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    Trek to Everest Base Camp is a must do!

    Just returned from an amazing short trip in Nepal and the trek to Everest Base Camp was absolutely one of the highlights! A group of 8 went on the trip and we were fortunate enough to use Nepal Hiking Team as our coordinator in-country and our guide on the mountain.

    Narayan and his crew were amazing. We arrived in various groups and his guys were there waiting for us at the airport with marigold necklaces to greet us and get us to our hotel in Kathmandu. They provided us great information on day trips, good places to shop (think pashmina), sites to see while we prepped for our trek.

    On the mountain, we couldn't have asked for a better guide than Narayan and his crew. There were full service, working all the details for us, making sure our licenses were taken care of, arranging for our flights to/from Lukla, our tea house accommodations along the way to/from Everest Base Camp and Kalapatthar, our food, and the transport of our gear. The guides and porters were ready to help in any way possible and their singing and dancing warmed our hearts.

    We did the Everest Base Camp Trek and all 8 of us made it to Everest Base Camp with very little in the way of health issues. Again, Narayan made sure all of us were as healthy as possible and took the time to gauge our group along the way. (Won't take up room with the exact details of which town we stopped at each night but am happy to provide that if requested.)

    We went the tea house route vice the tents as we saw some groups did. Toilets and showers were surprisingly available pretty far up the mountain (showers cost extra). Some of the tea houses had toilets; some had just a hole in the ground. Internet access (and everything else) gets progressively expensive and harder to find as you go up, but it was not too hard to stay connected to back home (if that is what you want to do!).

    Don't forget your head lamp (not everywhere has electricity), your toilet paper (it gets expensive and is not provided in the tea houses), your wet wipes, your tissues (you will almost certainly get a runny nose/cough from the dust, cold air and burning yak dung), your buff (again, the dust), some serious cold weather gear, and your emergency cipro/diamox!

    The sights along the way will amaze you - the grandness of the mountains, the rivers, suspension bridges, temples, people in the villages, the villages themselves. I wish everyone would take the opportunity to do this trek - it really is amazing.

    Once again, Nepal Hiking Team handled everything professionally and the trip was immaculately arranged. We could not have asked for a finer trekking company!

    - Excellent
    Mr. Mark Elliot De'Aeth
    CA   |   9th Mar 2019