Everest Base Camp Trek Experience with NHT

Helen Ridgewell , 27 Rainforest Drive, Innisfail 4860, Queensland, Australia

Trying to organize an Everest Base Camp trek to celebrate my 50th birthday was a daunting task…. where to start, there were so many companies all offering a similar experience… so I picked a few, emailed them and then trusted my “gut instinct” based on their responses. From Gang’s first email I knew that Nepal Hiking Team would be my choice and I never once regretted my decision. From the moment we were picked up from the airport to when were dropped off 26 days later we felt like Ganga and his amazing team were looking after us.
My daughter, my brother and I did the 16 days EBC trek on December 1st and it was an incredible experience. The teahouses we stayed in were comfortable and the food good..We even got fruit most nights on the trek, which as a vegetarian was very much appreciated. Having lived in the tropics and at sea level for most of my life, I struggled with the cold and the altitude so was little bit slow going up the hills… the guide and porters were fantastic, at no stage making me feel like I was holding every one up, and allowing me to travel at my own pace. The other member of the group had to be taken back to Kathmandu by helicopter early on in the trek, this was organized very quickly by Ganga and our guide was excellent at monitoring our headaches ensuring they were not serious.
Our 2 porters were absolutely amazing men! When we returned to Kathmandu, we asked Ganga to organize another 7 day adventure for us to Chitwan National Park and Pokhara. Everything about this trip was well organized (in a very short time frame) and the accommodation very nice. We even had the same guide for our 2 day hike up to Australia Camp, which was really nice as we had already established a great relationship with him after EBC.
Ganga, his guides and porters at Nepal Hiking Team are a fantastic organization, very professional, very friendly and very reasonably priced.
I know that when i return to Nepal for my next trek (yes…although it was hard and uncomfortable at times I loved it) I would definitely do it with the fantastic Nepal Hiking Team!
Thank you so much for making my 50th celebration a memorable experience.

Absolutely Amazing

Shelley Evans , 31 SEAGOE GARDENS, Portadown, co Armagh, BT63 5DZ, Northern Ireland

I can’t say enough good things about the Nepal Hiking Team. My friend and I (both female 30ish!) did the Everest Base Camp Trek and had the most amazing time. Balaram met us at Kathmandu airport with flower garlands and the city tour gave us a great introduction to Nepalese culture and religions. We met Arun our guide, fellow trekkers, provided with the down jackets and sleeping bag the company loan you and then the following day set off for Lukla airport. Arun dealt with everything from airports to tea houses and food orders which let us concentrate on the absolutely stunning views, meeting new friends and breathing of course!

Arun made sure we knew daily plans and very patiently answered our repetitive questions on mountain heights and which one was which. He managed a group with varying abilities very well and always made sure we had correct amount of layers on knowing where it was especially windy and cold. Sadly I suffered from altitude sickness and needed to be airlifted from Gorakshep. Arun organized this efficiently with Ganga and the team back in Kathmandu and on arrival at the hospital Balaram was waiting to help with sorting out me and my friend. In a time that could be a bit daunting I felt exceptionally safe knowing they were there. They arranged a hotel room, picked us up the next day and even took me back to the hospital when I needed a checkup too. As we then had an extra few days before leaving Ganga and Balaram also organized a trip to Chitwan National park with very short notice that was also excellent. We were delivered back to the airport and given scarfs for good luck which ended a simply wonderful holiday (even with the altitude problems!) I can’t thank Ganga, Balaram and Arun enough and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a hiking company in Nepal. You will have an incredible experience.

A comfortable trek in the Himalayas!

