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    Professional service from Nepal Hiking Team!

    Paban picked us up from the airport when we landed, and the whole trek was done with him as our guide. One thing I must tell is the perfect way everything was handled and done by the agency. I did not go through any hassle or any bothersome happenings at all during my trip. It was an amazing experience. Baban, as our guide, really impressed us with his [professionalism, and his help was very punctual. He arranged everything, and the trek was done flawlessly. The Everest base Camp trek was also enjoyed very much by us, it was very fun. We loved the various monasteries and the temples that we visited, and the stone walls and the carvings were all very intricate and so different. I liked learning about the cultures and interacting with people along the trek as well. During the entire journey, we met with lots of people who we made acquaintances with, and became friends with as well. At the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, we could hardly contain our excitement! The little villages, and the Gumbas and the temples along the trekking journey were amazing to look at. The little tea houses and the little guest houses that they had running just added more to the whole trekking experience. Hiking up higher and higher elevation, it became apparent that the trek and the final emergence of Mount Everest were coming closer and closer. The trekking trails also changed drastically while we were moving, and the air turned colder and the weather began to drop down, and we simply loved the whole experience. Climbing to the base camp of Everest at last, it was the most satisfying feeling, and I think I might have cried a little when that happened! Nepal Hiking Team provided the best services, and our guide for the trip was so immensely helpful. The whole team and everyone involved made the trekking journey a memorable one for me, and I will most probably remember it for the rest of my life, my climb to Everest!

    - Excellent
    Mr. Carolien Out
    NL   |   27th Feb 2017