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    Island Peak Climb without EBC, had a great time!

    Embarking on a journey, to Island Peak with the Nepal Hiking Team turned out to be an experience that surpassed all my expectations. I was genuinely impressed by Gangas professionalism and efficiency in organizing the trip. He was very attentive, to every detail considering my preferences and requirements which was particularly important as I was traveling alone.

    Our journey began in the city of Kathmandu, where I had the delight of meeting my guide, Arjun. From the beginning his knowledge and friendly nature made me feel comfortable and relaxed Arjun. Right from the start his expertise and warm demeanor put me at ease. Arjun wasn't a guide; he became a trusted companion who shared stories about Nepals rich cultural heritage and the intricacies of its landscapes. His extensive knowledge about high altitude trekking proved invaluable ensuring our journey to Island Peak base camp was both safe and enjoyable.

    The trek itself unfolded as an adventure. Each day brought marvels – from forests and charming villages, to breathtaking views of the majestic Himalayas. The accommodations arranged by NHT along our route were havens that provided needed rest after each days trekking.

    As we neared Island Peak the real test began. Arjuns leadership skills truly shone during this phase. He offered guidance and support ensuring we adhered to all safety measures meticulously.

    The Sherpas who guided us during the climb were truly remarkable. Their expertise and professionalism gave us confidence, with every step we took towards reaching the summit.

    Reaching the peak was an emotional moment. The breathtaking views from the top felt almost surreal making all the effort completely worth it. This accomplishment would not have been possible without Arjun and his team of Sherpas, whose support and knowledge were absolutely invaluable.

    In conclusion, my experience with Nepal Hiking Team was exceptional thanks to Arjun's guidance. Their commitment to ensuring an enjoyable and fulfilling trekking adventure is truly commendable.

    I wholeheartedly recommend NHT to anyone in search of an well-organized expedition in Nepal. Their professionalism, attention to detail and the warmth of their team make them stand out as the leading trekking company, in the region.

    Albin Pluche
    - Excellent
    Mr. Albin Pluche
    FR   |   21st Jan 2024