Alice Withey , USA

I did Everest Base Camp Trek with Nepal Hiking Team in November and it was just truly fantastic. The whole experience was excellent. From our arrival at the airport to our trek and lastly to our departure, NHT was always punctual, informative and helpful.

From our trek we understood about the Nepali culture and lifestyle which was truly so amazing to see. The mountains, animals, plants and people, we loved each and everything about it. Our guide were so informative and had the knowledge about everything in the area. With our guide and porters by our side we really felt so comfortable. The porters did an amazing job carrying such heavy luggage, with nothing missing and everything safe.

Accommodation and means were included in the price which made work for us so much simpler. They chose good services during the trek. NHT provided us with sleeping bags which were so warm and cozy. Their good service continued till the end. They are truly professional at what they do. If you want to experience the experience of a lifetime then do choose Nepal Hiking Team. You can never go wrong with them. Thank you NHT!

A wonderful time with NHT

Nisha Desai , South Africa

I with my 4 friends went for Everest Base Camp Trek in November with Nepal Hiking Team. We spent a total of 16 days in Nepal and each day felt so surreal and amazing. Everything from pick up to the trek to the departure, everything was really well planned. It was really shocking because all we had to do was be present! Thank you NHT!

Our guide Mr. Narayan was such a loving and knowledgeable man. He picked us up at the airport and drove us to our hotel. The hotel we stayed in Kathmandu was very comfortable. Narayan made sure we had all the necessary equipment and we also asked him a lot of our queries which he really answered clearly.

Our guide and porters were very caring and always concerned of our health and safety. Sometimes during the trek he led the way and sometimes he stayed at the back to make sure everyone was on track. He made sure that we all were walking in a slow pace so as to make sure our health wasn’t compromised. All the tea houses during the trek were comfortable. One time I saw a trekker (not from NHT) very worried because he couldn’t find a place to stay. Thankfully, NHT had us covered.

The time we spent at EBC will always be a wonderful part of my life. It is indeed a once in a lifetime experience. I really wish to come back again and for sure I will choose NHT again for my next adventure in Nepal. Thank you NHT and thank you to our guide and porters!

Amazing Adventure

Colin Raj , PO BOX 5061, East Geelong, Victoria, 3219

Trekking to Everest base Camp seemed like a formidable task at first for me. But, since I decided that I really needed to put some flavor into my life, I decided to do the trekking journey pretty much on a whip! I decided upon Nepal Hiking Team. From various recommendations, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed! I decided upon Everest because I thought it would be a good first time to start off on the trek, and then decide upon other additional treks later on, based on how I was liking it. I loved! Nepal Hiking Team decided upon the customization of the itinerary, and re-scheduled the days for me, and made everything for me easier. The trek was just so good, it was done on such a professional level, and it’s just great! I think my absolute favorite part of the trek was hiking to the base camp itself, and then the vantage point on Kalapatthar, I took lots of amazing photography and I had within my viewfinder the most amazing vies of the mountains! Everest, when you come up to it for the first time, is just astonishing. I live in a pretty flat surfaced area where I live, there isn’t much rigger on the terrain, and the sheer amount of ups and downs during the trek was a surprise and a nice little additional fun for me on the trip. The park was amazing; the atmosphere of the national park was very nice and peaceful. The trekking trails were easy, and the villages and the people on the trail were all very helpful. I enjoyed my stay at quaint little tea houses and trudging through the villages was also very refreshing from all the city life. The countryside there is so different, it just opens up like turning a page, one second I was traveling through the busy city of Kathmandu, and the next, it was like I was off to some remote isolated in-the-middle-of-nowhere place (which, come to think of it, is somewhat is exactly that), and the whole experience was very good. I really enjoyed my short time there, trekking on those lovely mountains, and I sure will miss the temples and the little children running around the places in the high elevation, and the very air of the peaks.

An extraordinary adventure!