Rainer Hook , Friedrichstrasse 16, 67122 Altrip , Germany

A comfortable trek in the Himalayas!
Thank You Nepal Hiking Team for a very comfortable, well-thought-out and smooth trekking journey for me and my wife! The Luxury Trek was the best trekking journey that we had ever done in our life! It was filled with top-notched accommodations that were very cozy and comfortable to stay in, and the trek itself was amazing and filled with best moments! The view of the mountains like Thamserku and the Kongdi RI from the guesthouse in the mountain was just an ethereal experience! From the first conversation with Mr. Ganga, everything was arranged and information was convoyed very professionally. We were provided the option for a customized itinerary as well, but the existing schedule for the trek was perfect for us to begin with. We had a good Kathmandu City Tour on our first day with the team, and then the rest of the trekking journey was filled with problem-free relaxing trek and hike. We really enjoyed places like Namche Bazaar and Tengboche and truly felt the beauty of the region while at Kalapatthar and when we were at Gorakshep getting ready to hike to the base camp. At instances, we were joined by a couple of other trekkers as well, and we loved the setting of staying at one giant table during breakfast with people from places like Japan and Canada. Stories were exchanged and it was just a lovely time that involved good socializing in the midst of the Nepali Himalayas. We had contact with the head office at Kathmandu the whole time and our guide was one of professional and competent skills. He handled all of the arrangements quite well and it was a problem free experience for us to follow his lead in the mountains without having to worry about anything. We completely enjoyed the mountains (the view of Everest, Lhotse and the Nuptse from Kalapatthar were just phenomenal!) and the villages (Sherpa people are the most warm and friendly people in all the world!) and that was thanks to Nepal Hiking Team and their impeccable organization of the services. It was a grand adventure that we are glad we did and are happy and fortunate to have done it with an agency that is the best in the country!

A classic trek to Everest with amazing services

Malcolm Cutliffe , 4 Station Road Gowerton Swansea SA4 3AJ

I wanted something that was a bit different from the regular Everest Base Camp Trek journey for my second visit to Nepal. I was with Nepal Hiking Team the first time as well when I first did the Base Camp Trek with them a couple of years ago, and their good services back then was enough reason for me to go with them again this year. The Classic Jiri to Everest Base Camp was suggested and when I was given details about the trip, I was quite impressed with what I was getting for the price that I was paying. Also, the trek also had the added places of Jiri and other villages that I hadn’t experienced the first time, so this really made me consider doing this trek. After a prompt and informative conversation with Mr. Ganga, the trip was arranged and it was just amazing. A private trip was arranged for me, with a porter and a guide and the journey was filled with good pictures, amazing mountains, old villages and ‘Nepali culture. Although it was the end of February and the beginning of March when I did the trek, the weather wasn’t so bad and thankfully, I experienced no delays in the schedule. I was with Mr. Narayan the first time, and I requested him to be my guide this time around as well, which was arranged easily. The trek was a millpond of serene atmospheres, distant Blue Mountains and tranquil village-life. I loved walking through the pasturelands and looking at the views of the mountains, the whole experience was one of peace and aesthetics. During the journey, we did not hurry at all, but rather walked on my own pacing. Narayan was helpful and stayed with me the entire time, He arranged the guesthouses and the meals for me, and gave amazing insight into the places and the mountains. My porter was also one of the best people I have had the fortune of meeting because his hard work and dedication shone through with his constant work and punctual toil in the steep mountain trail. Overall, it was the best trekking journey and I am thankful to Nepal Hiking Team for outdoing themselves once again. A good service, caring people and amazing landscapes, the trek was a combination of good moments and satisfactory hours. Nepal Hiking Team truly is the best!

The best trek with one of the most professional and caring team!

Paul Thomas , 5 Oak Drive The Hollow Littleover Derby DE23 6NT

Thank you Nepal Hiking Team for providing one of the best trekking journeys to us in Nepal. My friend and I really enjoyed our trek and it was filled with amazing and beautiful moments and nature. We would like to point out that, albeit it being an already established fact, Nepal truly is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world and we are fortunate to have been in the company of one of the best teams who showed us the country’s wonders in a very light-hearted, fun and enjoyable manner. We did the trek in May and from the first moment of contact with the agency, we were assured that we would be in good hands. Mr. Ganga answered our queries and questions very promptly and with details and information that were extremely useful in our trip. We were given a briefing and plans were also explained to us in detail when we arrived in Kathmandu as well. When we landed, we were greeted by Bhim, our guide during the trip. We enjoyed the city tour on our first day and when the trek started, we were given the best services of the transportation, the meals, the accommodations and other experiences along the way. Our guide was extremely apt at his work and we felt safe and comforted with him. Really, we cannot praise Bhim enough for his excellent work with us during the trip. Our porter was also a very hard-working man and he was always ahead of us during the trek. The villages and the environment of the mountains were extremely lovely and the weather was nice, so we enjoyed our experience in Nepal to the fullest.

It was a dream travel experience and it had everything to do with the services and care of Nepal Hiking team and its members who assisted us and arranged everything brilliantly. The trip was smooth, we did not have any problems or reasons to complain about anything, we got to experience authentic Nepali culture and met up with lots of other trekkers along the way as well. It was a very good experience and a grand trekking journey. Nepal Hiking Team really did the best work and they are certainly worthy of our recommendation!

