Trekking Guide

Mr. Narayan Dhamala

Narayan Dhamala

Mr. Narayan Dhamala is a professional trekking guide for Nepal Hiking Team. He has been working in the trekking industry for over 15 years and has gained much knowledge from his experience.

Dhamala has a trekking guide license issued by the Ministry of Nepal Tourism. He has successfully completed the course, and as he loves trekking, it was not a difficult task for him to complete the course. As of now, he is very professional in this field, whilst also being a firm English communicator.

The clients adore him and are always taken back by his communication skills, knowledge about the mountains, and friendly nature. Professional and well experienced are few words by which clients describe Narayan. Nepal Hiking Team is happy to have such an experienced and well-informed trekking guide on the team.