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Mr. Gokarna Khanal

Gokarna Khanal

Nepal Hiking Team has an impressive team of guides, and Mr. Gokarna Khanal is one of them. With over ten years of experience, Khanal has abundant knowledge in the trekking field. He loves learning about Nepal’s culture and traditions and works on expanding the pool of knowledge he acquired even further.

Khanal has a trekking guide license issued by the Ministry of Nepal Tourism. In this course, he has learned all the basic skills like trekking directions, instructions, briefing, and safety precautions needed as a trekking guide. He is fluent in English and is a good communicator.

The clients adore him and describe him as a knowledgable, fun, patient, affectionate, experienced guide. He has a strong work ethic which can be seen by the past works as a trekking guide in Nepal Hiking Team. We highly appreciate his efforts to make this company a reliable one.

Traveller Review

  • Excellent trek in June

    I recently completed an excellent trek on the Annapurna Circuit in June with Nepal Hiking Team. The service provided by Ganga and our guide Gokarna was outstanding. The website was easy to navigate, providing cost and departure dates in advance, which made travel planning easier. With their top-notch trip advisor rating, choosing Nepal Hiking Team was a no-brainer. The weather was great, the fellowship on the trail was fantastic, and I had a wonderful time in the mountains. Thanks, Nepal Hiking Team!

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    - Excellent
    Mr. Ryde
    AU   |   1st Jun 2023
  • Best way to experience a nature trek

    I couldn’t think of a better way to spend two weeks in Nepal, these guys are amazing! Nepal Hiking team was organized, friendly, professional, affordable, and incredibly knowledgeable about culture and geography. 

    The trek itself was stunning, helped by the low crowds (do the trek on off-seasons!) and perfect weather. Every day began with a full breakfast and ended with great company and dhal bat or mo:mo, can’t beat it. The views are otherworldly. While a lot more of the trek was on dirt roads than expected, the views, food, and mountain-town culture more than made up for any issues. Expect to have strenuous hikes with lots of relaxing and socializing.

    Our guides, Gokarna and Krishna, were very personable and entertaining. Never a boring moment! Weather it was singing our way across a suspension bridge after Upper Pisang or playing a game of Gigi on Thorong La, we always had something fun. Along with our porters, I there was no better team to lead us.

    Thank you for the wonderful trip, Gokarna! I look forward to next time!

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    - Excellent
    Mr. Jack
    US   |   22nd Jul 2023
  • A Memorable Father-Son Adventure - Ganja La Pass Trek, May 2023

    From the lively streets of Kathmandu to the tranquil heights of Ganja La Pass, our trek was filled with memorable moments. As a father and son duo, Mike and I embarked on this adventure with high expectations, and while it was an incredible experience, there were a few areas that could have been improved.

    Booking and Pre-Trek Experience: The booking process was smooth, and the team's responsiveness was commendable. They provided a detailed itinerary and packing list, setting us up for success.

    The Trek Itself: The landscapes were stunning, and the three-day camping experience after Kyanging Gompa was unique. However, the basic meals during camping, though nourishing, lacked variety and flavor.

    Guides and Porters: Our guide was knowledgeable and friendly, but there were moments when communication could have been clearer. The porters were efficient and always greeted us warmly.

    Challenges and Triumphs: The trek was demanding, especially the ascent to Ganja La Pass. The sense of accomplishment was immense, but the physical demands might be too much for some.

    Post-Trek Experience: Reflecting on our journey in Kathmandu was special, but the 3-star hotel, while cozy, could have been a bit more comfortable.


    • Unforgettable Scenery: The views were breathtaking, and the connection with nature was profound.
    • Guides and Porters: Their expertise made the trek enjoyable.
    • Father-Son Bonding: The challenges brought us closer, creating a special bond.


    • Meals During Camping: Suitable but lacking in variety.
    • Physical Demands: Quite challenging, especially the ascent.
    • Seasonal Limitations: The unavailability in summer and winter might deter some.

    Final Thoughts: This trek was a meaningful father-son bonding experience filled with beauty and challenges. While there were areas for improvement, the overall journey was rewarding.

    Thank you to the team for this memorable experience. We recommend the Ganja La Pass trek to those looking for an authentic adventure but advise potential trekkers to consider the physical demands and seasonal limitations.

    Mike and Robert, USA 🇺🇸

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    - Very Good
    Mr. Mike
    TZ   |   1st May 2023