Anthony Joseph Borkowski , 112 Joyce Place Park Ridge Illinois, 60068

I think I can easily say that the Mardi Himal trek was the trek of my life! It was one of the most impressive treks I had done. As an amateur mountaineer who had only had experiences with Alps, I always wanted to trek on the Himalayas. Starting off to a more traditional route with lots of ethnic settlements and secluded villages, Mardi Himal trek was perfect for someone like me. Sensational trip, the journey was everything I had expected it to be. The people were extremely friendly and attentive. I don’t think I have ever met anyone else who was as hospitable as the people there. I remember my guide Bal Kumar, would always look around the room in case we had forgotten something. He also always made sure that our food arrived on time and that everything I needed was on the table and he did not stop running around until I had what I needed and was satisfied! It was a refreshing change of scenery from where I am from because hospitality from people isn’t a priority here sadly. But Bal Kumar was well trained and seemed to know the area like the back of his hand!

I had never booked a trip like this via the internet nor a local agency and always relied upon booking my trips from home. However, with Nepal Hiking Team, my experience, even from the initial communication and query, really made me change my mind. I got exactly what I had planned for and the commutations were done very promptly and fast with lots of information by Balaram and Ganga. I would definitely be using a local agency since by this; the money tends to stay in the country and helps to improve the Nepali tourism versus just being cashed in by any foreigner. The quality you get is at least the same if not much higher since they really know their country and combine the knowledge with services. Being picked up at the airport, I had nothing to worry about and had my full mind on enjoying my trip.

With simple yet cozy lodges in the mountains, I had spent nights at a bunk bed near a window so I could look out into the vast white Himalayan wilderness. Gathering around the oven, I played cards with Bal Kumar and had rice dishes with traditional potato curry- it brings a smile to my face remembering that time! A simply fantastic trip and one of the most memorable times of my life! Nepal Hiking Team is now number one of my recommended travel agencies.

The best guide for the best trek!

Jennifer , Australia

I had a long time to think about the trip as I had booked the Mardi Himal Trek with NHT last year. Because of this, I was on a constant communication with Ganga and Balaram from the office. Always kind and polite, Ganga and Balaram answered all of my confusions and gave knowledgeable information regarding the trek. It was my first positive experience with Nepal Hiking Team. Before the trek, Arun who was my guide gave detailed information about what to expect from the trek and how things were done in the mountains. It was a big reassurance regarding my health and safety and I am eternally grateful to Arun and to everyone at Nepal Hiking Team for this amazing consideration of my well being. The trekking journey was nothing short of amazing and spectacular views of the mountains of Annapurna and Machhapuchhre were constantly in sight throughout the trail. There was a lot of support and help from my guide and porter as well, I couldn’t have possibly have asked for a better group. The trek was absolutely more than I expected and I cannot emphasize more just how much I loved my time there with NHT! 

Professionalism and genuine care

Kenneth Byron Hipp , 314 Poipu Drive, Honolulu, Hawaii 96825-2125, USA

I and my son did the back to back treks of Mustang region and Annapurna Base Camp with Poon Hill. Undoubtedly Nepal Hiking Team arrangement everything precisely and with care. We often visit several countries and I have visited 70 countries as of now with a guide of course. But the service provided by Nepal Hiking Team really takes the win. From the beginning of the trek like picking us up at the airport to the trekking journey, everything was perfectly arranged. I have no complains. They were always on time and prompt. They always provide the detailed information prior to any event.

For instance, our Pokhara to Jomsom flight got cancelled because of the extreme weather. But, Nepal Hiking Team was so prompt to arrange a jeep for us to travel to Jomsom. As we were on a tight schedule this really came in handy. But the drive took 16 hours due to the consistent landslides that blocked the ways; however we succeeded to reach Jomsom in time. Another instance is when Balaram, the executive director of NHT suggested us to do the ABC trek first and then the Mustang trek as in late September there is high chances of rainfall. Thanks to him we didn’t have to face even one day of rainfall.

I genuinely loved the professionalism and care of the team. Amazing trek, outstanding service! Thank you Nepal Hiking Team.

Unforgettable experience with the NHT!

