Trekking Guide

Mr. Kul Bahadur Magar

Kul Bahadur Magar

Mr Kul Bahadur is a trekking guide working with Nepal Hiking Team since 2014.

He is an expert in trekking and excels at being the best trek leader. It was in 2007, that Mr Bahadur started his career as a trekking guide, gathering experiences and working with clients from all over the world.

Kul has a trekking guide license issued by Ministry of Nepal Tourism. During this course,the trekking guides are taught basic skills and abilities required by trekking guides. He completed this course with good remarks and is now an good rekking guide.

He speaks good English and is a good communicator.

Owning to his amazing experience in many different terrains, Kul makes for a very endearing companion to his customers while trekking. He always puts his customers first; the customer’s comfort, safety, and satisfaction are always most important to him. He is also adept at recognizing the situation and taking the best immediate course of action. His excellent work in the field is always formidable.

He also has the most good-humored personality, and his friendly nature always manages to charm the clients. His experience in the field clearly shows in his guiding techniques. He is also high-spirited and always takes his responsibilities as a guide and a trek leader very seriously. There have never been any instances where the customers have not been satisfied with his work. In every instance, he has managed to ensure that the clients are happy and delighted with his work. He always keeps the group together strengthening his relationships with all people under his responsibility while trekking. He knows the trekking trails and locations from the most complicated to basic levels. His openness to learning and always getting new experiences makes him charming.