience with Nepal Hiking Team. Before the trek, Arun who was my guide gave detailed information about what to expect from the trek and how things were done in the mountains. It was a big reassurance regarding my health and safety and I am eternally grateful to Arun and to everyone at Nepal Hiking Team for this amazing consideration of my well being. The trekking journey was nothing short of amazing and spectacular views of the mountains of Annapurna and Machhapuchhre were constantly in sight throughout the trail. There was a lot of support and help from my guide and porter as well, I couldn’t have possibly have asked for a better group. The trek was absolutely more than I expected and I cannot emphasize more just how much I loved my time there with NHT!