Eliz-Talida Serif , 343 Cedar Street NW, Washington, DC 20012

I as of late came back from climbing to Annapurna Base Camp and I am so grateful to Nepal Hiking Team, particularly my brilliant guide Narayan Dhamala, the president Ganga, and Bhim, for making this adventure unique and life-changing. Two or three months back I chose to take a solo outing to Nepal and climb in the stunning Himalayas. I began searching for a trekking organization and after cautiously perusing the audits and input of a few offices, I settled on Nepal Hiking Team. The way that they are appraised #1 and they are likewise a local organization, and this was additionally strengthened once I begun speaking with Ganga about my sightseeing plans. He was constantly accessible to respond to any inquiries I had. The trek to ABC was the best trekking experience I’ve had and I’m exceptionally appreciative for Narayan, who not exclusively was an accomplished and very learned guide with incredible relational abilities, also he was a sort of amusing, and constructive individual. I found out so much about the Nepalese culture in the towns we had stayed in the Annapurna Sanctuary, and that made the trek much progressively fun. At the point when we would land at the teahouse we would remain for the evening, I generally had a comfy space to stay in. The organization has an awesome relation with the teahouses and this is significant, particularly as you draw nearer to the base camp and there aren’t sufficient spaces for everybody. At base camp I met a couple of individuals who needed to stay in tents or sheds, while me; I had a comfy room in the teahouse. Narayan went well beyond to guarantee my prosperity, ensuring that I am eating admirably and that I am remaining hydrated. We kept a steady calendar and luckily I didn’t have any AMS or some other medical problems. I am as of now considering my next trek in Nepal and for sure I will contact Nepal Hiking Team.

From the minute I landed at the Kathmandu air terminal until the day I was dropped off, everything was composed so expertly and perfectly by Ganga and his group. Nepal Hiking Team goes the additional mile and they really make their customers’ solace and prosperity the top need. I urge everybody who needs to trek in Nepal to contact this superb trekking organization.

Exceptional to its core. 7 stars!


I went through several TripAdvisor reviews in order to search for the suitable travel agency to cater my needs. I booked my EBC trek with Nepal Hiking tea, a perfect decision. I voyaged alone. My early introduction of Kathmandu was alarming. Organization picked me at air terminal and drove me to city inn, situated in downtown area, Thamel. When we stopped in front lodging, my feeling changed. Inn was arranged away from the central avenue, with delightful nursery and very kind stuff. Organizations employee went with me to cash trade and provided me Nepali sim card. Extremely accommodating! City tour through Kathmandu was extremely incredible and furthermore arrangement for trek was perfect. We got huge waterproof bag, comfy sleeping bags and jacket. Regardless of tremendous air traffic Ganga the director of the company arranged trip to Lukla from KTM, which spared us 4 hours of rest. At Lukla I met my trekking guide Ganga and my porter Manpure. We clicked right away. Ganga as guide was experienced and always considered the best options for us. He masterminded incredible facilities, nourishment from menu, drinks during day and regular organic products after supper. Regardless of the weather, their service was very calming. We were genuine group, sharing even other’s stories; Ganga’s information about Himalaya is boundless. In light of the fact that other climber from our group was increasingly slow, he took genuine consideration about her. Each day of trek was superior to other. Program is so all around arranged, that I didn’t have any issues with elevation. Just main rule is to drink a ton of liquids and tune in to your body.

Association was extremely proficient. Guide knew each and every owner of tea house. They were genuine performers as well. We enjoyed the trek with loads of singing, dancing and talking. Climate was immaculate and I delighted in each day of trek. What’s more, I additionally chose to return in April for Manaslu trek with same expert individuals. In light of the fact that I left Nepal with lifetime collection of memories, stunning landscape, kindest individuals, warm hospitality and remarkable experience.

The best services that exceed expectations

Lauren and Tim , Australia

Upon arrival, we were welcomed and greeted by our guide Prakash. They made sure that we were properly settled in on our hotels and that everything was comfortable for us. We were also kept up to date with the proceedings as well and then, with Prakash (Guide) and Narayan (our porter) we were off on a vehicle to Pokhara. Everyone within our group was made to feel warm and welcome and no one was ever neglected. Nepal Hiking Team is performing on a level of service most companies only ever dream to reach. They are excellent ambassadors for the company and for their country as well. I was privileged for having them as my companies for the trek.

Leaving no room for disappointments, we look forward to seeing Nepal Hiking Team again in the near future, and thank for making our trek a special one. The beautiful landscapes, the kindness of the Nepali people and the trails were filled with fantastic views of the Annapurna Mountains. The first couple of days of trekking from trekking to Pothana, the high and low camps and the Upper View point are some of the most beautiful parts of the trek. We really enjoyed the landscape as it was so beautiful out there.

Nepal Hiking Team arranged everything in the most perfect of ways and we are glad that we were with NHT for the trek.

Greetings from Australia

Lauren and Tim