Phenomenal Everest Trek

Jeff Ezell , USA

The Everest Luxury Trek was considered by my family for its best accommodations and services. While consulting Mr. Ganga about the trek as well, we are provided with good reassurance and everything was then arranged very quickly. The date was set on the time-frame that we wanted it to, but when the plans were changed about the initial date, Mr. Ganga was understanding and rearranged it for us, which was simply the best! Finally, when we arrived in Kathmandu in the beginning of May, Mr. Ganga was there to greet us at the airport. My family, consisting of my wife and my 15 year old son, were just over the moon about the whole thing and starting off the trek with a city tour was great for us to learn about the country as well. Overall, where services are concerned, we absolutely have no complaints whatsoever. We cannot praise the arrangements and the organization of the trip, everything was taken care of, it was pre-planned and we did not have to do anything extra except enjoy the journey. We were provided with our own rooms in the guesthouses, we enjoyed our breakfast and dinner in the front porch of the Yeti Mountain Home with the view of the Everest mountain right in front of us. The trek was comfortable and our guide was understanding. He adjusted the pacing and luckily, none of us suffered from altitude sickness, or any problem for that matter. The mountains were clearly visible for a majority of the trek and the villages like Namche Bazaar and Tengboche were lively and vibrant! It was the best trek and we are so glad to have been under such good care, management and guidance by Nepal Hiking Team! Thank you for a phenomenal trekking experience.

A beautiful experience with amazing people

Andreas Wuest , Heisterberghof 15 30926 Seelze Germany

One of the best treks I’ve done, the Gokyo Lake Trek really is a more scenic trek than base camp trekking. The trek was done right at the first week of March and the weather was amazing. I arrived late at night and was met by the agency’s managing director- Mr. Ganga, and he also helped me get checked in. The next day consisted of a tour of the Kathmandu city, and a flight to Lukla officially began the trek. It is my first time trekking at a moderately difficult terrain and my mention of this also made my guide- Ram Hari, be concerned for me. He was very helpful and a great company to be around. At all the places, Ram Hari told me facts and showed me amazing locations. He was also the first to arrange everything at the guesthouses too- the food, the room and all else. Places like Namche, Machhermo and the Gokyo Lake itself were so beautiful. The trek was refreshing and inspiring. It is my advice to everyone to do treks in Nepal at least once because it is certainly worth it. Nepal Hiking Team was the best with services and arrangements. All was left on them to arrange and take care of, and that allowed me to not be worried about anything, leaving me to enjoy the trek in peace. Really like NHT’s way of doing things and their care for their customers. Would definitely give Nepal Hiking Team a full grade!

A gorgeous journey!


The Everest Base Camp Heli Trek was suggested to me by Nepal Hiking Team and I am so glad that I went ahead with it. It was a very good experience and I loved the fact that the journey is a combination of trekking and a helicopter ride! For the initial part of the journey, I loved my trek through the villages and enjoyed the sights of the mountains from the trekking path. But the view of the Himalayas from the helicopter is something else entirely! It is one of the most awe-inspiring things in the entire trek; I didn’t wanted the helicopter ride to end! The transportation, the guesthouse arrangements, the meals and everything else were very effectively arranged and organized; I had no problem during the trek. I was able to enjoy the beauty of the mountains without having to worry about anything else thanks to the impeccable organization and planning of Nepal Hiking Team. Thanks to them, I had a good time and felt like I got my money’s worth. They are the best at what they do and it really shows in the work that they put out. Thank you Nepal Hiking Team for a beautiful vacation!

The best trekking agency in Nepal

Benjamin Voorhoeve , 34 Hackthorne Road. Cashmere. Christchurch New Zealand

My whole family went to Nepal in May and we had a very detailed plan about specific things that I wanted with the whole journey. Upon my conversation with Mr. Ganga, everything was arranged for my family’s requirements. My mother was also with us and because of this, NHT arranged for a pony for her. The accommodations at the Yeti Mountain Homes were very comfortable. The best thing about the journey that I really liked was the flexibility. One of my family had a mild case of altitude sickness and so arrangements for her to stay at the hotel until we returned back after trekking further on was made. Everything was handled with care and no hassles. It was all very professional. We were provided with good transportation services, and the meals in the mountains were also of good quality. My two guides, Narayan and Paban were always on the lookout for my family and showed good care for them. The Himals were also gorgeous and the villages were very fascinating to explore. It was a good vacation with my family and Nepal Hiking Team’s good services and flexibility helped make vacation into what it is. It is one of the best trekking agencies and definitely is deserving of my recommendation.

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