Trekking Leader

Mr. Gyan Yonjan

Gyan Yonjan

Mr. Gyan Yonjan resonates with this quote “ The only source of Knowledge is Experience.” He has been a trekking guide working with Nepal Hiking Team since 2009. Although he joined in 2009, he has worked as a guide since 1998. His vast knowledge of trekking is pretty impressive to our clients and us.

Yonjan is a professional trekking guide with a license issued by the Ministry of Nepal Tourism. Despite being a Nepali speaker by birth, Yonjan can communicate well in English as well. He is fluent in giving the clients instructions on hiking, pace, and safety precautions.

Mr. Yonjan is a man of great virtues with impressive knowledge about Nepal’s culture, traditions, trekking routes, village lifestyle, and many more. The clients have mentioned that he is a friendly, helpful, patient, informative, affectionate, and experienced guide. He has had experience in trips around Tibet and Bhutan as well, which makes him stand out in many ways.

We’re proud to have such an experienced trekking guide in our team, who always delivers the best service to all our clients.