Gyan Yonjan

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Gyan Yonjan

Trekking Leader

Gyan Yonjan has been a guide in the field since 1998. His immense experience in the field makes him a certified expert in all things related to guiding in the Nepal Himalayan terrain. Because of his vast knowledge in the guiding field, his work is manifested brilliantly when he is guiding clients. He always takes care of his clients and makes sure that they are getting the best services at all times. Gyan has been working with Nepal Hiking Team since 2009, and his guiding expertise is not only limited to all over Nepal but in Tibet and Bhutan as well. His friendly and affectionate nature makes him a top choice for many customers.

He is easy-going and helpful, and based on his vast experience in the field; he knows all of the trails and paths like the back of his hand. His friendly nature also makes him very accustomed to locals as well, and he always makes sure that he bridges the gap between the local people and his customers when it comes to communication. He speaks good English and always puts the safety and comforts of his clients as a priority. He has all of the best characteristics of a good guide and his dedication to his profession is what makes him shine in his work.

He is extremely enthusiastic and has a powerful tenacity to bring the best out of people. He is persistent in his brilliant work and always delivers the best results. Gyan has explored and visited almost all parts of Nepal, and his work is always immaculate. He always makes the customers feel comfortable and lets them enjoy the trip while trying his best to make it as memorable as he can. He is always open to ideas and pointers by customers as well.